Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #5 Digital Art Making Immediacy

This is a picture of another universe that we do not know about and at the same time it is a heaven that lives oddly in my head, very weird. The avengers watching the Olympics. In this picture they are in the middle of watching David and Goliath  fight in sport. I am inspired by sports and I wanted to show some type of football game. But I could not make it look how I wanted so I thought of things that I also like. I am currently watching the timeline order of the avengers and I thought of all the characters and I thought about my favorites then I thought about adding them all in that I can think of. A wolf is my favorite animal. So I thought they would be nice to add to the picture. Along with my imagination I thought they can be a trophy and the winner between David and Goliath would get the wolves.
I think creativity is going from a to b, meaning nothing to something, white blank paper to the ending of whatever you started on the white blank paper. I think immediacy is another word for dopamine. Dopamine is in the body in whatever action the person is doing and finding enjoyment in it.  Intuition is when your brain works its motion, and the right answer or idea comes to your mind.  The order of those 3 things for art or creation is immediacy + creativity + intuition get the masterpiece.
Being alive to me means feeling, and realizing you feeling the emotion that you’re feeling. I guess in other words being in the moment. I never thought about the question about being alive beyond someone’s else interpretation but now that it is ask the movie that comes to mind is Soul the Disney  movie.
In the movie I connect with it because us/me as humans have ambitions to become or do the thing we want. And think thats the life to live right there until we have it or get to that goal; After that we move on to something else that we want more than likely.  So what I think the movie is saying is, what we want is not really living it’s more so knowing you’re alive doing things we want to do or even things we don’t want to do thats how you know you’re alive.  Another way of being alive is through religion.

walking and building a relationship with god. I believe through Christianity  Jesus can and does make us feel alive spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I believe he has all power to do that. Talking, praying, meditating in Jesus and through time I believe what you want/looking for in life everything will be reveal to you and its in different ways you get answers.  I believe he answers all prayers and questions that is ask to him all is said in his word. His ways are not our ways and I don’t think it’s for us to understand. I believe that when god made our brains ….


And allow us to use 10% of it is just mind blowing in its own right; But whatever percentage is part of the imagination is wild to think about because being aware of the ability to think and audit this awareness to have the ability is just

hard to fathom pretty much. I don’t think its possible to intervene only right down what comes to mind which is this blog post. Me realizing I am living and creating knowing I am doing both is like wow and this the only thing coming to mind at the moment.
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I am passionate about doing the right thing as well as watching and rooting for the New York Giants and jets, and any other New York sports teams basketball, baseball all New York.  I always wanted to share my talent for the 3 sports meaning playing at the pro level and winning the championship as the fans watch me.  What holds me back is I never pursue it when I had the chance in college along with my health not being the best physically.

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