Assignment 7- Mid Semester Reflection

Assignment 7- Mid Semester Reflection

The time has come….the time we have all known was coming…time to reflect on your work in CT 101 so far😱

As dreadful as this might seem, I actually enjoy self reflecting and do it often in my own life as a reminder that I always have room to improve in various areas of my life like anyone else.
So far in CT 101 I’ve had a HORRIBLE TIME, the hours and workload violate my right to freedom as I’ve been imprisoned in the Multimedia room at night, not to mention Ryan, he’s so chill it aggravates me😡. Despite all of these violently extreme lies that I just said, I’ve had a wonderful time in this class.
CT 101 has become the highlight of my week and I talk about this class with some of my friends from other colleges. I love the creative atmosphere generated in this room and despite the lax vibe, I feel compelled to create high quality work that I can look back on and be proud of. Even though this can be a challenge for me when working with unfamiliar programs producing work that I don’t necessarily align with my “perfectionist” standards. I’m proud of myself for stepping out of that mindset and pushing myself to accept what I create and be proud of it regardless.
I’ve developed so many new skills in this class, one of them being simply formatting a blog post. Before this class I have never written a blog post or carefully curated any body of work that incorporated memes and gifs, mainly because most of the writing I’ve done has been poems or academic writing.
I’ve learned how to create memes and gifs using websites like GIPHY and Meme Generator that take pre-existing media from online and change them to convey what I want them to. I’ve even learned how to convey a story using only memes…which is a lot easier than you think, and here’s a link to one of my earlier posts detailing my opinion on the topic:
More recently I’ve learned how to use digital tools on websites like MMM and Figma that are bursting with creative capabilities. With Pixabay and Photopea also getting a shoutout. This class has taught me so much and the progress is evident when comparing my blog posts from the beginning of the semester to now.
Going through my posts from the beginning of the semester I can see a big difference in just the amount of content in each post and its formatting. My posts have grown in length, but also in quality.
I make sure that every post works to answer the prompt given, while including my process/experience working through the assignment and original thoughts, all relating to the prompt. I constantly use gifs to break up my writing, keeping them funny, yet in line with whatever I’m talking about.
I’d like to think that I’ve come up with a signature style for my posts that feel different from others, but I’d have to ask others for their opinion to know for sure…
Soooooooo what do you guys think? Are my blog posts unique and engaging?
Continuing the conversation about posts, I’m proud to say that I’ve done all of them up until this point like the scholar I am. I’m not bragging just saying 😏, but in all seriousness I have completed all of the work for this class and I’ve been happy to do so because I enjoy doing it.
Now that I’ve mentioned my strengths…let’s discuss some of my weaknesses, one of them being commenting on my classmate’s posts.
For some reason I haven’t been on top of my commenting game. It seems like everyone is, but that’s not excuse for me to let my classmates go without some sort of feedback or support for their posts. We all like a little encouragement, so I’m making a promise to myself to start commenting on at least three or my classmate’s posts every week. I easily reply to others when they leave a comment on my posts, so the least I could do is leave a comment for someone else.
Now let’s move onto my 2nd weakness…
Along with this, my participation in class is not where I want it to be…even though I do speak up from time to time I’d like to more openly answer some of the questions posed when class is still happening, because I usually strike up a conversation with Ryan and other classmates still in the room after we’ve dismissed so I’d like to work on doing that when we’re all still together.
Despite these shortcomings, I think that my overall grade in this class should be an A, given all the improvement, work, and effort I’ve put into all of my posts and this class as a whole. I still have a ways to go to reach my goal but I believe I deserve an A for what I have done so far.
Domain Names

Now moving on to more pressing matters…

I never know what to name things so coming up with a domain name for the website we are each going to make has been a STRUGGLE, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few I actually like:

  1. Jstar
  2. Joshsplace
  3. Jstreet
  4. J.the.Good.Man
  5. Joshthestar
  6. Black Lavender
  7. Aesthetically.Joshua
  8. J.vibe

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