Assignment #4 – Passions I’m Passionately Passionate About

Passions I’m Passionately Passionate About

Heyyo my fellow CT 101-ians, today I’m going to bring you into my world for a bit, but before I do I have to warn you that it may be a thrilling, or it may be boring and nerdy depending on who you are, but nevertheless I’m here to share it with you.
I’ve always been passionate about writing and drawing. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved drawing and doodling in the margins of my notebook as I aimlessly zoned out from whatever the teacher was talking about…we’ve all done it don’t lie 😬. Art and creativity always came naturally to me, even now, I always try to add a personal touch to everything I do.
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I love the idea of transforming a blank piece of paper into a cohesive work of art that I’m happy with. In high school my usual medium was charcoal and pencil. However, I’ve been doing digital art for a little over a year now and…let’s just say it’s very different.  If you’ve ever wanted to get into digital art or designing I suggest programs like Clip Studio, Ibis Paint, and even Pixlr X because they’re free!
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Despite this…I paid $10 for a program called Procreate that works on Apple devices 😖, but don’t get me wrong all of these programs are great and I’ve loved making art on Procreate. I find the process of creation relaxing yet invigorating because I have complete control over the lines, shapes, colors, and orientation of my piece.
Most of my drawings are of my OCs (original characters) from a story I’ve been writing for years…but before I get into that let’s go a little deeper into why I’m also passionate about writing.
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 Me and writing have had a rocky relationship since I was a kid for the most part I believed it was the complete opposite of drawing and creativity. Before I entered high school I always associated writing with distinctively outlined words my teachers found pleasing based on the assignment. I dreaded essays, short responses, anything that came with making words and sentences. It was tedious and there was no room for creativity…the very thing that came easily to me.
And so I associated writing with boredom and torture.
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Until I reached 9th grade, when my entire outlook on writing changed. I had a teacher…let’s call her Ms. H. She opened my eyes to a different type of writing. Creative Writing! This form of writing was a breath of fresh air, because for the first time in my life I felt like I had complete control over what I could write, just like with drawing. Along with this Ms. H also introduced to me analytical writing, which I surprisingly enjoyed, and still do.
Creative writing: This soon became my creative outlet aside, from drawing, as  I loved writing short stories, usually inspired by shows, cartoons, and anime that I was obsessed with at the time. I loved creating complex characters with traumatic pasts and flaws, like myself. I even wrote poetry from time to time…nothing too crazy though.
Analytical writing: This style of writing, which I used to associate with strictly academic writing, can be applied to the stories I write as well. Analyzing the various complexities of underlying messages that contribute to the a bigger picture may sound nerdy…and it is but I enjoy it 🥹.
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As these two styles of writing meshed together in my head, a light bulb went off as I was creating my own story. I could weave in underlying messages and symbols that make it more complex and interesting. This is how my story has evolved from a one dimensional story of good vs. evil into a complex array of themes combating against each other. Racism, war, international sabotage, genocide, and even human trafficking are all part of my story that follows four siblings in a fantasy world on the brink of crumbling.
And so this is how “The Protectors” were born, a story capable of making an only child occupied…😀 I’m not lonely I promise…
SpongeBob gif. While it rains outside, SpongeBob sits alone at a booth in the Krusty Krab, staring blankly at a steaming mug.
Now that I’m done exposing myself…here’s a look at some of the art I created to support my story, which I’ve been writing on a website called Wattpad which has 27 Chapters so far.
For those who might be potentially interested in checking it out, here’s a lil description/premise:

If you’re a nerd and that sounds interesting to you I definitely encourage you to check it out, especially if you like anime. (Just be warned it’s all writing and not many pictures)

            Here's the book cover I made a few months ago^^

Here are some of the characters and OC art I’ve made over the past few years.
















Other than being a way to channel my creativity, working on this story is not just a hobby, it’s my comfort. It’s the thing I turn too when I want to shut the world out and focus on something I can control. My characters are a part of me, and represent the various aspects of my personality or concepts that hold significance in my life.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about my passions.

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