Assignment #5 – Digital Storytelling Project


Lets Do This

The project that I decided to work on due to prior knowledge and some experience is the “Subtitle GIF .” This is where I put a new spin on a GIF I like or think I can use to tell a funny joke. My usual means of positive social interactions are cracking jokes and making witty comments. So, I think this will fit well with how I usually interact with people. This project is going to be relatively easy, considering I used to do stuff like this when I was in middle school. But I will work with the crying toad/frog GIF for this project.

Bro what

So, the GIF editing and creation software that I used, Kapwing and Ezgif, are two relatively easy-to-use and navigate sites, though, to be honest, I prefer Kapwing.

You must upload your favor to the website under the upload media section at the beginning of the creation page.

Then, it would be best to go to the text area and put a subtitle over the gif.

You can do more, though. You can also upload different elements and audio, use different templates, and whatnot, but I kept it simple this time. After that, you download it. 


The next project I want to work on is not something that I’m not that familiar with. It is a sprite editor-based project based on my design. Back in high school, I took a computer science course; needless to say, I didn’t understand it, nor was I very good at it.

However, my friend and I have recently started developing a fan-made Pokémon game. We are unsure how far we are going to get into it, but he asked me to design some Pokémon, so I figured I could create and upload a project for the class.

It will be by no means easy because I’ve never done anything like this before, but let’s see what happens with it.

So, I first get an image of a fantastic creature. Usually, I love drawing, but instead, I’ll use an AI generator for this because hand-drawing them and then trying to turn them into sprites is way more convoluted.


Then, I use PixelArt to rework the image into a reasonably usable sprite.
Then I play around with colors, resizing, and layers until:
This is a more extensive form of the sprite version since the spirit version is about 100 x 150 pixels.
A couple of assignments on the depository caught my eye, but I’ve never done anything like this before. It is actually pretty cool, and I can’t wait to see how far we get with the game.

Are Memes Art?

Despite the frivolous nature of memes, I truly believe that they are modern forms of art. Dating all the way back to pre-historic times, Art is something that has been used to convey all kinds of emotions and tells many stories. Does that sound familiar to you? That is exactly what memes are used for. Memes are a form of expression for many, and can sum up a story in just about a few words and a single image. They’re able to perfectly encapsulate the emotion that a person could be feeling, or serve as a spot on reaction to something.

For example:

Just these few memes show so many different emotions.

Memes are something that won’t be leaving the presence of the media anytime soon and will continue to evolve as time progresses. I don’t believe that this will necessarily be a bad thing for are because this is simply just one form of it. The traditional forms of art still exist and are still appreciated in today’s society. If anything, memes have enhanced the way people communicate. Sometimes when words aren’t enough to do your feelings justice, there’s a perfect meme out there that speaks for you perfectly.

HOWEVER… just like everything else in this world, there can be a bad side to memes


During my time on the internet, I have definitely seen people try to make memes out of genuinely tragic situations that should not be made fun of. Some people do go out of their way to be insensitive, using memes as their tool to do so. Yandy Smith, a reality tv personality and entrepreneur has fallen victim to this. While out peacefully protesting , Yandy was attacked and pepper sprayed by the police.

The internet thought it was okay to use this picture of the incident as a meme for whenever they feel distressed or are expressing hopelessness:

On a lighter note, I’d like to share some memes that make me laugh :

I had plenty of fun coming up with ct101 based memes. Here are some of the many than I had an absolute blast making:

CT101 Final Blog Post

IT IS DONE HERE, CAN IT BE? TIME IS UP; the class has ended. as some would say and I would, but I stated this was a fantastic class where I learned a lot and had a lot of fun building a website OMG YESSS.


I didn’t expect it to be the end of THE FINAL COUNTDOWN and time flew by so quickly that it felt like yesterday or last week we were having our first class and first class assignment and I quote enjoy it it was a fun class with the work being blogging something I did but was a fun and new way to learn a new skill from how the assignment was written or how to draw and edit to complete the assignment. My favorite projects in this semester’s class were Passion, Art, and Memes Art thinking back on where I am now I found it yay we developed a website and it was fun and complex and a lot of rages it was so hard to edit it I dint know how I wanted it a certain way I had a vision and it was hard to fix the color and move the blocks which were weird and typing words and adding pictures was a struggle to do for there was a limit to the size shape and how may I was allowed to put on it but it was all worth it, in the end, it became something great that I’m proud of making and doing. and from all my hard work of other then the website but the assignments Ive done I believe i deserve and A I put so much fun and work which wasn’t work cause I enjoyed it I didn’t comment enough maybe I should have but I didn’t and oh well but I did my work and I read others in case I didn’t understand it and it was a fun class I believe i desvere  a A for putting in the work and showing off the skills i learned and shall keep for years to come.

Fire Elmo GIFshirokuma cafe gtfo GIF

Yes, I  created a website. TO MEEE I built empire of nixck woelf .  my empire shall I want to help promote my Instagram account as well as another artist. To be honest, only a few domain names came to mind because I didn’t think much of them because I knew they would be there and not be used. I have art from artists friends and Colabs I’ve done and everything I made from edits to pictures to videos—the background first changes by using my logo to start all in. For the rest of it, I’ll post blogs that are there and pertain to some of my work, and for those that don’t, I’ll have parts separate so they don’t overlap until needed in a way that fits, and after that’s done and I believe I’ve done a pretty good job so far. I’m just going to attempt to go through the day, week, month, and year and keep my site and try to remember to update it and keep it and make it different alter it around as I go, and see fit to make it seem better. Life is like people; we change as we go, and so will this site; we die, and so will this site; it could be here forever, but I won’t or I’ll outlast it and take it down; it’s just a website. now here s a small preview interesting I  know you are now  to my empire

Friends Aging GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

I have enjoyed the assignments this semester in class. The challenge was blogging, something I had never done before, and which all blog we received comments from both our professor and our fellow classmates and we would do the same to them. I feel I did an excellent job, and the grade that I received was achieved by hard effort. I want to be a newscaster, which necessitates some teaching and editing abilities. This can assist me with the skills I gain, which resulted in my having my own website, which I did not intend or expect to have, but I have. and looking back I have done amazing and I believe you think so too if not see for your self:

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assignment 5assignment 6assignment 7assignment 8assignment 9, and final 10.

DS 106 Assignments, Assignment 5

so from reading this, I was confused but after reading a post I got it and it sounds enjoyable to do when I looked at the assignment to do I wanted to do them all but I was confused about someone that made me want to learn how to do them more but I’m drawn to the art and fun of media of drawing pics with my mind and making them come out into real life to share the vision that I see and its fun for me that’s other can see and I do that when I make store starting with the lives of my characters their story life and death. the assignment project and I knew a perfect choice this one   and  this

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do the first assignment I linked, of creating a fanfic character I present to you  Rirajira one of my original oc from my fanfic and her story.

Name: Rirajira

Age: 16 years old

Born: October 31, 2002

Species: half-human, angel, a fox demon

Blood Type: her blood is AB sweeter than Yui’s and is additive to all Vampires and drives them crazy.

Looks like An albino her eyes are red but they change color based on her emotions, she has smooth pale skin an hourglass figure, and Level D or E bust but wears a chest binder. Demon from above . and when she gets to the Tamaki she looks like a boy cause she didn’t want them to figure out she was a girl and is suspicious of the so-called family of her father she wears a wig and contacts.

Angel form:

Fox/ wolf demon Form :

Fox/ wolf demon Form :

Fox/ wolf demon Form :

Angel armor :

She still has her wings but can change them to her dragon wings or her demon or angels wings

She still has her wings but can change them to her dragon wings or her demon or angels wings

She still has her wings but can change them to her dragon wings or her demon or angels wings

what she wears and looks like in the house

Personality: Head Strong, Trustworthy, Badass, Brave, Caring in motherly to Kanato and Azusa will protect anyone who harms her friends and her family is very kind and will speak her mind lazy like Shu Sadistic like Rejij

Likes: animals especially wolves, nature nighttime, the moon, and stars, flowers, waffles, and pancakes, the colors red, purple, green, and blue weapons of any kind sweets and gardening anime, and kanato in a motherly and sisterly way.

Favorite food chocolate of any kind

Dislikes: Karl Heinz, Hunters, poachers, perverts (Laito), sluts, whores (cough Yui a cough), bitches, vampires Sejij

Abilities: talking to animals, changing into a snow-white wolf, healing powers controlling the elements: water, earth, fire, air, light, darkness, and lighting can fly and has a pair of black-as-night feathery Angel wings.

wolf form :

dragon form :

dragon form :

dragon form :


she was living with her family thinking she is a normal girl with everyday problems but she was not normal she was extraordinary her parents are not her birth parents she was adopted but she doesn’t know that. he fake parents are secretly servants of her real parents the king of the demon world and her mother a warrior angel she was the strongest and bravest warrior angel in heaven.  she was sent away so that she won’t be killed or worse kidnapped by their enemy Karl Heinz, he wanted her mother because she had intense great power that can be used both to bring balance or destruction to the world. But one day when she was coming home she saw her so-called parents dead and saw someone but she couldn’t see their face the only part of their face that she could see was their mouth that was full of fangs, she was surprised but not scared. She felt a dark presence behind her and turned around only to see a dark shadow from the shadows cures she’s could make it was a man and he had white fangs dripping with blood and red glowing eyes and dark strains of Greene’s hair .she screamed ” Aaaahhh”, then she bolted out the front door crying but everywhere she would turn she’s would see his piercing gaze. she thought she’d heard the man behind her so she turned around trying to be brave and face him she’s grabbed a nearby branch then she started hitting him and succeeded in knocking him out, then she ran but she didn’t notice that behind her the vampire got up he didn’t fell unconscious while she ran the vampire said ” don’t worry my dear Rirajira we will meet again someday ” and he merged into the shadows. Meanwhile, with Rirajira, she ran as fast as she could never looking back she ran and ran until she felt like her lungs would burst from breathing so hard. She tripped over her own feet and her vision blurred before she fell to the ground she saw a little girl with platinum blond hair and pink eyes running towards her with a man that appeared to be her father. 

Noise. That’s all I hear screaming in my head. Many different voices saying one word but I can’t understand it. The voices get louder till it hurts my ears so I scream “STOP!” and they stop. Then all I see is a man with golden eyes and white hair They’re talking but my mom looks angry. I hear her yell Karl Heinz. As the man talks, I hear him say only one word “Eve.” I say it in confusion wondering what he means.

Meanwhile, outside of Rirajira’s mind, she says Eve in her demonic voice with the voices of her past. The past selves of her, each a warrior, king, and queen each uttering a single word “Eve.” Their eyes glowed, voices growing louder and more spirits appeared around the room.

Meanwhile, in the mindset of Rirajira, it becomes dark all of a sudden. Then a beautiful woman appears with piercing green snake-like eyes and long purple hair. She’s yelling at some boy with red hair and green eyes like her.

 She's yelling at some boy with red hair and green eyes like her

 “She must be his mother,” I say to myself.

She says “Ayato what are you doing out here? You’re supposed to be inside studying to be the best. You are my eldest son and must become an heir to Karl Heinz. I can’t lose to that wench, Beatrix. You must be the next Vampire king”.

 The boy called Ayato said “No mother. I don’t wanna be the best. I just wanna be normal and play like Laito and Kanato.”

“Ayato!” the woman yelled. “You must be the best or you are worthless to me and where do worthless boys go?” asked his mother.

 “They go to the bottom of the lake where they can’t be heard from and drown.” Responded Ayato looking down sadly.

I was about to walk and help him when I see a woman running towards them

I was about to walk and help him when I see a woman running towards them. She looks very angry. “Cordelia!” she yells.

That must be her name, I thought to myself. When she gets close to Cordelia, the woman slaps her hard and yells.

“What’s wrong with you?! Ayato is only a child. It’ll be years before Karl is killed and Ayato is not the oldest. Shu is so he will most likely be the next Vampire king. And if Ayato doesn’t become king so what? He’ll be an amazing young man.” She says then kisses his cheeks.

She grabs his hand and walks away with him leaving Cordelia glaring at my mother. But in the shadows, I saw a man with green hair and red eyes gazing at my mother with a longing look.

Then it fades to black, then I hear the sound of water splashing and a familiar voice

Then it fades to black, then I hear the sound of water splashing and a familiar voice. It was Ayato and his mother. I ran to them and as I got closer, I saw Ayato in the lake yelling for his mother’s help but she just walked away. I ran even faster to try and save him and I saw my mother running towards him too. We both jumped at the same time and sank deep to the bottom of the lake to try to save Ayato. We both grab him and when I touched him he looked  right into my eyes and said the word “Eve.” Then I let go of him and my mother pulled him to safety.

Outside of her mind, the spots of her past self faded all except one the spirit of her great-grandmother. She tells of a prophecy of “One day, Hell will rise from below and heaven will fall from above. The child born of both heaven and hell will walk the earth once more to save it from destruction or to help in destroying it.” she says then fades away.

 Seiji and the rest of the priests and nuns look toward the still-floating girl. Seiji was brave enough to take a step towards her when suddenly she screams and blasts Seiji and everyone away from her. Her eyes were wide and glowing. One eye is red and the other purple. The walls start shaking and become covered in glowing symbols in the colors red, blue, purple, and green. Rirajira screams even louder her and her skin begins to steam and also becomes covered in symbols. Then the priest, nuns, and Seiji hear a cracking noise and see giant wings come out of her shoulder blades. Three pairs of wings appear from her back on a pair of demon wings, one a pair of Dragon wings, and the last a pair of angel wings.”She’s a monster.” said a nun.

" said a nun

"She's a demon

“She’s a demon.” said a priest.

“She’s an Angel or a type of freak.” said another nun.

Only Seiji  kept quiet and looked at her and said to me one word that echoed in the room “EVE!” Rirajira heard it and fell onto the ground passing out. Her wings shrank and went back into her shoulder blades. The symbols on both her body and the walls disappeared. She stopped glowing and return to normal. Her hair color changed to purple with white at the end.

When all the noise of the nuns and priests’ voices died down Seiji walked slowly to the shaking and crying child covered in rages of her clothes. As he walked closer to the child he saw something glowing red when he reaches out to touch her shoulder she looked up and it was her eyes that were glowing red.

She snapped at him and tried to but his head off for she was scared

She snapped at him and tried to put his head off for she was scared. But it wasn’t her fault it was her demon side protecting her. Seiji wasn’t pleased with this and took her arm and stuck a needle in it to make her body numb and very heavy. He called some of the priests to come with chains and metal pokers with strange symbols, symbols that matched the one that glowed on the wall.

 He called some of the priests to come with chain and metal pokers with strange symbols, symbols that had matched the one that glowed on the wall

They dragged her body and chain her to the wall and poured holy water on her body and the chains "Aaaaaaahhhh rgggaaahh " she screamed with the voice of a little girl, demon screech,the war cry of an angel and the roar of a dragon all the nuns and...

They dragged her body and chain her to the wall and poured holy water on her body and the chains “Aaaaaaahhhh rgggaaahh ” she screamed with the voice of a little girl, demon screech, the war cry of an angel and the roar of a dragon all the nuns and priest saw the shadows of these fierce creatures and there eyes glowing. She looked at Seiji and her eyes glowed a dark blue then they turned white as pure as snow till it becomes so white and bright from their glowing it blinded him ” aaaaaaaaaahh ” he screamed

– to be continued

Nah I’m it does not then end it just began hahaha hahaha.
















When he looked into her eyes he saw death and chaos, he saw the prophecy. A flash of Boys he couldn’t see their faces but he could see their eyes they are all smiling with sadistic grins they all speak one-word eve.

Then he sees the sky as red as blood and angels fighting demons, and vampire, werewolves, humans, and dragons fighting each other but on one dragon the biggest dragon of them all was a woman wielding a sword covered in blood and was flaming blue f...

Then he sees the sky as red as blood and angels fighting demons, and vampires, werewolves, humans, and dragons fighting each other but on one dragon the biggest dragon of them all was a woman wielding a sword covered in blood and was flaming blue flames and was all black and white on one side. She roared a warrior cry and the roar of a dragon and jumped off into battle killing all her enemies.

when she saw Seiji she jumped up and wings grew from her back

And she flew toward him when she was about to slice him in half he saw a bright light

And she flew toward him when she was about to slice him in half he saw a bright light. He saw the girl again wearing a crown on the throne and next to her was a man wearing a crown but he couldn’t see him.

 He saw the girl again wearing a crown on the throne and next to her was a man wearing a crown but he couldn't see him

She looked right at him her eyes glowing dark blue and everything he saw came back to him.

All the screams of creatures dying and the pain their in he closed his eyes tightly and covered his ears to drown them out when the noise stopped

With all the screams of creatures dying and the pain, they’re in he closed his eyes tightly and covered his ears to drown them out when the noise stopped. When he opened his eyes he was on a bed next to the child and all around was his fellow priest and nuns.

 ” What happened to me how long was u out I felt like I was out for days”. said Seiji

 A priest stepped to Seiji and said: ” priest Komori you’ve been out for only 2 minutes we tried to wake you but u wouldn’t wake we check ur plus and it was normal but when we saw your eyes they were red and when we tried to move you the girl’s Shadow attacked us”.

 “What 2 minutes that’s impossible it felt like I was gonna for hours ” screamed Seiji  ” chained her up to put chains all around her while the body chains make an X on her back so she can’t grow wings out. A spell in each chain so that where she uses her powers she feels intense pain call a witch to do it I don’t care but don’t it now”.

 The priest ran to find a witch they captured long ago and forced her to do the spell but before she could she said the word” Eve ” in a raspy voice to the chained girl.

 The priest ran to find a witch they captured long ago and forced her to do the spell but before she could she said the word" Eve " in a raspy voice to the chained girl

Seiji pulls the chain around her neck making her feel the pain of drowning in boiling oil and hellfire

. “Aaaaaaahhhhughjhh ” the witch scream ” it burns” she whispers ” It burns ” she screams.

 The witch struggled as much as she could trying not to cast the spell on the child for she struggled but she couldn’t deal with the pain of the cursed chain around when neck. She cast the spell ” platano Keen Asue kinox to Nocona ca manticore la ru me ha”.

 Once she started the spell the chains glow. “Aaaaahhhh” the child scream as the chains burned her body she looked at the child and back at the priest that kept her in the dark for 200 years and smiled, she looked back at the child with love and care and made the spell on my last for 10 years.

“When the child turns 18 and her soul mate the one she chooses to rule the world with into the darkness of death or the light of a new beginning. My spell will last forever no power on earth can break it”. said the witch.

 And with the last of her life force energy, she puts all of it into her spell once it was done she was fell to the ground dead the last witch dead until a new one is reborn.

The priest gathered around the witch to see if she was dead he lifted his head and nodded his head.

” what are we gonna do,” said a priest

“We can’t keep that demon child here she’ll kill us all,” said a nun

“No, “said Seiji “well — no I’ll keep the girl no the monster I’ll raise her as one of my own, but she must not know about her powers that she posses or the prophecy”

All the priests and nuns’ misdemeanor heads were in agreement

“And you can do whatever you want to her just don’t kill her,” said Seiji

The nuns smirked with evil grins thoughts filled with what horrible thing they’ll do to the demon. The priests smiled with the delight at the things they would do to her

That night was the worst and first of many nights of her torture. The only thing anyone that’s as near the church could hear was the sounds of a child’s blood-curdling scream of pain, and mercy, and for them to kill her just to make the pain stop so she can join her parents.

from reading my work you see I put everything I can and more into what I do for I love it I grew up hearing If ya do something do it as you love it. and I do I wanna spread things I do in this story and anything else that I make to have people see it and be amazedly scared of my mind and what I think of

making these new stories will need skills to learn how to do them and they are very important to learn how to do and to learn new skills and tools this semester will help me become a better story teller,a better writer and better me,

Assignment #2- Giphy madness

I think engaging content makes. blog post successful, like by adding things like a call to action or a gif or joke something that keeps the reader alert and wanting to read more.Looking back at my first assignment I definitely didn’t reach anywhere near what good blogging is,honestly I didn’t put much thought on  it I just wanted to get it done.

The first day of CT101 was so fun and inspiring to me. I was not too ready at first but as the class when on and the professor was speaking I was so motivated and so inspired. I was telling as many people as possible about the speech the professor gave.

In addition to that, hearing the professor talk about how the class was gonna go, I felt a wave of relief.

Most teachers have such a heavy workload so knowing this was a class where I could be creative and not have such a heavy workload was such a relief.

Compared to all my other classes CT101 seems to be very easy, I have so many essays I’m going to have to write for my other classes, so knowing this class isn’t as work-heavy is incredible.

I feel like on the internet people lose themselves trying to fit in, One of the creative potentials I can think of from this class is that it will allow people to learn how to express themselves and be as creative as they want without feeling the pressure of being confined to a “trend” box.

Learning how to use new internet tools has been extremely helpful for me, especially as someone who wants to pursue a career as a content creator and  YouTuber

As for storytelling with gifs I do think that there are many stories that can be told with a gif there are so many gifs from one image with different text that each tell us something about what the user was thinking or feeling. And for that reason i also think gifs will be here for a very long time and will just continue to grow and evolve so more people can communicate through the internet easier. I know that have evolved already to where you can choose which part of the picture moves.

I’m pretty excited about all the things I can learn from this class. I also think it’s pronounced G-if, i sometimes use J-if though it slips our easier than the other pronunciation.

GIF Narrative Post

 About a day after the semester began while frantically looking for classes to put my schedule together, I stumbled upon this class. I wondered what digital storytelling really meant. I made my way to “rate my professor” in an attempt to get some insight on what kind of professor Ryan Seslow was like. Luckily I only saw good things.
On the first day of class I was impressed by how Professor Seslow was able to connect with the class. Most professors don’t even bother getting to know their students, so I was interested in how this class was going to go. Especially knowing that creative freedom is encouraged through the course of this class.
I enjoyed hearing about the course and it’s creative content. I was excited that we would be using a completely different program other than blackboard because I quite frankly find it to be tedious to use at times. I nearly broke into song
Well apart from the one thing that we are all relieved about which is not having to deal with boring long-winded essays and discussion boards, ct101 compared to my other classes actually pushes me to share the creative part of myself. It also allows me to give others a look at my sense of humor and interests.
The creative potential of this class was more than I initially thought. My mind was blown when I learned that we would be doing assignments in the form of blog posts, and also creating our own websites. All the creative ideas I was envisioning sent my brain into overdrive.
I am completely open to learning skills that utilize internet tools. This new generation of technology is rapidly advancing, and I want to learn more about it if I can. I’ve always been fascinated by electronics and the way they work so this is familiar ground for me.


From my pov yes I believe memes are art and a way that makes people feel ways anger  but laugh or laugh and is angry stuff  or it is cringe-worthy

And I see this as a good thing that memes are here and they are here to stay  they are good for communication to send funny things at school or even work to help with stress and also stories but not much

but my favorite memes are these and you can see how these related and are my favorite funny memes.

r/memes - I am confusion

r/memes - Barnacles, I hate the pill

r/memes - Inner battle every morning

r/memes - I'll be all good with it so long as they don't change the ending of Toy Story 4

From an outside online pov of memes, the online def of the meme is “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online, especially through social media” – said Webster’s dictionary:,online%20especially%20through%20social%20media

Or from” Internet memes join these other art forms of disruption and are often compared to pop art and street art. Since social media platforms have become our modern gathering space, it makes sense that they are considered the street art of the Internet. Street art runs the gamut of subject matter as well and is a highly accessible art form created by everyday people. Both art forms attempt to disrupt norms, question society, and start a visual dialogue that can speak truth to power”

“Art memes feel their most effective and incisive when they attempt to speak truth to power, and succeed in attracting an audience; the likes, comments, and other positive affirmations form a positive feedback loop for their creators, incentivizing their further production, and bolstering the communities that congregate” quotes from

If I had to describe the class so far in memes I would use for the raccoon is adorable and look like mister Burns going excellent.


Assignment 1.

This week what is making me happy is the new game Hogwarts Legacy. It was officially released on the 10th but since I preordered it I got to play it 3 days early.  I spent a good majority of my weekend doing quests and exploring the vast world inside the game. Unfortunately we can’t play quidditch in the game.

After I felt tired from playing Hogwarts, I got on GTA,  one of my favorite games.
I could spend hours on Grand Theft Auto just doing whatever with my friends. But I mainly try to focus on getting entertaining clips while playing, for my GTA TikTok account.

Assignment 1- What makes me happy on the Internet?

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

My most recent hyperfixation has been TTRPGS– Tabletop Roleplaying Games– like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. For those unaware, TTRPGs are a form of group storytelling; One person, usually called the Game Master or GM, creates a world and a story, and everyone else at the table creates a character who participates and directs how the story goes. If you’ve ever watched shows like Stranger Things, it’s what the kids in that play.

If you’re into Fantasy and Sci-Fi or just fiction in general, it’s an awesome way to be able to craft your own daring adventures and let your imaginations run wild. And honestly? It’s a load of fun.  I’m a part of a group that meets every Saturday, and it’s a blast. For three to four hours every weekend, I get to hang out with my friends, relax and snack, and take part in a collaborative story about a bunch of brave heroes fighting against the forces of evil. It’s basically like getting to experience your own fantasy novel.

Now you might be wondering how exactly it works, and I’ll try my best to explain.

There are countless TTRPG systems, and they all focus on different genres and settings. Some are about Fantasy, some are about Science Fiction, some focus on Horror, some let you play as superheroes. Anything you can imagine, there’s probably a game system for it. But for simplicity’s sake, I’ll focus on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, or DnD5e, which is the most popular system right now.

In DnD, the Game Master sets the scene. For example, your group of adventurers may be exploring a dungeon, so the GM will describe what the dungeon’s moss-covered walls, the cold stone, the sound of dripping water in the darkness, to get you immersed into the scene. They’ll also describe the enemies and obstacles you’ll encounter. In a dungeon, you might deal with undead skeletons, or traps or cave-ins.

The players all come with character sheets which detail everything you need to know about your character. Say, for example that you’re playing a cunning thief, or a brilliant wizard, all of the things your character can do will be detailed in the sheet.

Here’s the sheet for one of my characters. It looks like a lot when you first start, but I guarantee it’s a lot simpler than it seems:

This all says, put simply, the things my character is good at. He’s a big, burly warrior who fights with a giant sword. He’s good in a fight, but he’s not very smart and he’s very socially awkward.

So, in a dungeon, my character would do very well in a fight against skeletons, and he’d probably be able to dig his way out of a cave-in, but he’s not very smart so he might fall prey to traps.

To determine what happens, I will have to roll a dice, usually a 20-sided one, and then add relevant numbers on the left to meet or beat a number set by the GM. So, for example, to avoid the trap I might have to roll something to do with intelligence, and meet or beat 15. Since I’m bad at intelligence rolls, I don’t add anything, and if the total of my roll meets of exceeds 15, my character avoids being hurt. If I don’t, then I take damage and my character is injured in some way.

This makes it so that there’s always some narrative tension– I can’t just say that my character is a golden God who succeeds at everything he tries. Because he can fail, his successes have meaning.

With that frankly far too long explanation out of the way, let me explain why I enjoy TTRPGs.

They’re a fantastic way to develop self-confidence and public speaking skills, in an environment that’s not very high stakes. Everyone feels awkward at first, and most people understand that everyone needs a little time to get used to it. It also helps you think creatively, and flexes the little brain muscles of your imagination. And above all, it’s just a ton of fun.

If DnD interests you, then there are countless resources online to try and find a game. I personally use the LFG (looking for group) subreddit on Reddit to find my games. And if you’re (understandably) nervous about meeting strangers in real life, there are a bunch of online sites where you can sign up to play through sites like Zoom or Discord, the most popular of which is Roll20.

And if it doesn’t interest you, that’s fine too. We all have differing tastes, and I appreciate you reading through this post to learn more about something I’m passionate about.

Assignment #1 What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Hey Everybody! I hope you are all having a lit weekend!

Couple things have been making me happy on the internet. It was tricky to come up with only 2 or so topics, but I found them.

I follow this profile on Twitter along side my sports teams, where they explain the Libra horoscope in detail and share their personality traits and behaviors. It resonates really well with me and does wonders for my morale.

On the Youtube section, I have been watching a lot of is Action Adventures W D, who is a bounty hunter and does Repo’s of cars, tracks fugitives, and interviews couples for infidelity.


I mainly watch the repo’s. He just takes their car or sometimes the insurance company wants the keys and he has to take them no matter what. Quite bizarre.


The other channel I watch a lot recently is the one with celebrities eating spicy wings while answering questions about that career.

I am impressed these celebrities (like Bryan Cranston) in the latest one) that they can tolerate such heat and spicy food. Might wanna try the spicy wing challenge myself. Plenty of Milk incoming.


Anyone a fan of Breaking Bad? Great show.

In summation, excited to hear everybody’s stories and lets have a awesome semester!




Assignment #3 – Memes

Memes are an art form that has developed in the last decade from just simple pictures and captions to now being able to be the center of A lot of social media trends for example Dogecoin started out as a simple meme of a dog and a joke but slowly  over time became one of the most profitable Bitcoins and to think it all evolved from just a simple meme of a dog which just goes to show how much something can evolve in the span of such a short amount of time comparatively speaking when end the era of Technology as a lot can happen within a decade

Meme culture can also be perceived as negative as many people are making memes of serious topics which makes light of issues that are relevant and instead chooses to look at the more comical side which in some cases can be offensive to parties affected I feel like it’s always important to know because it is often seen as something positive  can turn into something negative as often with internet culture these days a lot of things are just part of the trend and no one takes serious issues that seriously as people once did

Ultimately though I feel as memes have their place and there if you in the right fashion can convey ideas across many different languages and cultural barriers and  are still a staple of modern-day communication it will be interesting to see how memes grow and develop as time goes on 


Its here……….

A website is like a house.

Word press is like the bricks and cement that forms the foundation ……..

The domain name is like the door and windows ………….

The theme and design are like the furniture ….

And …………

The content is like the food……

However, a house is not a home if no one is living in it ( or if you are living alone)

I hope YOU  can visit …..….

A cup of tea ?

Please come in : HHTOOLBOX.COM

I have a special gift waiting for you…You just gotta





See you inside.

Mid- Term Re-cap

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

At the beginning of the semester, I felt a Lil lost and confused about the class, but as time passing by I been learned a lot, and the fear that I felt at the beginning disappear, I fell more confident about the class. I love the way the professor teaches the class, in other classes I could say that I feel pressure but in this class, I feel very relax. In this class I learned to make a lot of stuff for example creating a Domain, I found it very fun. I think I maintaining a good grade since I attend every class meeting, I accept that I been procrastinated the work and been submitted the assignments a Lil late, but up to now I submit every assignment up to date, I looking forward to working hard for a good grade at the end of the semester.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

In this class I learned how to create a meme, I like the fact that through a meme one can express their feelings and thoughts thru a meme. The greatest asses that I think I will learn in this class it is when I made my website.

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

The Skill that I recently develop and most of the time display on my post is the Gifs, they are my favorite because I never thought that I will learn how to create them. But I looking forward to learning and mastering other techniques that the class will bring in the future.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I think my performance for this class will be growing little by little while I will be learning. Looking back to the assignments that I made for the class I could tell that I have been improving my skills in the class.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

Something that I didn’t know and learned in CT 101 class is to make a Gifs. I always saw Gifs on social media and the internet and always wondering on how people made them.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

Yes, I felt that sometimes my posts look the like same, but I guess that has to do with the owner’s like and taste. I will do my effort to change the thematic of my post for my future post by adding hyperlinks.

I’m Having An Old Friend For Dinner (DS106 writing assignment)

There is no one I’d want to invite to dinner more than my old friend Nia, a native NY’er that now lives in Florida. Since I’m not the best cook, I would have our nice dinner catered…in other words I’d order takeout, but it would be from the best soul food restaurant in my area.  I’d order us the works…fried fish and shrimp, with all the good sides like collard greens (of course), candied yams, corn bread and mac & cheese (even though I’m lactose intolerant 😞).  I’d be so excited to see her though, I’d be willing to suffer through that cheesy goodness.😃

Soul Food- Fried fish & shrimp, collard greens, corn bread, and mac & cheese. 😃

I’d ensure we had a nice big pitcher of red drink to wash down all that soul food yumminess. 😃

Red Drink- Is it cherry flavored? Is it hibiscus tea? Who cares! It’s red & sweet! 😃

I’d be really excited to be meeting up with my old friend that I haven’t seen in several years now.

While we enjoyed our dinner we would have a great time talking about the parties we used to dance at and our old party friends we kicked it with. We would reminisce about the djs we used to prefer partying to and which ones played the better music.

Pretend us talking about parties and djs. 😃

After dinner, we would likely play some great tunes on my sound system and do our dance moves in my living room while laughing and trying to outdo each other. She is definitely the better dancer since she used to dance professionally. I’m really tall and stocky so my moves aren’t as funky as hers but every now and then I’ll do something that’ll make her crack up and then she’ll do a funky move that’ll make me crack up. 😃

Us doing our funky dance moves…having fun! 😃

We would end the night probably watching one of our favorite movies about partying in NYC and talking about how much we can’t wait until the pandemic is over so we can start partying again. 😃

An idea of the music we party to and how we dance…pre-pandemic memories! 😃

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

With the pandemic still in full swing and me spending more time at home, I decided to get back to the old things that used to make me happy like 90’s Hip-Hop and making House/Soul party mixes on my dj system.  My favorite 90’s Hip-Hop group used to be A Tribe Called Quest.  So I recently started watching their videos and reminiscing how me and my friends would imitate them.  My favorite song & video by them was “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo.”

Before the pandemic I had taken a beginner’s sewing class in the city to learn to make my own shirts, but I never did much with it.  Now with time on my hands, I decided to give creativity a shot.  I found a clothing website called D’iyanu that sold cool shirts & hoodies for tall men my size.  The website’s clothing style kinda reminded me of a Tribe Called Quest.  I bought a couple of short sleeve shirts and a cool hoodie from them.

Then I decided to put my beginner’s sewing skills to work and make my own hoodies.

Hoodies I made using African fabric I had at home.

Not too bad for a beginner, thanks to the internet!