What a Wonderful Ride it Was!!

Is this the most dangerous roller coaster in America?

Just like life, class CT 101 has been a roller coaster ride. It had its ups and downs, its twists and turns; but overall, it has been an exhilarating ride. I went in blindfolded and dumbfounded. https://youtu.be/MPam03FXb1Y. It was like going on a blind date that went perfect.

“Now it’s time to say good-bye to all my company, M-I-C-K-E-Y ….M-O-U-S-E”

Winking: Why We Do It, What Winking Means

See you real soon!

But first, let’s check out all of my marvelous Blogs. Enjoy…

My first blog, I didn’t know what in the world what I was doing at all. “Bang, Zoom. To the moon Alice!” That’s how I felt. Like someone knocked me into outer space. LOL.

With my first blog, Professor Seslow taught the class about Giphy.com
Surprised What The GIF by Xbox
Funny Memes
Found Footage Video GIF by Eternal Family
At the middle of the assignment I felt like giving everyone a wonderful shout out. I began to feel a bit more light and fluffy. I was beginning to get the hang of things. Yay me!!!!!!
We were taught to incorporate gifs with links to support our writing. I must say that after a little time, I really became comfortable with the techniques and structure that was required by Professor Seslow.
I am a journalism major. I believe that what has been taught to me thus far can be a major asset in my field. After all, journalism has many arteries. 
Check out the image of arteries on this youtube video. Massive kool huh???
https://youtu.be/LQne1SILsVk . Oh yeah, did I mention that we were taught how to use youtube for illustrations of our message for the viewers? Soooooo massive kool, don’t you agree?
As you will notice, I become a bit better with each blog.
A climber, clipped into a safety cable and suspended high above the ground, walks across a thin steel cable while holding onto other cables in each of her hands.

Let us go a bit further to my Second Blog Post.

Here I go again feeling a bit confused, afraid, and dumbfounded. I needed more heart, courage, and confidence. If I only had a brain, do  do do do
Sheet Music Animation GIF
During registration for this semester, I was required to select an elective course. Upon reading the detailed information pertaining to this class, I decided to jump into the deep side of the pool knowing that I could not swim at all. In other words, I was not well versed in the computer world nor its capabilities and it’s use of creativity.
Confused Tilda Swinton GIF by reactionseditor
Talking about confused……but I decided to jump in…..
Brave Jump and Dive in Deep Deep Pool
I came to find that it wasn’t as scary as I thought. It actually was quite  wonderful and exciting. The anticipation of understanding and completing the assignment was nerve racking.  To my complete surprise,  the assignment itself was uplifting. But isn’t that the way life works?
I really enjoyed the class. It was much different than any other class that I have ever taken. Professor Seslow is kind, patient, and nurturing.
How Can Teachers Nurture Meaningful Student Agency? - MindShift
The learning potential is out of this world, making the process of learning new skills that use internet tools, amazing.
The sky is indeed the limit and at the touch of your fingertips.
137,999 Rainbow Sky Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...
Finger language hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
The class brings to light a whole new language and its uses.
happy emoji GIF by Smiley
How could I resist?????
Moving right along to Blog #3
At this point of my digital story-telling learning process, I have decided that this class is not only massive kool, but very enlightening. The professor asked us to decide if internet memes should be considered a form of art work? I believe that they are. Not that long ago, graffiti was considered a public nuisance and the defaming of property.
graffiti artwork in camden
Just as graffiti has come to be recognized as a work of art, a piece of
expression, so too has memes. Memes are nothing more than a consolidated story of feelings.
Funny Memes
Now that’s funny!!!  Talk about confidence…..I’m getting there.
young asian woman hiker climbing rock on mountain peak cliff
Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch, I am GETTING THERE. WOOHOO!!!
Leslie Jones Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
This is just an example of a meme and a gif. Tell me you don’t feel the message. I’m sure that you can, and I’m sure that you do. Is this an expression of an art form or what? It’s not on anything stationary, which brings confusion to many folks.
Scratching Head GIFs | TenorHmmmmm
It has been decided by many, and many people believe that memes are a work of and an expression of art.
Memes give character to storytelling. It sort of reminds me of the funny paper comics.
New Popeye Videos Show What 90 Years of Spinach Can Do for a ...
What difference do you see between the two? Don’t worry, I’ll wait lol………..
Have you figured it out? Cartoons shows movement, but…..comics do not. Cartoons are moving animated figures, memes can be actual or animated moving figures. Look at how much progression has taken place in the tech arena and I’m sure that there’s so much more to come. 
Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator
Does it not remind you of a cellular flip phone? Woooooow…. Things that make you go hmmmmm. It’s just another example that the more things change, the more they stay the same. So in retrospect, memes aren’t going anywhere. As a matter of fact, they have been a part of art for years. The only twist is that it is now digital. Ain’t that a kick in the head?
kicking martial arts GIF
And just like any other form of communication, memes can be used for good or bad. Let’s stay focused on the good shall we?
Baby Fighting GIF
Now that’s more like it, don’t you think? This meme brings more humor, but gets the same point across.
They are also a form of cultural expression!
If you think that my blog is telling a story with not only the words, but by my use of illustrations, then we can agree that memes contribute greatly to the telling of a story. Written words are a form of art all by itself. But when they are accompanied with the use of memes, the story becomes so much more vivid, inviting, and eye catching.
How to Effectively Use Memes in Your Content Marketing
I hope that you enjoy my analogy of the class with the memes provided. It tells a story about my experience of Class CT101.
hey arnold nick splat GIF
the fairly oddparents dancing GIF
Studying College Life GIF
Business School Marketing GIF by UF Warrington College of Business
College Basketball Sport GIF by NCAA March Madness
These memes are my forms of expression displaying my disposition, my emotions, and the spirit of the class. In THIS CLASS, Professor Seslow had a very unique way of teaching and grading. Books? Absolutely NOT. Over bearing requirements? I don’t think so. Expectations? Yes. All professors should have his bedside manner. He is such an extraordinary individual.
College Football GIF by SB Nation
He goes all in making sure that you get a touchdown!!!! My Professor truly cares.
Happy College Sports GIF by College Colors Day
Moving right along…
Oh Oh….Ohhhh nooooo….ummff, ummff, ummff. SMH.
Illustration gif. A red bird shakes his head and facepalms. A speech bubble next to his head says, “Oh no!”
Confusion Reaction GIF by Rosanna Pansino
Talking about confused…
Blog #4 I have yet to master. I mean like whoa
The website DS106 is kinda advanced for my blood. It’s undeniable that I’m glad that it has been introduced to me; however, this project will take me some time to fully comprehend and master. It is indeed a very creative and useful website that allows creativity to free fall.  Niagara Falls comes to mind when I think about this website. 
Photos of Niagara Falls
Look how something that is one in the same take on different lives of its own. This is so remarkable and totally amazing. I find its waterfall to be one of the most greatest arts and gifts to this world.
Now I’m not saying that Reddit, Daily Create, or Photoshop Battle is as lovely and majestic as the waterfall, but it is does come close to its wonderment.
So in essence, this website is one of the projects that will benefit and contribute to my creative abilities of building and expression of my artistic creations and thoughts!
Even though this semester has come to an end, what has been taught to me has just been given birth and is ready to soar like the mighty eagle.
AFLE Bald Eagle Poster,Flying Bird Wildlife,Canvas Wall Art For Living Room Decor Aesthetic Vintage Posters & Prints,College Posters For Guys Cuadros Para Dormitorios,12x18 inches,Unframed
WHEW...Ok, lets check out Blog #5
This blog surrounds “Digital Art Making Immediacy,” and the introduction of the mmm.page
This website opens up a world of not only creativity, but also it allows you to use your intuition and comply with immediacy. I must admit that this is a clever and unique combination. It allows personal intimacy that is attached to your own web browser. I found that to be ummmmm different. It’s not quite a website, but it is not that far removed.
This brain with all of its colors and electrodes, helps to describe the brain of all persons  working on this particular assignment. Isn’t it amazingly and awesomely magnificent? What another fine work of art. Can you imagine that this is what the human brain looks like and how it behaves with positive stimulation?
Now if this is not a visual metaphor, than I don’t what is.
 The use of this web browser has shown me, and has made me very aware of the skills afforded to a person that can be applied to their fullest potential. I mean just stop and really observe all of the skills, techniques and tools that a square technical machine can bring.
2,403,912 Electronic Equipment Stock Photos, Pictures ...
I am passionate and determined to use the knowledge that was afforded to me to the best of my ability. After all, practice does make perfect.
britain's next top model billie GIF by Lifetime Telly
I have discovered that the use of these devices has allowed me a certain freedom of expression. I must admit that it feels pretty swell!
Not that long ago, the other side of the window was what held me back.  Now, I’m on the inside looking out.
Rear back view woman opening white curtains enjoy sea view, Happy traveller stay in high quality hotel. Hotel Stock Photo
I have found a sense of belonging.  I NEED the world to know that the sky is the limit for obtaining knowledge at anytime and at any age. I am a seasoned woman, and ‘I’m doing it and doing it and doing it, wow!”
134,145 Older Person Using Computer Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
That’s not me per say, but I’m sure that you get the gist!
You see, the only thing that usually holds a person back is themselves. Race to embrace and leave fear in the rear!!! Leave fear in the dust and keep it there.
first 5K for walkers
At this point in time, I am at mid-semester. I am having a ball jumping in the deep end of the pool. It is deep and invigorating. Many of my fears have disappeared even though I still have a long way to go. I’m doing pretty well in class CT101.
I’ve learned about memes, gifs, hyperlinks, screenshots, and web design. I have mastered the use of the first four. I’m still working on my comfortability of  the mmm.page, and DS106. They are very challenging platforms for me. I’m sure that many folks have mastered them and are having a blast!
Nuclear Bomb Blast Map Shows What Would Happen if One Detonated Near You
Cbs Cooking GIF by HULU
Do you see how well that I’m doing with hyperlinks and memes? I find them to be so informative and creative all at the same time. These are the new skills that I have developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my weekly posts. I am really enjoying the use of them for creative speech.
As the weeks go by, I can see the expansion of my work. My posts are getting not only longer, but they have more meat, more substance. I am stretching and flexing .
90 Day Fiance Pain GIF by TLC Europe
Everything that I have been taught thus far has been new to me. This course has enlightened me about new roads, highways, and byways!
Aerial view of Shanghai Highway
Isn’t it amazing how the internet and roads share the same qualities? They both bring a person to a new desired destination.
Picking the appropriate domain name for a website, is easier said than done. It’s just as important as naming your baby. Actually it is your baby!
Shot of an adorable baby boy wearing a hoody towel I'm ready for my rub Baby - Human Age Stock Photo
I’ve chosen the name PamelaRiderWrites.com  
The company provider is Reclaim Hosting.
Just like all new mothers, I am still doing my best to get the hang of things. It’s all so exciting and brand new. Just as mothers grow with their babies, it remains the same of the growth with a website. Everyday there are new things developing and changing.
Registering my Domain Name for my new website was like a roller coaster ride. It has many loops and turns, ins and outs, plug-ins and options. I found it to be a fascinating experience and quite a ride.
The ride was exciting; but more importantly, the transition was as smooth as silk.
Flowing Red Flag GIF by Matthew Butler
Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! Things are going my way!
Explore Lets Go GIF by Disney Princess
Yabba -Dabba- Doo!
Trends International The Flintstones - Yabba Dabba Doo Wall Poster, 22.375" x 34", Premium Unframed Version
I cannot believe how far I have come, only to have the door slammed in my face.
golden girls door slam GIF
Due to some type of firewall wi-fi protection glitch, we were not allowed access to our website while we were on campus. Even though Professor Seslow provides supported recorded tutorials that are a big help and at our disposal, I grasp information quicker following along in a classroom setting.
California education news: What's the latest? | EdSource
So, I need to make it clear that there was no fault on Professor Seslows  behalf. As I mentioned earlier, he is an exceptional teacher with many student building talents. This technical situation was an on- campus IT problem that was not rectified before the end of the semester.
It is an unfortunate situation that my fellow scholars and myself were robbed of the complete learning experience. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I was excited to get to this point in class only to be slighted of the vital, visual, hands on experience that was planned and incorporated for the conclusion of this semester.
Michael Torpey Bills GIF by paidoff
Award Show No GIF by Robert E Blackmon
I’ve done my best and I have put my best foot forward!
Dance Dancing GIF by Learner Circle
Phone Foot GIF by AFV Babies
jeremiah tower foot GIF by The Orchard Films
With that being said, the following is the link to my website: http://PamelaRiderWrites.com

On my website, I write about any and all positive creativity. I’m still very new with the whole process. But I’m positive that in time and tinkering around with all of it’s availability, I will master all of its uses afforded to me. 

So sit back and take a look at the beginning of my baby…Enjoy!!!

Assignment #9 & 10 / Creating a Website

https://pamelariderwrites.com/ is the link to my website. I am struggling with the process due to the lack of hands on training.

Struggles Help GIF by Dodo Australia

Tired Stickers GIF by OO-Kun

Even though Professor Seslow provides excellent tutorials for the class, it has been unfortunate that he wasn’t able to do so in a classroom setting. Due to some type of firewall on campus, we were not allowed access to our websites.

door GIFThe door was slammed in our faces!


This has left me a bit shaken and annoyed. The class was progressing so well, and then we hit a brick wall. SMH… Oh well…The beat goes on and so shall we!

Animated GIF

Assignment #8/ Domain Name Registration

          Domain Name Registration!!!

My digital storytelling class is taking me on a journey that is long, broad, and delightful. I won’t lie and say that it has not been challenging; however, it has thus far been just as exhilarating as riding the cyclone at Coney Island.

Coney Island Cyclone Photo PrintNYCNew YorkRoller image 1

I have been taught about hyperlinks and it’s value.

I’ve been taught about memes. 

Thank U GIF

Oh and did I mention screenshots? Sooooo massive kool!!!

I’m still not as comfortable with mmm.page as I would like to be.

But I’m getting there

A woman walking uphill Ostergotland Sweden Stock Photo - Alamy

Professor Ryan Seslow now has the class creating their own web site, and in doing so the class must choose a domain name that fits their spirit. This process is nothing to take  lightly. It is a spiritual quest, and is not to be taken lightly. It takes meditation to come up with a name to fit one’s web site. Meditation Yoga Wall Art Poster Printable Yoga Illustration image 1

Reclaim Hosting is the company that was chosen for the class by our professor to host our web site. Thus far I can see the reason that this host has been chosen. The company seems to be helpful and encouraging.

I have decided on the domain: PamelaRiderWrites.com.  I love to write about many different topics, and love to write about “this new world” in which we live in. My website will not only include sensationalism, but absolutes. Meaning informing my followers with truth and facts. It can range from decorative abilities, to an occurrence that happened within a 24 hour period.


Zoom view - Image 1 - Dior Oblique Hooded Poncho Worn view cropped

As a student of higher learning, I am empathetic with the financial plight of many students and their financial debt. President Biden is getting push back as he embarks on his promise during his campaign of student loan forgiveness.

The Washington Post wrote an article today headlining, “Judge grants final approval of $6 billion student loan settlement!”

I love having the freedom of going from A-Z in a positive manner, sharing my findings with others. Can ya feel me???

Happy Video Art GIF by J. Robinson

In short; although this journey has been complex, it has been very pleasant.  This includes my instructor and all of the scholars in the class. Kudos to us all!!!

Assignment # 7/ Picking a Domain Name!



Emoticon wiping off sweat with his hand feeling relieved

I’m really starting to sweat a bit.  

It’s all good. Nothing bad. Really has me exercising my mental and creative capabilities. It definitely has me on the move and coming out of my shell. 


It is soooo true that a Domain name is as important as the name given to a child. It tells a bit about the person. A name can also be very intriguing. I suppose ……

Sweet. com can be a domain name. It can be a website about persons, places and things that are as sweet as corn.

 Single ear of corn isolated on white background as package design element


This can be a website designed and based all about love.

Valentines Day Love GIF

Love is a many splendid thing!!!

How about Feel free.com?

It’s nothing like the feeling of freedom. Free to express who and how you are about any topic that you wish as long as it’s about motivation, not deterioration.

Happy I Love You GIF by Warner Bros. Deutschland

Motivate Lets Go GIF by The Titan Games

Another idea for a domain name is… Tiptopjournalism.com

Only true information, not dis or misinformation would be provided on this web page. It’s content would not be based on sensationalism; even though, that is the number one best seller.

The Randalls Island Humanitarian Emergency Response Center opened on Oct. 19 and held 500 beds for single men, along with a recreation area, cafeteria and laundry facilities.

This is an article written in the New York Times On Friday November 11, 2022 about the decision of Mayor Adams moving migrants  from the tents on Randalls Island to the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. This move is a “humanitarian crisis!” says Adams.

Jumpstart.com is another Domain name that I’ve come up with. This website is designed to help individuals design the best web page imagined by all. It can involve every technique that plays an instrumental role in setting up their webdesign.

Art Design GIF by FRSH LLC


This website can display all of the individuals that are special in your life. Your family, friends, mentors, authors, painters, designers….

Bob Ross a wonderful painter!

Bob Ross Retro Portrait Green Cool Wall Decor Art Print Poster 24x36

Pamela Rider Writes


I have a blog on word press named “The way of the world.” I have written some interesting articles on numerous situations and occasions. Check it out. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the information posted.

I’m looking forward to what comes next in class ct101. Thus far it’s been a blast!!!

Assignment #6/ The Mid-Semester Post

                                 Assignment #6/ The Mid-Semester Post

Classes started the first week of September. I just knew that I was in over my head taking a class that uses technology that I refused to embrace in the past. It was time to jump in at the deep side of the pool. 

Top Pool Safety Equipment to Prevent Drowning Accidents ...

No more procrastinating…… No more being a fool.

To live is to learn, and to learn is to live.

I have accepted that greatness is taught, and this attribute contributes                                                         in making one big.

So I’ve dug in my heels


The wheels on the bus go round and round

round and round, round and round all day long!

Isn’t that so koooool? This feeling that I am receiving from this song is sooooo different than the feeling that I initially received from my very first assignment.  As a senior I am doing quite well, not to mention proud of myself for accomplishing  this  very first assignment. At the beginning “Bang, zoom Alice. To the Moon!”

I know that even though I haven’t reached my highest potential in this class, I am now certain of my potential being sky high. This class has opened up the flood gates of vast up to date skills that I wasn’t even aware of. The grasshopper is becoming a master.

Lol. Not quite but I’m getting there. After all, does not practice make perfect?

GIF’s, IMUGUR, and other platforms were introduced to me in my second assignment. I was totally oblivious of all the instruments, platforms, and advantages that the internet and web-browsers can afford to anyone that is willing to learn and embrace the new world. Trust me when I tell you, this century is a new world. “The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round!” Thus far, I have really enjoyed learning new skills that use internet tools.

Happy I Love You GIF by Warner Bros. Deutschland

It took a minute; however, Gifs, memes, hyperlinks, and screenshots I believe I have mastered.  But this has only brought me up to Assignment #3.

It is true that class CT101 has definitely made me come out of hiding. What a beautiful morning, what a beautiful day, anytime accurate knowledge has shown me a brighter way.

I see my work expanding with each assignment. I have given more thought, patience, and time to assignments that are given. My assignments have become more in depth and lengthy, showing that I have come to actually enjoy what I am doing. It is no longer just an assignment. 

3 Ways to Deal with Homework Frustration As a Parent ...


For the most part, I am becoming more and more comfortable with Digital Storytelling as the days go by. Having weekly assignments  has strengthened me not only in the field, but also as a whole. Meaning; it’s just another verification that if you put your mind to something, the sky will always be the limit for not only myself, but for us all. Yahoo!!!

Yahoo Hooray Gif By Sticker - Find & Share on GIPHY

Do you feel me?

The following is a reminder of Assignment #4 displaying creative prompts

                        Can you hear me now?

Can You Hear Me Now What GIF by Bounce

As I embarked on the 5th Assignment, I literally thought that I was going to pass out. Here went the class on a voyage that not only overwhelmed me, but also overwhelmed some of my fellow scholars as well. It may be selfish to admit, but at least I didn’t feel alone. I found that others were struggling too. The bright side of the coin is the love, patience, guidance, and respect that is administered to us scholars by Professor Seslow. Because of his beauty, we have all climbed yet another step and crossed another hurdle of many more to come!  What a great teacher that we have in Seslow!!!!

Hallmark Ecards Thank You GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown

As time goes on, I literally have seen the progress that I have made. The knowledge that I have obtained has also helped me in other classes. One big asset is that I now know how to hyperlink.  Mostly; because of this class, I’ve been taught how to express myself in a visual art other than writing, dance, painting, acting, etc. I am able to actually create something that is all my own, share it with others, or get paid for my talent, all while being in the comfort of my home. Man oh man, what a beautiful asset indeed!!!!!

371,771 Work From Home Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...


Bored Nick Kyrgios GIF by Tennis TV

This means doing weekly assignments. Attending class regularly and participating, which are a couple of my strong suits. I’m working on commenting to all of my fellow scholars. After all, we all need feedback to stimulate our well being.  I am on campus to interact, network, and embrace the overall experience of human contact. Aren’t we all? Is this not a healthy way of life? Are we not graded in the category of “working well with others”at a very young age during our educational and scholastic journey?

I will continue to make needed improvements by the comments given by my fellow scholars, and by my instructor. It takes a village, and a beautiful village is an accurate description of what CT101 has been for me.


Assignment #5

The mmm.page , is totally amazing.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.World Photos, Download Free World Stock Photos & HD Images

140,236 Arms Outstretched Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty ...

At times it makes me feel free as a bird flying high in the sky. An eagle to be exact!

Flying Eagle -Oil Painting On Canvas Modern Wall Art Pictures For Home Decoration Wooden Framed (12X16 Inch, Framed)

The most creative potential that I have discovered from this class, and this assignment is that of pure creative freedom. I can do screenshots, memes, ghifs, and hyperlinks. So many things that have been taught to me by such an amazing instructor.

Tv Land Teacher GIF by Teachers on TV Land

Even though my teacher is a male, this is just an example of the way he has broken down walls for me with computer technology! The above illustration is just an example of the creative potential and the use of my web browser has afforded me. Hallelujah!!!

Stressed Out Community GIF

I am totally being tested in awareness and capability. With the help of My God and Professor Seslow, I am moving on up to the east side. I finally got a piece of the pie.

There was a time that a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, and any other technical devices made me very uncomfortable.

Group Office Equipment Laptop Monitor Tablet Stock ...

Season 1 Omg GIF by Rick and Morty

                                NO EXAGGERATION!!!!!!!!

Man oh man, I have come a very loooooong way…

My story and its format illustrates just how creative that I have become, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!! Inspirational Success Blue Iceberg Motivation Canvas Wall Art Print Poster For Home school Office Decor Ready to Hang (16''W x 24''H)

If you never “start,” then you’ll never have a result to work from.

So as you can see, thus far my creative potential with the use of this device. It used to be so scary, but it’s funny that now it feels so nice! The sky is so clear and it has no limits. Just a beautiful aspect with technology in it.

GreenDecor Polyster Rainbow Cross Blue Sky Backdrops White Cloud Beautiful Scenery Background for Photo Studio Kids Photography Prop 7x5ftI have many passions, and one is to seek the truth. This is the reason that I’ve chosen journalism.  Although at times it can be very aloof.

Most influential journalists in the industry today

I want to give the world all accurate  newsworthy events. I would love to perhaps write a book and express the deep love that I have for the earth and all of its wonders.

product image 1 of 6 slides

The creative potential that I have with using a rectangle device helps me to climb higher one step at a time, and in time without a crutch.


Happy High Protein GIF by think! - Find & Share on GIPHY

This how I feel now that I’m on the other side of the window.

Tropical Beach Wall Art Picture for Living Room - Window Frame Style Canvas Wall Decor Palm Tree - Coastal Art Print for Bedroom - Blue Ocean Artwork on Canvas for Home decoration

I do not feel shut in nor exasperated, just free like a bird with no innuendo!



Assignment #4 DS 106

Assignment #4 DS 106


Assignment #4 DS 106

My emotions are all over the place

I’m doing my best to run this race

I know that I am at a slow pace

But I know I’ll show my face

Bored Over It GIF

I choose this ghif because at times trying to figure out what I am doing can be so exhausting, and

Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Bounce

I need to learn more patience 

Patience is a virtue

There are so many different projects that I need to be doing this semester. This builds my internet muscles

There have been assignments given in this class that have been hair raising.

Picture 1 of 4

But……..the more the merrier.  Practice makes perfect.

View post on imgur.com

I feel like Lois Lane from “The Adventures of Superman”

This class is awe inspiring and an adventure all rolled up in one beautiful gift/ gif/ package! Get it?

All of the skills taught are of the utmost importance and will forever be cherished. They are tools that will always have use and value for during my walk of life.

Sometimes it’s like trying to teach an old dog new tricks.

Assignment #3/ Memes and hyperlinks


Anthony Adams in Yellow Suit Rubbing Hands meme

This particular meme reminds me of my behavior at times while learning how to master certain functions on the computer. It can be quite intimidating at times for me. Nonetheless, it has made me come out of hiding. Thus far this journey that I’ve been traveling, has been and still is very fulfilling!! I’m peeping, I’m checking the situation out. I can surlyVisually analyzed imagethat I am intrigued. https://www.google.com/search?q=what+does+the+word+attest+mean&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwiovIHfj6n6AhWCunIEHcLSDukQ2-cCegQIABAA&gs_ivs=1&oq=show+me+the+meaning+of+attest&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQAVAAWABgAGgAcAB4AIABAIgBAJIBAJgBAKoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1n&sclient=img&ei=_LUsY6jOD4L1ytMPwqW7yA4&bih=583&biw=1203#imgrc=tUBnJq_3KR5VjM&lns=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsIkVrY0tKRGc1TnpVNE5UY3dMV0ZpWldNdE5HTTFOeTA0TkRrekxUWmtZV1ppWXpReE9EY3haQklmWnkwMlVIWjFTVzlaYmxWalJVWkRjWGQ0VEhKTVVEYzJORFJvY1U1b1p3PT0iLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLDEsbnVsbCxbbnVsbCxudWxsLFs2MTA5MywyNzkxMiw1MDAwMCwzNzUwMF0sbnVsbCxudWxsXSxudWxsXQ==

Are Memes a Form of Art?

Many people question if memes are a form of art. Let’s examine what is referenced about this matter by doing an internet search. This is what Google had to say: https://www.google.com/search?q=are+memes+a+form+of+Art&gs_ivs=1#tts=0

This is what Youtube had to say: https://www.google.com/search?q=what+does+YouTube+say+about+memes+being+a+form+of+Art&sxsrf=ALiCzsZOiM3Dm62s6803O95e5TBfl3LZkQ%3A1663868903829&ei=558sY5ecMoXQ5NoPhJ2AmAM&oq=what+does+YouTube+have+to+say+about+memes&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EBJKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQAFgAYABoAHABeACAAQCIAQCSAQCYAQCgAQY&gs_ivs=1&sclient=gws-wizhttps://youtu.be/b9Zyswk07vghttps://youtu.be/b9Zyswk07vg?t=14

This information comes come creative blogg.com: https://www.google.com/search?q=show+me+a+platform+that+talks+about+means+being+an+art+form&sxsrf=ALiCzsZ9D4ofYy6WN7i2MF_vBV4sfS4daQ%3A1663868933299&ei=BaAsY__uEbKi5NoPyriYIA&oq=what+does+YouTube+say+about+memes+being+a+form+of+Art&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EBJKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQAFgAYABoAHAAeACAAQCIAQCSAQCYAQCgAQY&gs_ivs=1&sclient=gws-wiz

Not Sure if Meme or Artform · McKelvy Scholars Program · Lafayette College

Some may ask if memes can be used for story telling? I believe that they can. What’s so amazing is that memes can be personalized from one’s own gallery or platform. Many folks have done stunning art designs with the usage of memes. If done correctly, it may take the place of children’s fable stories and animation.  Is it not true that most children’s books and the funny papers display silly graphic visual art stimuli? It has been many decades that these two commodities have been desired. Just as the energizer bunny keeps going and going, memes too will share this aspect.  Actually; as I’m going along with this presentation, I am doing my best to tell  a story using memes.  Let me know what you think!!!

The Funny Papers | The Saturday Evening Post


Serious Albert Einstein meme

So delightfully serious minded. Einstein was a creator, and all creations are a form of art. Satnavs and Google maps are two major inventions derived from Einstein’s discoveries. Satellite navigation system {satnavs} and smartphone map apps give us the quickest route to a destination of your choice.   https://www. thalesgroup.com>  Now ain’t that a kick in the head?


Now if the above memes are not a form of self expression, then I just don’t know what is. In every aspect of life, there is good and bad. The internet itself is a mighty tool that has done so much good for many. It is a fast paced tool that brings rewards and downfalls for individuals.

What is internet

During my last class, Professor Seslow introduced the class to memes and hyperlinks. I will not ever take credit away from my professors teaching capabilities, and I couldn’t even if I tried. Seslow is indeed just that good at what he does! Nonetheless, he has also instructed the class to use the internet if someone becomes confused or stuck with a task that is given in an assignment. Professor Seslow insists that we expand our techniques and skills of digital storytelling by the use of the internet. I think  that I’ll explore some more. Hey, that kinda rhymes. Massive Kool!!!!!

                    Are Memes Here To Stay?

Meme Marketing Is Here to Stay - New Orleans Marketing & Advertising Agency

I believe that memes are here to stay and also play a very instrumental part in the art and marketing industry. When people were drawing on the sides of buildings, trains, etc., it was considered graffiti, and shunned for many years due to the lack of permission of its use.

What Is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know | Feedough

Urban graffiti mockup
Awwwh, We need the funk, gotta have that funk!!!  This is a song sung by the group named “Parliament” during the 1970’s.


Skeptical Third World Kid meme

Roll Safe Black Guy Pointing at His Head  meme

Stonks Only Go Up meme

Kermit Drinking Tea meme

Poggers meme

Feels Good meme

Sexual Picard meme

Ballet class in studio with choreographer Choreographer helping young ballet dancer to have right position. Exercising at the barre by the mirror Choreographer Stock Photo

Young girl dancing modern dance, dancer in graceful pose, set of female characters in cartoon style, vector illustration, isolate Young girl dancing modern dance, dancer in graceful pose, set of female characters in cartoon style, vector illustration, isolate. Choreographer stock vector

Bob Ross meme

Happy Obama Meme meme

Michelle Obama, after her official White House portrait was unveiled in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday.

Due to the Accurate Knowledge and Uses of Memes and Hyperlinks


Laughing Albert Einstein meme

Good Guy Boss meme

Kevin Durant You Da The Real Mvp meme

                                                 BUT RIGHT NOW……I’M

Confession Lion meme



Assignment #2 My feelings about the first class in digital storytelling/Reaction GIF”S

Even though my professor is a darling person; I felt, and still feel a bit out of place just as Dorothy did in a foreign land. I also felt like I needed more heart, a brain, and courage, LOL!!! I was quite shaken up. This class is a bit out of my depth due to my lack of skills/knowledge of computer technology. But…..Slowly but surely, step by step, inch by inch, I’m receiving the accurate knowledge of this amazing field. “I’m ripping it apart and knocking it out.” WHEW! Please do not take these words out of context. This class is amazing, extraordinary, inviting, and enticing.  Actually, a better word to define this class would be exhilarating.

Learning new Internet tools is a bit hairy for me; nonetheless, if you shave off the hair you get to the meat and the bare bone. Just imagine big foot hairless. In my mind he wouldn’t look or seem so intimidating, dangerous, nor scary.

Learning new tools on the internet is like mastering the floss dance, Lol!!! It takes timing, ingenuity, and patience. Once you have mastered it, WHOA, it is massive kool. The sky is the limit, and it seems as though the world is at your fingertips. I am eager to learn so much more. I am not ashamed to admit that some skills are a bit difficult for me to grasp, but this just sharpens my intellectual capabilities which encourages me to climb higher and higher. I reiterate, “the sky is the limit” with the use of modern day technology. All everyone must do, is to use it positively. We must use it as a lifting platform, and not one of tearing down or demolishing.

The creative potential of this class is that of the genius of Bob Ross. Bob Ross was an excellent painter that expressed his feelings on canvas. His paintings were vivid, lively, and freeing. Upon hearing about this class, Ross is the best person that I can equate to this feeling of creativity. So light, so airy, so invigorating!


Public School GIF by INTO ACTION

Giphy.com is where I obtained this gif. My professor of digital storytelling 101 is an excellent instructor. Even though he is hearing impaired, I find him to be a great listener. I’m sure that most people cannot wrap their mind around this concept; however, it is so very true. He is an advocate of making sure that his scholars learn while alleviating unnecessary pressures that many professors put upon their students. I am pleased to have chosen CT101, and Blessed to have happened upon this professor. Kudos to Professor Ryan Seslow.

I retrieved this from Imgur.com. It reminds me of the art work that was created by an adolescent and posted in my CT101 class. Talking about raw talent, this is just one example of what that is. So pure. So sweet. So raw.   While both IMGUR and GIPHY are excellent platforms that serve a particular purpose, I prefer GIPHY. IMGUR seems to have more of a dark side to it GIF”S. I choose to remain light and breezy. “What the world needs now, is love sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

Assignment #1 Bang Zoom

This episode of the Honeymooners is hilarious. Some of the dialogue reminds me of how the world makes me feel right now. “Bang, Zoom. To the moon Alice.” Some things that go on in life is totally crazy. It can make you laugh or make you cry! I choose to laugh. We must turn lemons into lemonade!

I love Michael Jackson and all of his music. This video makes me feel happy because it shows how together this mother and son is. They seem not only to be very close, but they are in sync with each other. Kudos to them. Everyone in the world should take a note from their joy, love and peace. Music and laughter has always been a tool to bring joy into people’s lives. Take note people!!!