Assignment 2: Making GIFs Blogs & Understanding the Internet

The first day of the CT 101 class, I didn’t think much of it because I already took CT201 with Professor Seslow so I had similar expectations to last semester. I believe that this course would be a better introduction course compared to CT201, which it is.

I understood the main goal of this course and the creative content that we would all go through and look at. I feel like that if you keep with the pace of the course, you can learn many interesting things that would benefit you in the future. I like the idea that we are able to use gifs in our assignments to express how we feel about a certain topic.
Compared to my other classes that I am taking this semester, CT101 is a nice well-rounded course that allows me to step back and look at other types of content. This course is a nice refresher with having Professor Seslow take us through this course. The other course that I am currently taking is geared towards my major is Information Systems. As this course being a different topic compared to information systems allows for me to relax and see a different perspective of digital content.
The creative potentials of this class as discussed before would be to create blog posts, the use of gifs, creating a website, and learning about digital technology. I believe that this class would allow students to express their minds on how creative they can be. They can express their thoughts by using gifs and animated pictures rather than using words.
I believe that the Internet provides us with a lot of new information that would allow us to gain new skills. From a few clicks away, you can search anything up on the Internet and can have information show on your screen instantly. This allows us to acquire any type of knowledge from the comfort of our own homes.

Assignment #1: Functional Internet: Umar Kashem

There are many things on the internet that allow us to discover. The internet gives us the opportunity to discover and find out new things that we’ve never seen before. Personally, the internet is something that I use everyday and nowadays people rely on the internet like never before. For example, e-commerce businesses are online virtual stores that people are able to run through the internet. So for those people, the internet is a critical part of life. 

The internet allows me and most people to find things that I’ve never seen before. For me, using the internet is like a tool that helps me with day-to-day tasks. For example, I am able to attend most of my classes online because of the internet.
Aside from using the internet as a day-to-day tool, I use the internet for many things that I enjoy. I like to watch YouTube and Netflix using the internet. I am able to research things that I like doing such as finding new places to travel, how-to videos, and purchasing unnecessary things that I’ll probably use once. But as we move from a more digital world, the internet is a necessity instead of an option. People use the internet for multiple reason like said before for e-commerce, fashion, sharing important documents, reading the latest new.
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