Assignment #3 – Meme away!

Assignment #3 – Meme away!

This meme is one of my favorites because sleeping is indeed my hobby.

This meme was once sent to me by my sister, and it speaks my truth—my reason for calling it another one of my favorites.


According to the YouTube video, I believe internet memes should be considered art forms because art reflects a human’s emotions, culture, beliefs, and truth, which internet memes do. Like many other art forms, memes are used to understand, analyze, and exchange ideas about the world around us. Memes are acceptable forms of art that have an impact on society that extends well beyond the digital realm. They become ingrained in our minds, aiding our understanding of the world around us, and form part of our cultural mindset- Memes as art. Digital art can be transformed into tangible objects like 3D-printed ceramics and Photoshop files, while memes can be printed on products like mugs, shirts, and bags. However, the classification of these as “memes” can be unclear- Memes: Entertainment or Fine Art

However, an article by The Courier disagrees with this, stating that memes are visual platforms rather than art. Memes, while providing cultural commentary, are not considered art due to their lack of symbolism and emotional impact, and their generic replication has led to their exclusion from the category of art.

Internet memes, as described by Dawkins in 2013, are rapidly spreading concepts that are deliberately altered by human creativity, mirroring current cultural events and becoming part of the period, exemplifying the meme theory at work.

Linked-in states that memes can have a negative impact on us; excessive meme-viewing may indicate phone addiction, as it can be used to procrastinate, escape reality, maintain mood, and prevent boredom. This habit can develop into a lifetime habit. However, exposure to negative sentiments on social media can lead to carryover effects in real life, making processing facial emotions more challenging. Phubbing, which combines snubbing with using a phone, can damage relationships and lead to doom scrolling. However, memes can convey information and encourage rethinking, making them a valuable tool for discussing mental health issues like depression. Research during COVID-19 showed that anxious individuals found memes funnier, more sympathetic, and more shareable. Studies also show that depressive individuals find memes funny and relatable, which can boost their mood. The level of self-defeating humor can mediate these effects, proving that memes can be beneficial for depression sufferers.

I’m an early 90’s baby, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the meme of The Dancing Baby somewhere, but I was never curious about its existence until now. Now I know it’s the first viral internet meme that was created just a few years after I was born. However, I’m not familiar with The Ally McBeal show but, after a little research, I came across this YouTube video that gave me insights into Ally’s going through a biological clock crisis, hence the dancing baby.

According to Water Hub, memes and graphics can convey various emotions and shared values, but it’s crucial to consider the feelings and values they activate. Leaning into humor and pop culture can provide a unique way to deliver messages in a familiar package, enhancing the impact of our work. Memes are used on the web for various purposes; according to Sprout Social, memes are used for viral marketing and social engagements.


Crafting a narrative using memes and personal experiences can be a creative and engaging way to communicate ideas and emotions. To begin, you can select memes that align with the themes or messages you want to convey. Memes are often humorous or relatable, so you can use them to add a lighthearted touch to your narrative by thinking of how your personal experience can enhance the narrative and by sharing insights from your life that relate to the topic at hand. It is important to strike a balance between using memes and personal experiences. Here are some memes that I’ve created to express my sentiments for the CT101 class.

Some Online Tools that I use to make Memes and GIFs:

Make a Meme


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    Absolutely EPIC Post!
    This is a really beautiful example of all of course progress and criteria learned and applied!
    Thank you!
    Excellent meme examples, creations, referencing, context, with hyperlinks that really help expand both meanings and sources!
    Most of all, the elegent flow of your storytelling here!

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