Assignment #4: Creeper… Awwww man!!

So for this assignment, I went digging through the Ds106 repository. I looked through all kinds of tasks that could be done, mountains on mountains of options when finally, I found it. The one!! The only!! Minecraft!!Have you ever played Minecraft before? If not, give it a try you might like it!

I have loved Minecraft ever since I was a child so the thought of using it for a college project was right up my alley. The task itself was to build my own cozy cottage. As a previous architecture student, I had this in the bag. With this in mind, I loaded up Minecraft on my ps5, ventured into a previous save where I have with no houses, and found the perfect spot on these snowy hills.

Next was to figure out how I wanted it to look. Personally, modern homes have had the most appeal, but this was a welcomed challenge. I also referred to Youtube and Google for some inspiration. In the end, I decided to just throw some blocks together and see what came of it.imagination GIF

The next step was to choose my building blocks, I went with spruce wood and cobblestone. Both are pretty basic and can be found in the area but they match the scenery.

Finally, it was time to start building. I started with the foundation and steadily built up from there.

After about an hour I had built up a solid small foundation that I liked.

It went through many renovations because I couldn’t decide if I wanted outdoor sections or not. However, I did decide to have big open windows everywhere to give the illusion of space and show off the scenery. In the end, I had this cute little cottage.

I eventually plan to update this in the future with furnishing inside and a garden on the side. But that’s future me’s problem. Ciao for now ya’ll.that's all folks profile GIF






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  1. Wow!!! I really like your building skills on Minecraft. My friends from 8th grade always talked about Minecraft and I felt like it was really trending and huge back then. Looking forward to any architecture or Minecraft related posts from you and what you will incorporate it with.

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