Assignment #5: Digital Art and Creative Immediacy

The ability to develop fresh and unique ideas, connections, and solutions to problems is often referred to as creativity. Even if they aren’t aware of it, everyone possesses some level of creativity. Small events in life demand fresh thinking or unexpected answers. Transforming your ideas, thoughts, and ambitions into reality is what creativity entails. You can detect hidden patterns and draw connections between things that aren’t generally connected.

The capacity to gain knowledge without resorting to conscious thinking is known as intuition. It is a feeling in your gut that tells how to act and behave towards certain situations. Using your intuition helps you make faster, more accurate and more confident decisions.

And immediacy: a state of being. A state in which the mind is able to make decisions quickly and cognitively. Together these three things work together to reason, plan, solve problems, create, learn, and doing so quickly.

Being conscious of these abilities, I was able to create a page on that represented two things I love most: travel and music.

While browsing through images on Pixabay and searching for inspiration, I came across this photo in Japan. I got reminded of my dream of visiting the country some day and experiencing the culture for myself. From there, I dedicated my page to a travel-to-Japan, dark, nightlife-like, scenery with music.

My page uses some Professor Garley’s gifs, along with others I found on Giphy to fit the vibe and aesthetic. It also includes more images from Pixabay, and I embedded a Spotify button that plays Love Tonight by Shouse, a song I thought further creates the experience for viewers. was super easy and fun to use. The space allows for any creative options and gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want while also providing several templates that spark inspiration.

Using platforms like this allow for more creative space and being able to grasp a new skill set when it comes to designing. I hope to use it more in the future.

7 thoughts on “Assignment #5: Digital Art and Creative Immediacy”

  1. Great work on this!
    You rocked!
    And extra points for using my stickers from giphy! haha 🙂
    Thank you for engaging post and continued display of embedded media types!
    Will you be using again ?

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