Assignment 5

Creativity is making something that has never existed before or even thinking of an idea that no one has thought of before. It’s basically thinking outside of the box.

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Intuition is basically being able to know something without any evidence or specific reasoning, sort of like a gut feeling is an example of intuition.

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Immediacy is the action of getting close to someone whether physically or psychologically.

Working with was a bit difficult at first since I had difficulty deciding what I wanted to add to it.  I was compelled to create a website that would stand out and grab people’s attention, and one that people could relate to and find something in common. For my website, I decided to make the page about things that I enjoy in life which included my cats, music, going to concerts, family, etc.

8 thoughts on “Assignment 5”

  1. Good work!
    This mmm page looks great! Thanks for fixing that link 🙂
    It would be great if you could share a bit more about why you love the things that you have shared!
    That is the context that leads to the sharing of more of our stories and connections to things!
    Also, finding context by linking to some of those things on the web is also helpful.
    And believe me, I know this all takes a lot of practice, but each week we can expand a bit more and more,
    Great work!
    Thank you!

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