Assignment #3 – Memes Forever!

This week’s assignment:

Man gesturing with the word meme at the bottom
Memes are life

Let’s begin!

Two hands shaking
This is only the beginning

I’ve found this website that seems to have more meme templates.

Last night’s news has left me feeling a bit hollow.

Man typing on computer while next to a desk fire
How I feel today

In researching the question ‘are memes art?’ I found several sites with varying opinions.

There was even a YouTube video that covered the topic.

In my opinion, memes can be considered art. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder. And if someone likes a meme, no matter how silly it is, why can it not be considered art? Some works of art don’t even look visually appealing, but they are highly prized in the art world.

Colorful scribbles.
Scribbles or a masterpiece?

Take for example the above piece by Jackson Pollock called Number 5, 1948. It was sold for 140 million dollars! But what makes this different from a meme?

Memes can be used for storytelling. The following meme called ‘Loss’ while viciously mocked does tell a story.

series of panels with a man
One of the most famous memes.

Stories in the end are just a collection of experiences that people relate to. Here are a few of my favorites.

Woman crying

Woman squinting

Anime guy talking about butterfly

And my personal favorite:

Car swerving

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