Assignment #2: Speaking through Gifs!

Having a class that allows you to use your creative talents in order to get an A? Shocking and incredibly exciting. Coming into my first day of my CT 101, I was confused on what to expect in regards to criteria for the class, on how the assignments were assigned and due. Our first assignment was about what WE were excited about throughout the week which I thought was awesome because this class goes more into than just doing work for a grade. Ryan as a professor allows you to actually talk about something that you’re passionate about and I think that is one of my favorite things about this course: the flexibility to still have a criteria that is educational but also fun.
When hearing about the course and its creative content, it was shocking at first and I didn’t believe that this class could be this easy to pass with just using your own thoughts and ideas to explain something in class. I thought there had to be some sort of catch on using memes, gifs, videos etc to express yourself in a educational setting.
I never had a class that has allowed me to express myself through memes! It is unheard of through the college experience until I took this class. With the rest of my classes this semester, I am a Journalism major so I usually am writing stories that needs to be formatted in a certain way and is mostly fact based with interviews etc. With this class, I get to be more creative and express more of myself into the writing than what I would do in my other classes. GIFS can be useful in knowledge and this article tells you more about how GIFS are used in an educational setting.
animated gif of a fun dance
With CT 101, I am able to navigate different emotions through the tools that we’re using like GIPHY, Imgur, Make a Meme etc. With all these applications that we’re using, we are going to be able to have a different way of expressing ourselves to people and we can also use these in order to show a different way of communicating outside of this class and being creative and risky in other classes.
Using these internet tools have me excited. Within this post, I’ve used GIPHY as my main site for the gifs I’ve used today. I was able to find gifs that I connected with how I was feeling about this course in itself! This is class is going to be amazing because GIFS are ideal in expressing yourself and I cannot wait to see how others use GIFS to express their own opinions and ideas.

Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!

Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!
Hello everyone!
There has been so many things that I’ve been excited and fawning over within this week! Social media is a whirlwind and Twitter has been one of the funniest platforms to be on. This week, everyone has been sharing their own memes of the lengths they will go to in order to get some Beyonce tickets for her upcoming Renaissance Tour.  
As much as I think Beyonce is a great artist who has definitely worked hard for career, I will not be paying an arm and leg for her tickets, ha.
Another thing that has been making jump for joy more than ever is watching one of my favorite Youtuber, Monet McMichael post her very own weekly vlog that just updates us on her life, agenda, life as a content creator and her travels.
Something that drives me about seeing her type of work is motivating because she is young like myself, a woman of color who continues to strive better for her life which is inspiring.
I believe another thing that is very exciting about this week is that one of my favorite shows, You, is coming back for their fourth season! The main character , Joe Goldberg is played by one of my favorite actors, Penn Badgley. He is extremely talented and just makes the show amazing! This show comes back February 9th on Netflix.
You is about a bookstore clerk who doesn’t know boundaries when it comes to love and what he will do for love. This is a show full of crime, thriller and some romance. Anybody who watches this show is hooked to Joe’s obsession to any woman he clings on to and I cannot wait to see what he is up to this upcoming season!
But that’s it for the things that had me excited this week! Thank you for tuning in!

Nadaysia Nivar- What Makes you Happy on the Internet? Assignment #1

The internet influences many things in our lives. For myself, I am always on the phone looking at new things to obsess over or things that are trending. One thing that makes me happy on the internet is all the Euphoria tweets and memes. Euphoria is a popular show that goes through lives of teenagers in high school that go through substance abuse, domestic violence, high school drama and etc. The show captivates the real life dangers of using drugs and trying to survive and maintain a social life.

Another thing that makes me happy on the internet weekly is that there is always something NEW I can read and adapt to. I am a big fan of reading and I usually read on Wattpad that has a bunch of books written by people all around the world that inspire me to even write every day.

Nadaysia Nivar- GIF ASSIGNMENT- #2

What did you think on the first day of CT 101?

Now being honest, coming into the class – I did not know what to expect. I thought the class would be overall just us learning about how to properly write on a site BUT it was such a plot twist to see how this will be a course where we use our creative mindsets to intertwine with what we are speaking on. I also think it’s super cool that our professor is deaf but he still makes the class fun and gives us a chance to adapt to our creative side!

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

When reading that we will be working with gifs to incorporate in our story and how we tell it, I was so excited. With this generation, we use memes and gifs for everything and anything. It’s a form of language for us, ha. I think this would give my fellow classmates and myself included a new way to express when we don’t necessarily have the words to express it. I think this format will keep the class engaged and entertained.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

I can tell this is class is going to be way more fun than the rest of my other classes. As we go in, I am going to be learning how to use GIFS to back up what I have to say. I want to learn more about putting my creative side to use when doing an article or a blog on something. It captures the audience more. Most of my other classes are gonna be majorly on writing papers and giving sources and data. This class allows me to break into my creative side and show it in a more cool and fun way. This is more hands-on than most classes because you are doing it from scratch in a sense.

What are the potentials of this class?

Being a journalism major, I do want to enter the field more of technology and blogs. I want to be able to move through the internet smoothly and having a new way of expressing myself but still giving facts out. I want to come out of the class ready to bring a new way of blogging to the media in a different sense.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

When learning new things, you are always going to be scared of failure and not doing something correctly but at the the end of it, I think I will be able to catch on to using the tools and use it in my own every day life and possibly in my career in the long run. I am ready as I can be.

To end this off, when picking where to use my GIFS, I went with Giphy. I think it definitely offered more creative gifs that I liked and the other one, imgur was a bit more basic. And something to get to know me: this gif is the energy to become the best in the game. A future modern journalist in the rising.

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