My idea is traveling space x that would be very popular in next decade. The simple think I would share with you that need to know.Traveling into space means leaving Earth and going to another planet. The surroundings of the earth, moon, and other planets are known as space. Using a space rocket called the space shuttle, humans can travel to space and stay there for days or even months at a time. Operating costs for space flight are high.


An effective collaboration with two US businesses to resupply the International Space Station has been made possible by NASA’s ambitious commercial space program. This collaboration is transforming how NASA conducts business and fostering the growth of a robust American commercial space economy.

I have chosen this project because space travel would be commercial after few years later. NASA and Space x both are trying to accelerate the project improvement.

I think I need to learn the proper processing of the tools to make my project more exciting and more acceptable. throughout my project I would learn hoe to manipulate the photoshop, adobe and more editing and video graphic design.


Storytelling abilities are crucial because they help us connect with others, including clients and coworkers. Speaking to an audience or disseminating knowledge to others requires strong storytelling abilities. That’s why skills are more important.

I have another project is the editing the picture for advertisement post or posting for personal blog. I have used photo pea to make my project very simple for posting or make my personal advertisement. It could be business purposes or personal . this project makes me so funny and I enjoyed to work on it

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  1. Great!
    So far so good, I really like the animation and the assignment’s idea, I can see your skills improving!

    However, please re-read the assignment details as you have left out several aspects of the assignment and what it is asking you to include – We ALWAYS need to begin each post with an image – always, this is what will grad the attention of the reader – please edit this post and add an image to start, rather than text..
    It is also necessary to share the title of the assignment, What exactly is assignment #5? How will non- ct-101 people know what this is with out more info?
    Thank you! I will look for your update đŸ™‚

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