It is time to pick our domain names which is pretty easy but hard at the same time. You want to be able to pick something that is literally connected to you but you also don’t want to waste any time on just over thinking it. While I was thinking on what name to do for myself, I found these sites that helped pick a name and maybe they’ll help you too!
Go Daddy is a fun page that allows you to type in two key words and gives you ideas for domain names and lets you know if any are taken!
When I was thinking about my own domain names, I wanted for it to be something that resonates with me. Something that is quirky, something that is fun and something that I can just keep general.
These are some of the ideas I came up with:
1. The daily spill
2. The daily tea
3. In and outs of NY
4. The mind and body
5. Out of this world spots
When thinking of domain names, I was thinking of traveling, trying out new places and giving opinions on them. I was thinking of also making it a place where others can leave their opinion on the  latest gossip, somewhere safe and fun!
Give me your point of views and ideas!
Thanks guys!


keep up
It isn’t mid-semester, I know! We’re behind and as the gif above says: I gotta keep up! So, I will be introducing this post as if I were in mid-semester. WE ARE ALMOST OVER WITH THE SEMESTER, YAY! This has been one stressful semester guys! I feel like everything has been happening: sickness, piled up work, work schedules, family issues – you name them! But we’ve made it and now it’s just a couple more weeks to hit the door!
With my progress in CT 101, I will admit – it can better. It can be 100% better but I do believe that with all the work that I turn in, I always try to give my best! I always make sure I watch the videos and apply what I learn from them. I always make sure to remember gifs, hyperlinks and just adding my own twist to each new post that I post. What is fun about working on these blogs is adding my own twist to them and just having the freedom to get as creative and fun as possible. I think the main thing that I learned about this class is just learning how to incorporate gifs into your story and also how to edit their sizes and edit what fits and even how to make your own GIFS.
the simpson
Something that I loved about working in CT 101 is that the assignments are a mixture of facts and opinion-based. You are allowed to give your opinion and not me deducted points for it. You are allowed to share your thoughts and you’re even allowed to talk about yourself and what motivates and pushes you! I had an entire assignment where I was able to rant about my own passions and what I love to do as a person, how cool is that? It is similar to the assignment we had when we first started in the semester where you had to talk about things that were making you happy that week! I just am in love with the idea that you get to tap into that side of yourself!
There are many skills that I was taught when taking this class including how to make my own GIFS on apps like Make a Meme and GIPHY.  
I also learned how to follow an assignment on the DS106 sheet where it gave you assignments from making your own GIFS to making your own photos with words and other ways to use technology to your own creativity. I thought all of this was super fun to just engage with and learn.
Something that I did not know how to do and learned by taking this class is making your own domain name and claiming it. We did it with a site called reclaim hosting and it was super fun to do! When doing it in class, it was super easy for me to follow along with Ryan and it got me excited because I got use this site for whatever I want and even promote my own social media accounts or display my trips or whatever else I want!
omg this is insane
Now , when it comes to this class: the work speaks for itself. I hate to admit it, but I will – I have not been on time with turning in my work and that’s because of my own personal issues. I am trying now to make it up, but Ryan was right, ha! This is going to take a lot of work especially when you got finals coming up! So here is a site guys that gives you some tips to get through finals, we are almost out of here!
When I think about the grade I deserve and am striving for, everyone of course wants an A but you gotta put in the effort to get the A and I understand that and I am trying to work hard for it (better late than never right?) But if I am being realistic, I would bless the floors for even a B. I enjoyed this class and what it had to offer and I want to do right by Ryan and turn in the work he deserves!
I believe when watching the videos, I learn more from Ryan and it shows in my posts and how I develop telling you guys how I do my posts. I love seeing the development and seeing the class develop as well! When it comes to commenting, I try my best to leave comments that are encouraging and that give students a good vibe!
With me, I am behind on work.. I am. It’s like every semester, you say you’ll stay on top of the work and God comes out of left field and says “girl, you know that is not true.” So here I am, trying to serve you a post with ambition and just straight facts on how the semester is going for myself!
I am currently behind on about 4-5 assignments which I want to say is okay but it is not and I am working to get them in! At least I did claim my domain name and am working on that, holla! Once that is white listed I will be letting you guys know!
Thank you guys for tapping into my blog post and we are almost out of here.
bye guys

Assignment 5: DS106

im back meme
HEY GUYS! I’m back with another blog post for the week! Yes, we are a bit behind but I am still going to give you 1000% effort and detail in the post. This class lets us be so creative that I never feel like I am bored when doing an assignment. So for this assingment, we were led to a site called DS106  that allows us to make different type of art work with instructions. This was just a super fun activity to do.
assingment animated gif
So starting off strong, I did my very own animated gif! This assignment was about making your own animated gif from any clip that showed someone celebrating too early. Y0u can find a bunch of clips like this from any basketball clips from the NBA or college basketball. With help of GIPHY, I was able to make my own animated gif super easy with three steps! So below is my very own animated gif of a 2009 NBA clip of Shannon Brown with an insane block leaving Kobe Bryant and the rest of his team in awe.
Shannon brown block
Now, as much as this clip was jaw-dropping, the mini athlete in me kept yelling foul so bad because literally Brown’s entire body pounced on the other guy. I never watched this game so I’m not sure what happened after but hey, if he ain’t get a free throw for the major slash he just got? Yeah, I don’t know how they got away with letting Brown do that Sugar Honey Iced Tea! But overall, this is my gif that I took out from an entire clip from Youtube that had jaw dropping moments like these. If you guys want to see more videos like these, you can most definitely click the link or watch this video below!
second assignment
For the second assignment, I have decided to take upon this one! I think I always seen these type of photos on social media where a certain quote is inserted that the audience can agree upon which I love! So I decided to make my own with a show that I have been obsessed with called Bridgerton. It is a series on Netflix reflecting on society life in the 1800’s and how marriage was back then. They have made a small prequel spin-off called Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story which opens up a bit more about the love story on the Queen and King George.
While doing this assignment, it was super fun to just look for a good picture and learn how to add the quote and find a good font that wouldn’t hinder the picture itself. So this was very fun to do! So to give a little background about the quote that I showed, in the show Queen Charlotte and King George are having a heated argument about their love and how King George doesn’t think she deserves someone better and that he has too many issues and she says this line which I think the audience can agree was just so beautiful it had me in tears. He replied with a beautiful monologue as well with also saying “My heart calls your name.” Now I am romantic and I think this is so beautiful!
If you guys have not yet watched this show, please do!
But thank you once again for sitting through a post and my mind!

Assignment #4: My Passion

me me me
Let’s just say I love this assignment because I get to talk about myself, ha. We don’t have many classes that allow us to express ourselves so I am going to take a stand on this one! We are here to talk about passions and what is something we love to do. I couldn’t choose ONE passion that I love because there are so many things that I love to do.
cute cat
So with everything that I love to do in this world, I am jotting it down all the way to three of them: trying new things,  reading books and playing volleyball! I think these are some things that I have started loving from young to now in my adult years!
nomi from grown-ish
Now, I know when someone says trying new things as a passion, that is very vague and you definitely to get more into it! SO let’s do that. When I say trying new things: I am talking about getting out of my comfort zone and learning more about my culture/heritage. I love to try out new restaurants with friends. I am enjoying going to concerts and just experiencing that. The latest concert I went to was SZA, a very popular known artist who just came out with an album called SOS. So of course, she had a tour for it which was amazing and the visuals were amazing and she announced her second leg where she is coming back in October to NY! So if you didn’t go, RUN!
SZA in concert
This was SZA on her SOS Tour on March 5th 2023
Besides going on concerts and living life, I also love going to restaurants and trying food! I think its such a great way to connect with friends, family and even with different cultures with the best thing in life: FOOD. In the most recent week, I’ve been  to this restaurant in Queens called The Cheesecake Factory which had such amazing food. When going there, I like to try new appetizers and something new that I think I would like.
Chicken Madiera from the cheesecake factory
This is the Chicken Madeira from The Cheesecake Factory. This was a sautéed chicken breast topped with asparagus and melted mozzarella cheese. It is covered in Fresh Mushroom Madeira sauce and served with mashed potatoes. This meal for me was a 10/10. I wouldn’t normally try things like these but I have decided to be more open with my taste pallet.
joe from you
To start off this lovely section, of course I had to use Penn Badgley playing his character Joe from his newest series, You. I am obsessed with books! It’s one of my favorite things to do when I am on the train heading to school or heading to work. I love to sit down sometimes and catch up on some of my favorite books. I’ve always seen books as a way to escape the world for a while and just lose yourself into whatever character you’re reading at the moment.
michael from the office
One of my current favorite books is called Credence by Penelope Douglas.
It was one of the best books she has created, it is a very adult book that has captured my soul completely. I loved reading it for the very first time and just falling in love with the characters and what they brought to the table.
My favorite type of books are of course romance. In romance novels, there are different types of tropes for the main love interests in the book or for any characters in general. One of my favorite tropes is definitely enemies to lovers. I think you always hear the lines that when you hate someone, you secretly like them. I love seeing how someones love progresses and there is also a trope called slow-burn which is when two main characters know they like each other but it basically takes the entire book for them to come together!
damon and elena
A perfect example of an enemies to lovers/slow-burn trope is these two from The Vampire Diaries. Elena was first dating his brother, Stefan and eventually through-out the series, her hatred for Damon (who is the man in the photo) became more as someone she started having feelings for. Now, it can also attested as a slow-burn because the audience knew they had feelings for one another but it took them so long to finally get together!
Now let’s talk about my love since freshman year of high school: volleyball! I was never athletic before high school, I would always just be the girl who reads and does her work. Starting in high school, I was thinking of becoming more athletic and joining a sport. Something always intrigued me about volleyball. So, of course I started playing volleyball and continued with the sport. It was something that kept me moving and made me just happy.
Coming into college, I continued with my love of volleyball and progressing as I played in different positions. In high school, I was a setter which is basically always the second touch in volleyball. In volleyball, your team always has three touches to get the ball over to the other side. Coming into college, I played as a middle which is more on the defensive side and something I was completely new to but at the end started to actually love. I am now going into my fourth and final year of volleyball at York College.
Thank you for tuning into my passions and I leave you with a photo of myself my freshman year at York College at game vs Medgar Evers in 2019.
me playing

Assignment 3: Memes = Art? Let’s Talk.

skeptical boy
It has been said that meme can be looked at as art because of its’ expressive content. I agree. People have different ways of expressing themselves without it having to be in words. In this class specifically, I’ve learned how to explain how I am feeling with just using MEMES. CT 101 has allowed you to do actual work with memes and it becomes something that you’re passionate about.
When reading about MEMES and the question of it being  art, it is interesting to what is said about it. In the website, Spoken Vision ,the article on memes being art argue both sides. The article talks about Pop Art that was popular in the 1950s that used popular media style to create some form of heart. But they also speak on how memes were just made for cheap laughs and that they don’t have any artistic value in them.
It was also very essential on the impact of memes as art when Puerto Rican artist, Jesús “Bubu” Negrón presented his memes in an exhibit at first just to make his friends laugh. But more into his exhibit in the article from Art Zealous,  he comments that when people notice that something is special, they’re the ones who are able to help bring it out into the context of the art world or gallery world.”
ryan gosling
I think that’s a big thing that stuck with me and made me agree with art being memes in the first place: having someone take the work seriously. Every day, you can see MEMES of politics, entertainment, music and more. Memes are no longer just used to express between friends and for laughs. We are able to communicate with these types of art.
fresh prince
CT 101 has been showing me that we can incorporate media into our work. We are able to use GIFS to tell a story. For this blog post, I was able to work with GIPHY to create my own types of GIF. I was able to first grab any animated GIF that fit my story and was able to create a new one with it, drag it in and add my own line to it like I did with above.
This shows me that I can use this type of media to even express things that happen with my own personal experiences. To give an example, I will express how lucky I felt with getting tickets to a concert with little to no money!
we are broke
So, one of my favorite artists, SZA, came out with a TOUR for her new album, SOS and everyone was going crazy for the tickets because at first, they were going $1,000+ and everyone was just stressing out, including myself! I wanted to be there so bad but I just had paid all my bills and had no money. So, I was freaking out completely! My cousin found tickets for the price of $360 and I was stressed because I could not afford it at the moment.
All of a sudden, the week after my cousin had mentioned the tickets being on sale, I had gotten a bonus form one of my jobs. I was so excited because the bonus was $300 which covered what I needed to buy the tickets for the concert. I kept contemplating if this was fate working at it’s finest!
get t f out
So at the end, I was able to go ahead and see SZA for a surreal price and was able to just get to experience someone I admire in person. I will leave you guys with this picture that I took of her at the concert on March 5th and thank you for reading my blog post!

Assignment #2: Speaking through Gifs!

Having a class that allows you to use your creative talents in order to get an A? Shocking and incredibly exciting. Coming into my first day of my CT 101, I was confused on what to expect in regards to criteria for the class, on how the assignments were assigned and due. Our first assignment was about what WE were excited about throughout the week which I thought was awesome because this class goes more into than just doing work for a grade. Ryan as a professor allows you to actually talk about something that you’re passionate about and I think that is one of my favorite things about this course: the flexibility to still have a criteria that is educational but also fun.
When hearing about the course and its creative content, it was shocking at first and I didn’t believe that this class could be this easy to pass with just using your own thoughts and ideas to explain something in class. I thought there had to be some sort of catch on using memes, gifs, videos etc to express yourself in a educational setting.
I never had a class that has allowed me to express myself through memes! It is unheard of through the college experience until I took this class. With the rest of my classes this semester, I am a Journalism major so I usually am writing stories that needs to be formatted in a certain way and is mostly fact based with interviews etc. With this class, I get to be more creative and express more of myself into the writing than what I would do in my other classes. GIFS can be useful in knowledge and this article tells you more about how GIFS are used in an educational setting.
animated gif of a fun dance
With CT 101, I am able to navigate different emotions through the tools that we’re using like GIPHY, Imgur, Make a Meme etc. With all these applications that we’re using, we are going to be able to have a different way of expressing ourselves to people and we can also use these in order to show a different way of communicating outside of this class and being creative and risky in other classes.
Using these internet tools have me excited. Within this post, I’ve used GIPHY as my main site for the gifs I’ve used today. I was able to find gifs that I connected with how I was feeling about this course in itself! This is class is going to be amazing because GIFS are ideal in expressing yourself and I cannot wait to see how others use GIFS to express their own opinions and ideas.

Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!

Assignment #1: What makes me happy this week!
Hello everyone!
There has been so many things that I’ve been excited and fawning over within this week! Social media is a whirlwind and Twitter has been one of the funniest platforms to be on. This week, everyone has been sharing their own memes of the lengths they will go to in order to get some Beyonce tickets for her upcoming Renaissance Tour.  
As much as I think Beyonce is a great artist who has definitely worked hard for career, I will not be paying an arm and leg for her tickets, ha.
Another thing that has been making jump for joy more than ever is watching one of my favorite Youtuber, Monet McMichael post her very own weekly vlog that just updates us on her life, agenda, life as a content creator and her travels.
Something that drives me about seeing her type of work is motivating because she is young like myself, a woman of color who continues to strive better for her life which is inspiring.
I believe another thing that is very exciting about this week is that one of my favorite shows, You, is coming back for their fourth season! The main character , Joe Goldberg is played by one of my favorite actors, Penn Badgley. He is extremely talented and just makes the show amazing! This show comes back February 9th on Netflix.
You is about a bookstore clerk who doesn’t know boundaries when it comes to love and what he will do for love. This is a show full of crime, thriller and some romance. Anybody who watches this show is hooked to Joe’s obsession to any woman he clings on to and I cannot wait to see what he is up to this upcoming season!
But that’s it for the things that had me excited this week! Thank you for tuning in!

Nadaysia Nivar- What Makes you Happy on the Internet? Assignment #1

The internet influences many things in our lives. For myself, I am always on the phone looking at new things to obsess over or things that are trending. One thing that makes me happy on the internet is all the Euphoria tweets and memes. Euphoria is a popular show that goes through lives of teenagers in high school that go through substance abuse, domestic violence, high school drama and etc. The show captivates the real life dangers of using drugs and trying to survive and maintain a social life.

Another thing that makes me happy on the internet weekly is that there is always something NEW I can read and adapt to. I am a big fan of reading and I usually read on Wattpad that has a bunch of books written by people all around the world that inspire me to even write every day.

Nadaysia Nivar- GIF ASSIGNMENT- #2

What did you think on the first day of CT 101?

Now being honest, coming into the class – I did not know what to expect. I thought the class would be overall just us learning about how to properly write on a site BUT it was such a plot twist to see how this will be a course where we use our creative mindsets to intertwine with what we are speaking on. I also think it’s super cool that our professor is deaf but he still makes the class fun and gives us a chance to adapt to our creative side!

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

When reading that we will be working with gifs to incorporate in our story and how we tell it, I was so excited. With this generation, we use memes and gifs for everything and anything. It’s a form of language for us, ha. I think this would give my fellow classmates and myself included a new way to express when we don’t necessarily have the words to express it. I think this format will keep the class engaged and entertained.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes?

I can tell this is class is going to be way more fun than the rest of my other classes. As we go in, I am going to be learning how to use GIFS to back up what I have to say. I want to learn more about putting my creative side to use when doing an article or a blog on something. It captures the audience more. Most of my other classes are gonna be majorly on writing papers and giving sources and data. This class allows me to break into my creative side and show it in a more cool and fun way. This is more hands-on than most classes because you are doing it from scratch in a sense.

What are the potentials of this class?

Being a journalism major, I do want to enter the field more of technology and blogs. I want to be able to move through the internet smoothly and having a new way of expressing myself but still giving facts out. I want to come out of the class ready to bring a new way of blogging to the media in a different sense.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?

When learning new things, you are always going to be scared of failure and not doing something correctly but at the the end of it, I think I will be able to catch on to using the tools and use it in my own every day life and possibly in my career in the long run. I am ready as I can be.

To end this off, when picking where to use my GIFS, I went with Giphy. I think it definitely offered more creative gifs that I liked and the other one, imgur was a bit more basic. And something to get to know me: this gif is the energy to become the best in the game. A future modern journalist in the rising.