Assignment #4

Video Games are my main Passion. Whether they be Console or Mobile games depending on the scenario, I play video games pretty much daily. I’ve been playing video games for pretty much my whole life. My first ever console was the Wii, which I still own and use to this day. Retro gaming has been something I do from time to time for entertainment as well as nostalgia. One of my favorite video game series of all time is the Skylanders series. Skylanders is a toys-to-life game series in which you put a figurine of a character on a portal connected to your console and you can play as that character in-game. The series has 6 games total each having their own unique gimmicks and ranging in release from 2011 to 2016. There have even been crossover in video game universes via Skylanders. Namely the fact that Bowser and Donkey Kong from Mario are playable characters in Skylanders Superchargers and also Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot franchise are playable characters in Skylanders Imaginators. I actually still own Skylanders Figurines and I still play the game to this day.

Another game I liked to play back in the day (and still do to this day) is Mario Strikers Charged. Mario Strikers Charged is a Mario soccer game released in 2007. The game has two types of characters, Captains and Sidekicks. Each team gets one captain and three sidekicks (and a goalkeeper). The playable captains are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr. (unlockable), Diddy Kong(unlockable) and Petey Piranha (Unlockable). The sidekicks are Toad, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, Boo, Monty Mole and Birdo. Each character has one of five types which include Balanced, Offensive, Defensive, Playmaker and Power.  One thing I really like about the game is that Each character has their own unique personalities in game.

When it comes to console games I play nowadays it all depends on the console. On the Xbox, I play games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs Legion, The Outer Worlds, and State of Decay 2. When I’m gaming via the Nintendo Switch, my go to game is Splatoon 3. One of my favorite aspects of the game are Splatfests. Splatfests are monthly online events where you battle people online representing one of three teams. Ex: The previous Splatfest was Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate. At the beginning of the event, you would pick a team out of the three and that is the team you will be representing in game, battling against people online who are on other teams.

Another aspect in the adventures of retro gaming comes Mobile Gaming. Back in the day I liked mobile games such as Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride and Minecraft. Nowadays I play games such as Raid: Shadow Legends and arguably my favorite mobile game, Dislyte. Dislyte is a Storyline based RPG game with turn-based combat. In addition to the main story, the characters themselves have unique backstories stories which you can also view in game.

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  1. Great!
    Love reading about your passion for games!
    Great use of embedded media, GIFs, video for context and personal story!
    How ever, where are the hyperlinks? We always always need to have hyperlinks – hyperlinks are glue that gives the reader an expanded insight into the content – for example – you mentioned “Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride and Minecraft” Also “retro gaming” – surely you can expand this post with links to some of those things? Lets do it!
    Add them in please, and feel free to add more as you go!

  2. I share your passion for gaming as well as I too have been playing since I was little. At one point I was a collector of sorts and managed to keep some old nes and super nes games and consoles etc. I heard about that game splatoon 3 but, I didn’t know they held special events for that game. Next time I’d recommend maybe adding some hyperlinks to game play footage.

  3. I am a huge Mario fan myself I love the games that were released in the early 2000s. Usually I’d play on the Nintendo Ds and Wii console. As I got older I really lost interest in playing video games but I was thinking to get a Nintendo Switch to play Mario and Kirby games. The video game world has evolved so much since I last played back in 2015 I believe. Back in high school I was hooked on PubG mobile COD mobile religiously. I feel like you should have included more gifs and a hyperlink to once of the video games you mentioned both console and mobile.

  4. Hi Jaden

    I enjoyed your selection of gifs. They quickly catch your viewer, which is always a plus.

    I would suggest sizing up all of your media, including gifs, memes, and videos, in the editor section of WordPress.

    I learned that you cant size up too large in WP. There’s a built-in limit. So don’t worry about making images or media too large. The editor tool in WP will automatically prevent that.

    Here’s how you do it, >select the corner of your embedded image and >drag the corner arrow until it doesn’t drag any further.

    When you look at your media in the preview, you will now see all of your media is the same size, and it’s a more fluid reading experience for your viewer. I also center my media too. It’s just a habit I have started. Although I do not center my text, I always align the text left.

    Great post. Thanks for teaching me about video games. I am not a gamer, but I am interested in hearing about new trends in gaming, especially SIMS.

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