assignment #4-passions

my passion is…

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learning new things!

i struggled writing this blog post as i am very much a jack of all trades, master of none and I am excruciatingly aware of the fact that my past projects and burnt out passions are all commiserating in a graveyard somewhere…

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so now this may sound like a lame passion but hear me out- i had to think to myself ‘what do dancing, trekking, rock climbing, crocheting, reading, writing (might seem counter intuitive on a post without capital letters but here we are), drawing, cooking, and language learning all have in common?’ the answer was right in front of my face- i had to learn all of these things (for most of them, the learning does not stop) and then this realization had a second wave- i very much enjoy learning/having learned these skills.

i dance just for fun but in dance, you never stop learning- you need to learn the steps and their names you learn about what makes choreography good and unique, there’s also dance history where you can learn about well… the history of dance. when i was in middle school, we had a dance history class where i learned about  the foundations of modern dance and queen martha graham who said this about passion-

Real Dancers Can Do Splits – The Girl with the Tree Tattoo

studying language(s) is also never ending because no matter how much you study, there is always more to learn. english is my first language and i am still learning about it! just last year i took a phonetics class and learned IPA and the sounds of the letters in american english, specifically in the northeastern dialect. in learning polish i had to learn how to use cases and how to pronounce grzegorsz brzeczyszczykiewicz   which is easier done than said 😉 and i’ve been studying spanish in school from the 6th grade until present day and i still have plenty of distance between me and fluency but i’ve never stopped enjoying the process.

“You have no power here…”

i also learn about linguistics and can tell you about whorfianism and why i believe neo-whorfianism is garbage theory

Good Fiction, Questionable Science: The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis |

in rock climbing, the learning never stops either- besides learning how to physically climb, the first technical skill of the sport you have to learn  is how to tie a figure 8 knot and later you’ll learn harder things like how to make a stable anchor , how to place gear and how to clean up gear- i’m still working on those…

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with trekking, you need to learn how to train your body for long excursions and you need to learn how to stay warm, what kind of clothes are suitable and how to navigate

with every book you read, you are learning- you  learn the plot of the book if its fiction and if it is non fiction you learn about its subject matter. books can also teach you new perspectives and genuinely alter your life. this year i read a book called the four agreements that showed me a different approach to life, even though i did not find the whole book completely realistic or doable, it definitely broadened my perspective.

and with writing, you learn effective styles over time, new vocabulary, and proper formats for different kinds of writing

all of this to say… i am passionate about a lot of things but I am most passionate about learning. reading helps me to learn about the perspectives of others, writing helps me learn the perspective of myself and getting outside helps me learn about the world and my place in it. i one day desire to be a vessel of knowledge, but so far i just know a lot about nothing… i still have such a long way to go but i will never end my pursuit because

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