Assignment-5: Digital Art & Creative Immediacy

Digital Art Making Immediacy

Creativity is the ability to create ideas or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves rather than imitating. In simple words, creativity is simply transforming someone’s ideas, imagination, and dreams into reality.

The immediacy of an event or situation is the quality that makes something seem important or interesting because it is or seems to be happening at the present time.

Intuition is having the ability to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process, although some people simply consider it as a gut feeling.

Every single person has his own perspective of being alive, which mostly depends on the circumstances of life. For me, being alive means not just having a life, breathing or existing instead of living life full of spirit, enjoying small moments of happiness with family and friends. As long as you’re alive you have to have a purpose in your life. Being alive also means being conscious of what do you expect from life and what are the goals that you want to accomplish. Without that consciousness, life becomes meaningless for people. I believe reading books, being thoughtful, and staying close to nature help people enhance their consciousness, therefore they can easily figure out the purpose of life and live life with contentment.

I am passionate about spreading kindness and positivity among people. Whenever I look at my surroundings, I see no one’s life is perfect, they’re fighting their own battle for life. But what hurt me the most, when I see people from third world countries are suffering because of poverty, hunger, and lack of healthcare opportunities. For example, here we are wasting tons of food every single day, whereas, on the other side of the world, people are starving to death. I want people to take these issues seriously and come forward to solve this problem. I really want to help people according to my ability but what holds me back is that I cannot fully trust those fund-raising organizations. I know people do lots of charities, but it barely reaches those needy people. If we become kinder and could trust people, this world would have been a better place. I might be wrong, maybe I should not judge people based on a few fraud cases.

My experience of working with is amazing! It was a pretty quick and smooth experience. I could easily add text and style them. Also, I easily hyperlink my today’s assignment there. Adding stickers and images was super quick and easy to edit.  This is the web page I created on based on today’s topic. Click here or click on the image below to check my web page.

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  1. Hello Fatema,
    Your post for Assignment #5 was well detailed and structured, I like the meme you used for creativity it really stands out perfect. I could see how passionate you are and your approach to this assignment.
    Great Work!!

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