Final Post

Now that the Spring 2023 semester is over, here is my overall reflection of the CT 101 class. Which is basically a continuation of assignment #7, only more into depth.

If I’m being honest, I originally did not know what to expect when it came to CT 101. Now that I’ve taken the class, it was a pretty interesting journey. I learned I could just be myself. However, when it came to executing this, I originally didn’t know much of anything about it. I learned how over time. I discovered free websites I could use to edit images such as Figma and Photopea. I also found websites for images to implement into them such as Pixabay and Giphy. I also learned how hyperlink and attach YouTube videos to posts so readers can get additional context.


What I enjoyed most about this class is that I can use my imagination and execute it via the websites previously mentioned. I also liked making a website on my own. Grade wise, I see something in the B-, B or B+ grade range. Because I completed my assignments, however, I am not perfect as a few of my assignments weren’t submitted on time and some assignments might be a tad flawed.

I look to apply the skills I learned in CT101 by updating my website at Yes, I will certainly continue to keep up with the website by adding additional posts and possible changes in design. The topics will likely be sporadic and won’t exactly connect. They are just things I like such as video games, sports etc. Hence why the Domain Name is “Randomness Abyss” This being as I didn’t know how quick making a website based on your own interests can be, until I did so myself.


I also look to apply my CT 101 by creating combinations of a few miscellaneous things such as in my previous blog posts. Although I won’t be doing Communications as a career. I will still use aspects of it for my personal use.
My Blog Posts:

Assignment #7

Overall, I am doing good in CT101 as I am a particularly creative person.  CT101 has given me a way describe my creativity as some of it simply cannot be explained in words. So through this course I am able to display it via the internet.

I learned numerous methods on how to do this that I previously wasn’t aware of, such as how to hyperlink to make the experience easier for the reader. In addition to using websites such as GIPHY and Pixabay to assemble everything. As well as websites such as figma to display the final product.
Grade wise, I’m not 100% sure what my final grade might be , although I have submitted pretty much all of my assignments. However, I am a tad hit-and-miss when it comes to commenting on other classmates’ posts. Altogether I see myself maintaining a B or a B+ grade.

Assignment #9

The process of creating a domain name for a website was done via which overall was efficient and straightforward.

However, the computers on campus would not let me in. I learned that this is because the website was blocked on campus as it was outside of CUNY organizations. It kinda blows that this has happened, although I understand why it was initially blocked due to it being unknown by the IT department and a firewall was used for safety purposes

I’m able to access the site at via my phone or other personal devices. However, due to the web page being blocked on campus, this means that I likely will have to edit the website from elsewhere until further notice

Assignment #8

When it comes to building my own website, which is a great concept I’ve had unfortunate issues. Mainly what my Domain name was gonna be. This is because I originally had no idea what was gonna be on the website. I had a few ideas for non-specific domain names that have no ties to anything in particular. The following domain names were

  1. thiswebsitedoesnotexist
  2. thisisnotawebsite

But ultimately, these domain names were taken so I obviously could not use them. This meant I REALLY had to think it over

I eventually found a domain name that works, is not specific as I’m not 100% sure what is going to be on the website and it was taken. This domain name is

Assignment #6

Via Figma, the answer to the question “What it means to be alive” will be answered. This is through design because some aspects of this simply cannot be described by words.

I started off with this background of a brick wall to embody a cool/chill arcade/basement vibe.

I then added images to show my passions. They show what things I like mean to me Namely aspects such as video games, soccer, baseball, ping pong etc. I also added this photo of a guitar to show my love for punk rock/hard rock music
Since I was born and raised here in New York City I also added this image of a spray can to implement that aspect into my collage showing “What it means to be alive. I added this specifically because this is a big city where there is a lot of graffiti art in places.
I found these images via 2.8 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere – Pixabay – Pixabay ,GIPHY – Be Animated and also Free Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Images & Copyright Free Pictures · Pexels.I then removed some of their backgrounds via Remove Background from Image for Free – I placed some images in front of the brick wall background to show as if they were decals on the wall of an arcade/basement. The final product can be found here:

Assignment #5

For this assignment on ds106, I chose to do the Populate the Landscape one. I started off with an image similar to the one by Bob Ross desmonstrated in class. However the Image I chose was a painting called “Starry Night Over The Rhone” by Vincent Van Gogh

Because of the whole “Night Sky” theme with aspects such as stars in it, I thought it would make sense to stick with that theme by adding characters with that theme. The characters I added into the image via Photopea | Online Photo Editor will be pictured below

Starcast - SkylanderNutts

Star Strike – Skylanders Wiki - Skylanders von A-Z, Spyro's Adventure ...

The characters pictured above are from the Skylanders series, which is a toys-to-life video game series that released a total of 6 games ranging in release from 2011 to 2016. The first Image is of Starcast, a character in Skylanders Imaginators (2016) while the second Image is of Star Strike, a character in Skylanders Swap Force (2013). I chose these characters specifically because they fit the theme of the painting.

Prior to implementing these images into the Van Gogh Painting, I removed the backgrounds of the images via Remove Background from Image for Free –

The final product can be found here:

Assignment #4

Video Games are my main Passion. Whether they be Console or Mobile games depending on the scenario, I play video games pretty much daily. I’ve been playing video games for pretty much my whole life. My first ever console was the Wii, which I still own and use to this day. Retro gaming has been something I do from time to time for entertainment as well as nostalgia. One of my favorite video game series of all time is the Skylanders series. Skylanders is a toys-to-life game series in which you put a figurine of a character on a portal connected to your console and you can play as that character in-game. The series has 6 games total each having their own unique gimmicks and ranging in release from 2011 to 2016. There have even been crossover in video game universes via Skylanders. Namely the fact that Bowser and Donkey Kong from Mario are playable characters in Skylanders Superchargers and also Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot franchise are playable characters in Skylanders Imaginators. I actually still own Skylanders Figurines and I still play the game to this day.

Another game I liked to play back in the day (and still do to this day) is Mario Strikers Charged. Mario Strikers Charged is a Mario soccer game released in 2007. The game has two types of characters, Captains and Sidekicks. Each team gets one captain and three sidekicks (and a goalkeeper). The playable captains are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr. (unlockable), Diddy Kong(unlockable) and Petey Piranha (Unlockable). The sidekicks are Toad, Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, Boo, Monty Mole and Birdo. Each character has one of five types which include Balanced, Offensive, Defensive, Playmaker and Power.  One thing I really like about the game is that Each character has their own unique personalities in game.

When it comes to console games I play nowadays it all depends on the console. On the Xbox, I play games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Watch Dogs Legion, The Outer Worlds, and State of Decay 2. When I’m gaming via the Nintendo Switch, my go to game is Splatoon 3. One of my favorite aspects of the game are Splatfests. Splatfests are monthly online events where you battle people online representing one of three teams. Ex: The previous Splatfest was Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate. At the beginning of the event, you would pick a team out of the three and that is the team you will be representing in game, battling against people online who are on other teams.

Another aspect in the adventures of retro gaming comes Mobile Gaming. Back in the day I liked mobile games such as Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride and Minecraft. Nowadays I play games such as Raid: Shadow Legends and arguably my favorite mobile game, Dislyte. Dislyte is a Storyline based RPG game with turn-based combat. In addition to the main story, the characters themselves have unique backstories stories which you can also view in game.

Assignment #3

Now let’s think, are Memes Art?


Art by definition is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. So I’d say that memes are indeed art, as they are human made ways to express something via their own imagination. Additonal reasons memes can be art are found here: Are Memes our Era’s defining artistic movement? – Muckle Hen Blog

Can Memes be used for storytelling? If so, How?

Memes can indeed tell a story as it is quite literally making a long story short. It can get a point across a make everything clear without overexplaining everything.

Is it good for communication? Are they forms of self expression or are they more?

Memes are used for self expression, however its purpose isn’t restricted to this. It can be used to get a point across by using an image and caption to describe certain aspects that would be rather tedious to describe in words.

Assignment 2

What did you think of the first day of CT101?

Going into class I knew it was gonna be sporadic, the students introducing themselves as well as a rundown of the course. Overall it was so far so good in terms of the first day.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

The creative content of this course is what makes me look forward to taking it. As I am a particularly creative person myself. It’s awesome that I get to do what I like in this class.


How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?

CT 101 is a lot more creative than a vast majority of my classes I’ve taken at York. With the exception of ENG 286 Intro to creative writing, which I took last semester. It certainly stands out in comparison to most classes.

What are the creative potentials of this class?

I feel like I can show my interests as well as tell interesting stories via creativity. I feel like I can think out of the box more often and use my imagination to make more interesting content.


How do you feel about learning new skills that use internet tools?


I feel stoked that I get to be creative. That I get to do things such as tell a story via GIFs as well as learning new was to be creative via the internet.

Assignment #1-What Made Me Happy on the Internet this Week

On the Internet I am particularly active mainly on YouTube. I mostly watch content about video games. Especially content in which people make an aspect from or based on a video game or movie into real life. Namely videos made by Hacksmith Industries, 5-year-craft etc.

In addition to this. I also wactch YouTube channels such as GameXplain. I watch them because they give updates on not only video games but also anything video game related. Such as this video regarding the new Super Mario Bros. movie which is 100% on my list of movies to watch this year.