Assignment 5- Ds106

DeeDee from dexters laboratory typing vigorously on a keyboard

Assignment #4- Ds106

The first thing I did was A daily assignment post because I was having a hard time with the other post.

What I learned from the assignment was how to make a custom eye chart. I’m not too sure how many things this skill could be useful for maybe If I happen to become a doctor or even for a party game or even a room decoration.

Old man reading an eye exam test

The next assignment I chose to do was a seeds of Hope project. I picked this one because my message could possibly spread hope to others. And I think these projects could be very useful for teaching things like communication and even how to help and encourage others through the internet.


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  1. Thank you, so far so good on this – I think that you are missing many aspects of the assignment criteria , lets go back and re-read through it and look at some of your classmates posts on this to get some contrast, replay back here once it is revised, keep going, thank you!

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