Assignment #3: V0T3 4 ArT$Y M3M3$

In this week’s assignment, we were told to search “Are memes art?”.

Well, what is Art?

To some, people believe that art has no artistic value and were made for cheap laughs.

Emily Mean GIF by Film Riot

I define Art as something that an artist is able to express themselves and where the audience can connect with as well as interpret the piece based on their perception of it. Memes can also capture and spread awareness of what has been going around. For example, people made memes during the 2020 election or even about King Charles.

  Beauty is subjective and so is Art! Some people believe that even graffiti isn’t considered art… 

if so, what is this:

Animated GIF

(for more information about this piece, hover over the gif :D)

I believe Memes are good for Art and should be considered Art. I feel as if a marble sculpture is one of the classics in Art, and can still be appreciated but we have to understand what’s been mainstream in our generation B).

Animated GIF

When looking at memes, there’s also a wide variety, and I know sometimes it’s so absurd but that’s what makes it memorable.

Similarly to Art, Memes are also very self-expressive. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to express themselves. As long as you feel that you’re being heard and others can connect back with their own experiences, then it doesn’t matter to those who oppose the idea.

And to whoever thinks that Memes aren’t Art then…

they’re just mad they can’t make any B).

hyperrpg meme twitch proud dnd GIF

These memes can also have a story behind them that is highly relatable to the audience. When I was younger, I would always see these types of memes on Facebook:

I know looking back at it, the memes were pretty bad but this is exactly what I mean — everyone can reminisce back to this terrible time and is able to connect to one another. 

This meme is a great example of storytelling and communication and communication and storytelling in society. It communicates to others how exhausting it is to balance wants and needs and storytells what most people have experienced. I see it as a way where it just keeps society as a whole rather than us being separated by our differences, whether it’s through culture or age gaps.

For my  f a v o r i t e  class of mine, I decided to make this:

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Overall, I believe Memes can be seen as another art medium. In the article, Memes as Art, I like how they mentioned, “Art is constantly evolving, but if the purpose of art is to express a human truth, the Internet meme fits the bill.”. As I mentioned earlier, marble statues can still be aesthetically pleasing, but Memes can also be aesthetically pleasing as well c:.

ty <3

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