Assignment #5

The , is totally amazing.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.World Photos, Download Free World Stock Photos & HD Images

140,236 Arms Outstretched Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

At times it makes me feel free as a bird flying high in the sky. An eagle to be exact!

Flying Eagle -Oil Painting On Canvas Modern Wall Art Pictures For Home Decoration Wooden Framed (12X16 Inch, Framed)

The most creative potential that I have discovered from this class, and this assignment is that of pure creative freedom. I can do screenshots, memes, ghifs, and hyperlinks. So many things that have been taught to me by such an amazing instructor.

Tv Land Teacher GIF by Teachers on TV Land

Even though my teacher is a male, this is just an example of the way he has broken down walls for me with computer technology! The above illustration is just an example of the creative potential and the use of my web browser has afforded me. Hallelujah!!!

Stressed Out Community GIF

I am totally being tested in awareness and capability. With the help of My God and Professor Seslow, I am moving on up to the east side. I finally got a piece of the pie.

There was a time that a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and any other technical devices made me very uncomfortable.

Group Office Equipment Laptop Monitor Tablet Stock ...

Season 1 Omg GIF by Rick and Morty

                                NO EXAGGERATION!!!!!!!!

Man oh man, I have come a very loooooong way…

My story and its format illustrates just how creative that I have become, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!! Inspirational Success Blue Iceberg Motivation Canvas Wall Art Print Poster For Home school Office Decor Ready to Hang (16''W x 24''H)

If you never “start,” then you’ll never have a result to work from.

So as you can see, thus far my creative potential with the use of this device. It used to be so scary, but it’s funny that now it feels so nice! The sky is so clear and it has no limits. Just a beautiful aspect with technology in it.

GreenDecor Polyster Rainbow Cross Blue Sky Backdrops White Cloud Beautiful Scenery Background for Photo Studio Kids Photography Prop 7x5ftI have many passions, and one is to seek the truth. This is the reason that I’ve chosen journalism.  Although at times it can be very aloof.

Most influential journalists in the industry today

I want to give the world all accurate  newsworthy events. I would love to perhaps write a book and express the deep love that I have for the earth and all of its wonders.

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The creative potential that I have with using a rectangle device helps me to climb higher one step at a time, and in time without a crutch.


Happy High Protein GIF by think! - Find & Share on GIPHY

This how I feel now that I’m on the other side of the window.

Tropical Beach Wall Art Picture for Living Room - Window Frame Style Canvas Wall Decor Palm Tree - Coastal Art Print for Bedroom - Blue Ocean Artwork on Canvas for Home decoration

I do not feel shut in nor exasperated, just free like a bird with no innuendo!



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  1. Excellent!
    Another epic post full of great storytelling, especially the narrative and the curated GIFs and Videos!
    I grew up with so much 1980s TV and love all of your references!
    The weekly growth is so tangible with our class here on this website, thank you so much for the continued hard work! Forward we go!

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