HW #6

Technology has advanced quite far from where it first began. We went from using sticks and stones to make fire to driving mechanical vehicles to wherever our hearts desire. Communication and social interaction has evolved with this progression of technology and today, you see everyone with a phone regardless of purpose. It has since become a staple towards our daily lives as it allows us to be able to talk to our family and friends in seconds and allow us to share our experiences in a few pictures and videos

Here’s a short video on the timeline of social media.


When thinking of these three words: Creativity, Immediacy, and Intuition, I don’t use those exact words but the concept of each of these words exist in whatever you put your mind to.

Creativity is the very essence your mind and figuring out a solution with an unorthodox method that proves to be effective.

Immediacy is to recognize and value.

Intuition is understanding the feeling right away without having to research what you’re looking at.

If I had to put these three in order, I’d say Creativity + Intuition = Immediacy.

When asked the question of what it is being alive, I think of being placed on this planet to do something, we don’t know what it is until our life plays out. There’s so much in life to do that puts you through so much and you as a person has to take all of it in and channel this into something great for yourself. Life is precious and has something to it which makes it special and that is the memories you make while you’re here. It’s always important to have good and bad memories that help you grow as a person.


Now onto the assignment.
I made a collage that represents myself through https://build.mmm.page/
Here’s my page!

I used a multitude of pictures/gifs to represent what I like and what would help people understand me as a person. Many of these stem from my interest in reading and researching sports to watching anime and other things like that. I wasn’t able to insert the collage as a whole GIF for the post but I hope that’s fine.

All in all, I really liked using this program as it gives you the freedom of making a collage that best represents you and you have full creative control when creating such a piece.

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  1. Great work on this!!!
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful response to the contemplation of creative existence!
    Did you try Figma as well? Or did you prefer mmm.page – if you notice, the URL with the word “build” in it is an edit only link that you can see – but you did include the published page link! It looks great! Super fun! Perhaps sharing that as a screen shot is also helpful to lure your readers to the page too!
    Thank you!
    Excellent work!

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