Assignment 4 Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

What I love about this course is the creative freedom and visiting the ds106 assignment repository there are so many options to express yourself through these projects. One of the projects I would choose is from the design assignments. I’ve always liked being creative and designing allows me to express myself whether it is by hand or using some type of software. What I like about designing is that I own whatever I am doing, I get add my personal touch every time whether it is the theme, color scheme, drawing, photos, etc… An assignment I would choose from this section is the one to make an “Event Poster”.

The purpose is to design a poster for any event. And I feel like this assignment goes perfectly with what I want to do post-graduation. Currently I am a supervisor at a banquet hall for events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, baby showers, concerts, any type of event. Later down the line once I feel like I have gained enough experience I want to start an event planning business. One thing I will have to focus on is advertising my events. One of those ways can be through a poster. Many things go into designing a poster for example if I want to design a poster for the next wedding that will be held at the banquet hall I work at. I would have to know the culture, theme, date, names of the people getting married, a picture of the couple and the vibe they want to go for. I believe this assignment would be fun for me and gives me experience learning to design and advertise different events.  

Here is a poster I made for future event bookings where I work. Using a picture I took from the rooftop and information about the location as well as our slogan. Free advertising for my boss lol.

 Another project that interests me are video assignments. I have always preferred watching something rather than reading it. I also like seeing what I read come to life visually through video. Different emotions can be expressed, tones can be set from different setting, music, character expressions. And when it comes to making videos, the ideas are endless for storytelling. Once again, I feel like making a video and being properly able to express what I want through it is important. What is going to draw people to events I work at are good reviews which often are pictures or videos. And those videos express the different emotions from the event and must be convincing enough to intrigue people to be interested in booking my service.  One assignment from the section that interests me is the “30 second memory” which involves creating a 30-45 second film with clips from a memory.

Many people have different preferences when it comes to recording or taking pictures to remember certain moments in life to remember. Some do and others don’t and prefer living in the moment. Choosing a memory would be difficult but it would probably be a core memory from when I was younger, and times were simpler.  

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  1. Excellent work!
    Great assignment selection and execution!
    I would really love to see a screen shot of each ds106 assignment. The screen shot is so helpful for context – of course the hyperlink is helpful too but the visual goes a long way in grabbing the attention of the reader.
    Great application of the skills learned in our class thus far too!

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