Assignment 4

My passion is making others happy! Its a pleasure that i can help so much people because for me at the end of the day that brings joy to me.I am very passionate about making others smile and overall have a wonderful day. I feel at times that many of us are dealing with battles that we cant always win so it is always nice to be kind to one and another.
I can relate to this meme because its good to show compassion.
Im also passionate about art. In my free time i like to paint and draw. This not only keeps me busy but helps me unwind after a long day.
Personal story- I got introduced to my passion by taking art classes while young i developed a love for it. I found painting to be a way of love and joy you can express yourself through art.It can reduce stress . In my spare timing i would draw in my books or canvas.It can lower axiety and others express the way that they are feeling that day through colors and emotions.Art can also make you feel confident and many others take pride into there work and that boasts there self of esteem. You are also building a new skill. Art can also help you meet new friends that share the same hobbie as you.
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 This one i created using IMGFLIP.COM;_ylt=AwrhdlZu_xJlHZkPWQAPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=how+is+art+a+passion&mkr=13&type=pppr_10213_CHW_US_tp37_aymmkmnj_bt0&param1=TwgoBLADvMsXzS4fzoNT8Q%3D%3D&param2=9dUI1n2R0BLDxNuWfiP4aWyjOZc2NBa%2Bx2opBYQCDMSB7nBAfwbAzkkglZNKi5o21u72Jm8TatlnU7NDGbP7F8Lft0aXvravgWuUt1wLTDRGoZDy1s38eFH2mqhQf7J35YCbQdFh0U0Q40PE25%2BEeG%2Bt%2By660cfFWnTypqgOdcAe76f9FJsGTLUX2cRBccAN2%2BCBz1RLC2VTax4UL1XwuxlkQoPBTIYbBzv4tYM3aT6zijAvDyrBvuAEpGP4zV%2BVlVzfV%2B9OOV9H8msld1Jmy0OrCznWe2eK57V%2BibxA5dk%3D&param3=NwVEMR%2FzKcG52XsVBYEh20CXm1wXp6anLmD4mFg%2BfsHqyO7IrwiJdpD78imyqL4QNmhezd33qJwBWHy8Tjxy3XXhykpDIuKNwewwW31ZdXoWp7Kl7WxiByiVZh3Pd2STfllYfPuoOCyvUs8IkdY1L30YfICa8zgGyK1%2BLK%2Bp3XB9QIBk6fhpOlqCKKdwTCOo1wbI2HobujopIBehCx0IgumZEDAw6Hg%2By1bAIYE7iwibuKeNZQMwemxX3REpIHFE8VtrHitrsGVVX5kgsE%2FeMofcih%2F23C8IQdqDd5QvanQr5iDkp7Vm3N6CpzWD0oFwHhW5aKgxhzLzFEoS0vdODMZthIxQ4KmiYjGvPlJpg6F7RAhGNbWQJtBXbAjIbtQs1nYyRo82zANze2TQg8rAHU5SkJLJajdBR8tvFhtFqlZp299%2Bq2RLwL4DtOlI615kmS5N%2BEUGDgo9RpGStdY2CCbKFVcaZq27I2g2m92OhFHQc9wIRWuAPwVj3gWEmV4LwBMKyeaHZc5Cy0%2FVx8F8IaWJNHjPvXXsiLcnm88wthXTd0MCyehwrwYxlACDVYimejfjycaWcv5E0HYI9O7ukNzoeNCMiDMAaU1uVDacf%2FUYElalgXWVn3MhckMj%2BZrO2CKrZH8PxeZ6mQ%2FgBtLFnzwyd77TaptAtfpGgdkLIevr9k%2FN5TQ4qRsM%2FBWa%2BGnfyLyK1NL8bRE3T8%2FJWOVJ%2BCQz8IroWkf6mpF6Bl0SIAc%3D&param4=WngQCQC256Q2CQC%2BXhnWI%2FnXgs9oiAtn%2BTxOwAkD980%3D&hsimp=yhs-1&hspart=iba&ei=UTF-8&fr=yhs-iba-1#id=1&vid=f32bf20a2b3abd7e40a370271aa4f910&action=view
This video is a girl doing henna which is a drawing of art where she is passionate.

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