Assignment #5 Domain Time!

Being that Im Web Design 1 Ive created a domain name on Reclaim Hosting. My domain name is, which is so plain and boring to me but every other domain name that I did want or tried it was unavailable.

In addition, being that I am a business owner for a hair company I do own an official domain name that I pay for yearly which represents my brand.  Dé this website is created under WIX business platform, in which this also a user friendly and functional website for customers to brows and use at their personal usage.

My potential domain name that I have in mind would called De’sWorld. This site would be about my favorite clothings store, restaurants , vacation spots and more. This website will give insights of what I enjoy most in life, it will also be a motivation site that encourages women to become a better them. Often times social media forces individuals to become someone they are not. My website will be inspirational as well exploring things I enjoy in life.

Below I will show you my current business Instagram, it shows hair and also inspires those who engage in with this page. Ive notices since I started to post these motivational post the demographics of women who purchase from my business has changed which is something I am happy about.


As a beginner it is very important that your website is engaging , vibrant , informative, truthful and overall genuine. Ive learned that people follow brightly designed animated websites which makes it more fun and engaging to use.


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  1. Wow! Awesome! Super cool stuff! I like the idea for the new site a lot! Im excited to share the process with wordpress and how versatile it is, you are going to love it!

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