Assignment #3

In my opinion, memes are a form of art. Art is very vague and broad. It could quite literally be anything. Memes are quite literally everything. Therefore Meme Equals Art. 

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All jokes aside, I do think that memes are a form of art because people are able to express themselves with a simple picture. Sometimes Art can be abstract and have a different meaning viewed by different people. For example, there have been times where I have been sent memes by my friends and I didn’t quite understand it. However, I do think that memes could be a form of art depending on the viewer. According to the video it stated, “ to evoke in oneself a feeling one has once experienced and having it evoked in oneself, then by means of movements, lines, colors, or sounds to transmit that feeling so that others experience the same feeling.” this elaborates the point that art is very broad and can be applied to almost anything.

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I think that there are different forms of art whether that is through painting on a canvas, sculpting a sculpture, and various forms of creation including memes. While some people would not like to think of memes as art, it is certainly a form of creativity that allows people to share a similar experience and connect with others who have experienced something similar. 

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