Assignment 3: Are memes art?

Meme art has merged with pop culture and politics; it now appears in our Facebook feeds, first mocking a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial before taking the form of hand-scrawled signs at anti-Trump protests. Nothing on the post-internet Earth escapes the comedy meme’s gaze, and the meme’s shape is now viewed as an artistic medium for this particular internet era. High-art purists avoid the topic, although the pre-digital art historical canon has a significant influence on the social influence of modern meme civilization.


I believe that memes are a form of art because of how memes are portrayed to us. Memes can symbolize many things such as giving meaning to a thought or showing an image that can display a message. Similar to this, memes provide a highly engaged and accessible platform for production that is ripe for conflict and dissent, with controversy and disagreements just adding gasoline to the fire of a successful meme truly going viral. More memes fizzle and go.

Depending on how they are utilized and interpreted, memes can have either beneficial or bad effects on art. On the one hand, memes can aid in boosting the exposure and appeal of particular works of art or artists. The ability to readily share and circulate artworks across social media platforms allows them to be turned into memes, reaching a wider audience and perhaps introducing individuals to art they might not have otherwise encountered. Additionally, by making art more relatable and approachable for a younger generation that may not have had much exposure to traditional forms of art, memes can help make art more popular.

Memes may be used to tell stories, yes. Memes can be used to convey messages and concepts that are more serious in nature, even though they are often linked with humor and satire. For instance, a lot of memes include pictures or captions that express a narrative or tell a tale. These tales can be straightforward and lighthearted or intricate and thought-provoking. Memes can also be used to visually narrate stories, conveying ideas or messages through pictures and videos.

Memes can also be used to impart a cultural experience and unite people through narrative. People can connect over similar experiences, viewpoints, or ideals by exchanging memes, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Overall, even though humor and entertainment are frequently associated with memes, they can also be an effective tool for storytelling and communication.

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