Assignment #1

Things that make me happy on the internet 🙂

I am an AVID horror and gore fan. Anything scary makes me happy, that might sound odd but the adrenaline rush that has my on the edge of my seat is addicting! Haha of course I would be terrified if any of the stuff I watch or read was to happen in real life but I love that I can find something on the internet that makes me have a heart attack at three on a random Monday morning.

Another thing that makes me extremely happy is cooking shows! I started cooking when I was six and I immediately fell in love given how much I adore food. Now wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a show that included both horror and cooking? And I’m not talking about those “spooky” cooking or baking shows but one that genuinely makes your skin crawl!

I sound like a total psychopath :/


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        1. PS – Good work on this so far!
          Lets add a few more examples, embed a video, add a GIF, hyperlinks to your favorite horror movies!
          More, more, More content :))))
          have fun!

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