Assignment #4: My Passion

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Let’s just say I love this assignment because I get to talk about myself, ha. We don’t have many classes that allow us to express ourselves so I am going to take a stand on this one! We are here to talk about passions and what is something we love to do. I couldn’t choose ONE passion that I love because there are so many things that I love to do.
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So with everything that I love to do in this world, I am jotting it down all the way to three of them: trying new things,  reading books and playing volleyball! I think these are some things that I have started loving from young to now in my adult years!
nomi from grown-ish
Now, I know when someone says trying new things as a passion, that is very vague and you definitely to get more into it! SO let’s do that. When I say trying new things: I am talking about getting out of my comfort zone and learning more about my culture/heritage. I love to try out new restaurants with friends. I am enjoying going to concerts and just experiencing that. The latest concert I went to was SZA, a very popular known artist who just came out with an album called SOS. So of course, she had a tour for it which was amazing and the visuals were amazing and she announced her second leg where she is coming back in October to NY! So if you didn’t go, RUN!
SZA in concert
This was SZA on her SOS Tour on March 5th 2023
Besides going on concerts and living life, I also love going to restaurants and trying food! I think its such a great way to connect with friends, family and even with different cultures with the best thing in life: FOOD. In the most recent week, I’ve been  to this restaurant in Queens called The Cheesecake Factory which had such amazing food. When going there, I like to try new appetizers and something new that I think I would like.
Chicken Madiera from the cheesecake factory
This is the Chicken Madeira from The Cheesecake Factory. This was a sautéed chicken breast topped with asparagus and melted mozzarella cheese. It is covered in Fresh Mushroom Madeira sauce and served with mashed potatoes. This meal for me was a 10/10. I wouldn’t normally try things like these but I have decided to be more open with my taste pallet.
joe from you
To start off this lovely section, of course I had to use Penn Badgley playing his character Joe from his newest series, You. I am obsessed with books! It’s one of my favorite things to do when I am on the train heading to school or heading to work. I love to sit down sometimes and catch up on some of my favorite books. I’ve always seen books as a way to escape the world for a while and just lose yourself into whatever character you’re reading at the moment.
michael from the office
One of my current favorite books is called Credence by Penelope Douglas.
It was one of the best books she has created, it is a very adult book that has captured my soul completely. I loved reading it for the very first time and just falling in love with the characters and what they brought to the table.
My favorite type of books are of course romance. In romance novels, there are different types of tropes for the main love interests in the book or for any characters in general. One of my favorite tropes is definitely enemies to lovers. I think you always hear the lines that when you hate someone, you secretly like them. I love seeing how someones love progresses and there is also a trope called slow-burn which is when two main characters know they like each other but it basically takes the entire book for them to come together!
damon and elena
A perfect example of an enemies to lovers/slow-burn trope is these two from The Vampire Diaries. Elena was first dating his brother, Stefan and eventually through-out the series, her hatred for Damon (who is the man in the photo) became more as someone she started having feelings for. Now, it can also attested as a slow-burn because the audience knew they had feelings for one another but it took them so long to finally get together!
Now let’s talk about my love since freshman year of high school: volleyball! I was never athletic before high school, I would always just be the girl who reads and does her work. Starting in high school, I was thinking of becoming more athletic and joining a sport. Something always intrigued me about volleyball. So, of course I started playing volleyball and continued with the sport. It was something that kept me moving and made me just happy.
Coming into college, I continued with my love of volleyball and progressing as I played in different positions. In high school, I was a setter which is basically always the second touch in volleyball. In volleyball, your team always has three touches to get the ball over to the other side. Coming into college, I played as a middle which is more on the defensive side and something I was completely new to but at the end started to actually love. I am now going into my fourth and final year of volleyball at York College.
Thank you for tuning into my passions and I leave you with a photo of myself my freshman year at York College at game vs Medgar Evers in 2019.
me playing

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  1. Epic!
    Great work on this post!
    So many passions! Love it!
    Thank you for the great descriptions and supporting images, GIFS and video – the context for the hyperlinks included and give so much insight to your words!
    Love the volleyball action pict too!

      1. Love the way you are talking to your reader in the blog post and giving us insight into your hobbies and who you are as a person! I also love reading, and Cheesecake Factory is an amazing restaurant! Next time you go try the Chicken Gumbo, its to die for, lol. Great job!

  2. I love that you have so many passions! I think experiencing culture as a whole can be its own hobby that includes books, food, art, crafts, music, travel etc.. It all kind of folds into each other and all so beautiful! I played volleyball throughout high school as well! I played middle, and would love to get back into it but my knees haven’t recovered lol

  3. Hey Nadaysia, I see that you enjoy going to restaurants and trying new food just like me. I have never went to the Cheesecake Factory since I heard about their never ending menu. I suggest trying three restaurant’s all located in Rockville Centre. Since you mentioned the Cheesecake Factory it looks like I’ll have to take a trip there. I like how you included a snippet of you at SZA’s concert, I would not mind seeing her in October I hope the ticket prices aren’t insane.
    1.Dirty Tacos and Tequila
    2. Mesita
    3. Mojo

    1. Hey! Thanks for these suggestions, I am going to do my research on them and try it out and tell you what I think!
      I love SZA so I am planning on buying tickets to see her again, hopefully.

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