Assignment #4: Passion

Passion. Best defined as: strong and barely controllable emotion. Raw euphoria at it’s finest.

It’s a big component in my life, and a trait I utilize. Mostly, I’m passionate about soccer, and in particular my beloved team ARSENAL. When they win, it gives me a massive lift for the rest of the week. Sensational.

Other passions I have are cooking, Family Guy, and Yugi-Oh. It’s interesting to list some of the most pertinent passions of mine, but those I’m confident in indefinitely.

Learned cooking from my dad was amazing, in a time where fast food and take out is pricey beyond belief. My top two dishes were a pork roast with blue berry glaze and asparagus. Over saffron rice.

Also chicken francese, which is chicken with I recommend trying both, but the latter more-so. Here’s a video recipe on how to make it. Both were very fun to make, I enjoy the process. Also divine in flavor.

Family Guy is such a comedic relief, I’m always trying to gather fans for the show. That being said, I love every episode and it’s a great tool to unwind after work. Favorite character has to be Stewie. His British accent, while being a baby that never grows up is hilarious.

As for Yugi-Oh,

I remember seeing the first movie in New Jeresy in the year of 2004. Two days before my sister was born. Incredible that I cannot find The plot and characters are engaging, but it just elevates a measure in confidence in me. Very precious memory to me, I got the DVD for nostalgia purposes. It establishes a sense of assurance for me. Odd, yet it works for me.

Even going back a couple years to see the sequel, It sparked a lot of nostalgia  and some aspects were applicable or translated to my life in my estimation. Takes a keen eye to make such a connection, but it gave me a lot of courage in transitional time in my life.

Lastly, I also am passionate about playing soccer. I am on the college soccer team, but play with a local crew that I have established a identity and bond with. It’s recreational but very competitive. I love these cleats below. I play usually as a left-back/center back. I have an enjoyment for tackling, when I block a shot it’s so invigorating.

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    Is it your intention for the images to be so small? When you add the images to the editor tinker around with them, look at my examples in my blog posts as a reference, good work!

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