Assignment #3: Should Memes Be Considered A Form Of Art?

In my opinion i’d say 100% say memes are indeed a form an art !

The link I included above is an article about an art exhibit of memes from a Puerto Rican artist known as Jesus Bubu Negron. He uses his artwork to create memes about politics. 

Memes can be considered a form of art since it comes in many different appearances. The second link I inserted above explains how memes are a form of PopArt which is indeed art. 

As someone who has a love for memes I can say it is more than a form of self expression.  Memes are a good way to communicate if you want to send a message to someone and add a bit of razzle dazzle to the text. I believe memes are a great way to incorporate dark humor without feeling the guilt of being shady. 

Of course memes can be used for storytelling! Sometimes words can not do justice like a good meme. I speak for myself when I say that I am a visual learner so I prefer to see media in a presentation or lecture. Although, there are times where memes should not be used. 

Here is a little snapshot of my three favorite memes of all time currently.

Lately I have been feeling exactly like D.W. from Arthur in this meme above. The funny part is I have not started going to the gym yet

Guilty, there are times I do take almost more then 5 minutes to order food and I know people do get annoyed.
During the covid lockdown when all classes switched to online and I had this one class. We were all required to have our cameras on at certain times during the class at 8 am. Needless to say I was over it and just wanted classes to return in person.
Once I submit a post I feel like I accomplished something even if I barely did anything but still feels good.
After reading my suggestions to revise my blog posts, just kidding I am so grateful to receive feedback to help me improve my work.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #3: Should Memes Be Considered A Form Of Art?”

  1. Great work!
    This is looking great, and is super fun to read!
    I think it is best to begin each post with an image, or a gif, images always engage the reader from first glance.

    This link below would be best displayed as a hyperlink added to a snippet of text rather than this loooong url – (how might you address that?),media%20styles%20to%20create%20art).

    Please re-read the assignment details and see what you may have missed – always reference any supporting essays or links from the assignment (they are there to help expand your insight into the content / subject – plus this past one was chock full of related info) please let me know once you have revised this by leaving a comment below here,
    Thank you!

  2. Hey Anju,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, it was your meme and GIF choices especially that kept me entertained while going through it. I agree that memes are a form of expression now and has opened a new lane for communication. Its funny you say memes are used for dark humor as a lot of my favorite ones involve people in usually embarrassing moments.

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