CT 101 Final Blog Post & Course Completion

Truth be told this semester was like a punch in the face, but I can honestly say this class has made it  MUCH better. Last semester I lost my grandpa due to COVID-19 which really sucked. He was a huge advocate for going to school and receiving good grades. I never could have imagined learning from HOME. I thought it would be the best thing ever but in hindsight, it was the WORST THING IMAGINABLE. I never felt this unmotivated in my life. While in the beginning, I thought CT 101 would be difficult it wasn’t. Having a professor who actually takes the time to engage with the students making sure that learning is still fun and still makes videos for us to follow is a BLESSING. 

One thing that I enjoyed the most about the class was being able to add hyperlinks and gifs to my works. It makes an assignment jazzier. Hyperlinks are links used to give further information based on what you’re talking about. Here’s how it’s done. You  highlight a word that you would like to connect a hyperlink to end in another browser you copy and paste you are well and input it into the URL opening at the bottom of the hyperlink. You then have the option to have your hyperlink open in a new tab so that the reader can still read what you’re already reading and also have the additional tab open for further readings and or findings.

The method of setting up our WORDPRESS has been straightforward. 

The first was to choose a domain name that better represents what your website was all about; it had to be something people could quickly recognize, and it had to bear very little or no similarity to current products. I’m super thankful that there were follow along videos. 

 Here’s a little inside about myself. I am a virtual learner but I would literally have to watch the same vedior about 5 times for things to actually stick in my brain. I’m horrible with following directions. That’s why I’m so hesitant to follow the GPS in places I’m not familiar with. But that all comes with adulting.

About my website now , I’m not really happy about my website. It doesn’t really speak the volume of what I was trying to portray. I can honestly say that I thought I knew how to navigate the internet but it’s more to the web than just googling to find things . That’s just me being honest. The intentions of my website were to help motivate women during a time of need . Being that our devices are glued to our hands, it will be convenient to look up sites that can motivate you when you’re feeling down . I honestly tried my best with www.deandrajohns.com. Something that I can work on in the future is. 

I think I deserve a  A- in this class. The reason why I say that is because I worked very hard, tried my best and learned a lot. I was able to explore and explain what MEME ART meant to me. I enjoyed being able to be expressing by using pictures, common memes and, words to express different types of reactions. Social media after times tries to shape our minds into thinking one type of way. Especially if a celebrity is doing or engaging into something we often times drift into what they are doing completely forgetting they we can find out information and explore things ourselves. I did some extra credit if my website sucked really bad LOL.

My classmates have some really dope website I loved exploring them. I was supper engaged and appealed by them.

In the process of learning about gifs and memes, I learned how to find the exact meme or gif that was better tailored to my thinking or feeling that I wanted to represent using a variety of online outlets, especially online. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out for helping each other. Thank you professor for being my ONLY proffesor that was asseable 24/7 to answer questions no matter how stupid I thought they were.


The firs thing that comes to mind when thinking if copyrighting is taking ownwer ship of somehting thast you created or have possion on when it come to the digital world. This could range from music, orginal videos, paitnting, information and or content etc. LOL you cant copyright a drink like Homer Simpson thought he could, being that the bar has owner ship to it already.

If you want FULL credit for any work done and published on the web its extremely important to copyright your work.

Copyright is the right to be copied.
This means that the actual owners of the goods and those they approve are the only ones with the legal right to replicate the work. Copyright law grants the creators of the original content the exclusive right to freely use and repeat the material within a given period of time, after which stage the patented object becomes a public domain.
I was wondering if the websites we created under our domian names will be coppied right accepetable being that I have full ownership of the website. After doing a some research you dont always have full ownership to Domian names until they are purchased.
Larry Lessign quotes ” The war against illegal file- sharing is like the churchs age old war against masturbation . Its a war you just can win.”
What this means is that no matter what you do this is a digital battle that you cant win.As the rules have been written, they prohibit much of the innovative re-mixing work that young people create in terms of music and film, not to mention file sharing.


Today I explored the world of Vaporwave and I can honestly say I was extremely amazed. one common trend that I noticed amongst all of the visuals was the similarities in colors. Often times pink, purple, and blueish colors are used to give the viewer a vibrant contrast.

From a Journalist’s point of view, I would be able to write a novels based on what I see. Being the aesthetics are a contrast of different things, time periods, cars, etc many people will enjoy looking out these visuals while telling a relatable story. The aesthetic of the ’80s makes it more fun to look at is that we are 20 years late. Honestly this is not something I would try to recreate but, I definitely do have interest in writing and analyzing it.



Exploring A Classmates Website

Today we were asked to explore another classmate’s website to explore what their website was about. But before I explore someone else’s site let’s explore mine. My site is about the empowerment of women and self belonging. Often time many of us get so caught up with social media and how we are perceived on social media causing us to lose our true identity.

www.deandrajohns.com CHECK US OUT

I choose https://straighttalkwithkysa.com/blog/ I because her site is a complete judgment-free zoom which is great. Many times blogs are drama-filled and its sole purpose is to bring one down instead of uplifting them in a time of need. Her blog is extremely easy the navigate and gets straight to the point. It is extremely important to ensure the stay of children on the internet especially during a time during the pandemic in which most students have moved t remote learning. Having a blog like this is imperative. It was a cool add on to include additional links for further information. Keep up the great work.

Mid-Semester Assessments

By far this has been my favorite class this semester. Its an extremely organized, well compressed, clean-cut class, unlike others. As a student that never did their studies from home, this class was a huge reliever. One thing that I enjoyed learning the most Is how to make GIF’s . This was my favorite thing to learn and do thus far because GIF is animated art.

Your telling a story or a reaction through an animated and or moving picture of an expression made by various people. One thing that I am getting really good at is inserting hyperlinks, and making them open in another tab while keeping the current tab open. In addition, I’ve learned how to screenshot which is something I’m super excited about. Now that I’ve learned that I’m able to show someone what I’m talking about through an email with pictures and proof not just with words. This comes in handy when you want to explore different things yet keep several tabs open. The blog post has helped each student learn from each other. Many of us share the same ideas yet we are so different in the way we express ourselves through our blog post and our upcoming websites. One thing that gave me a hard time but I was able to struggle through and figure out was regarding my domain name and haveing my already existing Reclaim Hosting account connected to WordPress. I realized that when using Safari often times it does not update its software. This caused my domain name (deandrajohns.com) to open in Reclaim Hosting like this.  

This only happens when I type my domain name in Safari. After reaching out to Reclaim Hosting they notified me that my domain name actually does work and that Safari was outdated. As of right, this is how my Website looks, I’m still working on it and you will see the change as the weeks go on.

I am feeling inspired, yet motivated to keep pushing forward to finish my website I’m super optimistic to see how the finished product would look.

Assignment #6 – The Process

I honestly feel like Reclaim Hosting set up is an easy set up just like others. My only issue that I’m still exporting and wondering if their is an easier way to figure out is uploading work to your server. After uploading it to a public server I should be able to have a functional URL with my domino name with the name of the assignment I uploaded to the sever. I never seem to get it 100% correct when uploading work.

Assignment #5 Domain Time!

Being that Im Web Design 1 Ive created a domain name on Reclaim Hosting. My domain name is deandrajohns.com, which is so plain and boring to me but every other domain name that I did want or tried it was unavailable.

In addition, being that I am a business owner for a hair company I do own an official domain name that I pay for yearly which represents my brand.  Déluxuary.com this website is created under WIX business platform, in which this also a user friendly and functional website for customers to brows and use at their personal usage.

My potential domain name that I have in mind would called De’sWorld. This site would be about my favorite clothings store, restaurants , vacation spots and more. This website will give insights of what I enjoy most in life, it will also be a motivation site that encourages women to become a better them. Often times social media forces individuals to become someone they are not. My website will be inspirational as well exploring things I enjoy in life.

Below I will show you my current business Instagram, it shows hair and also inspires those who engage in with this page. Ive notices since I started to post these motivational post the demographics of women who purchase from my business has changed which is something I am happy about.


As a beginner it is very important that your website is engaging , vibrant , informative, truthful and overall genuine. Ive learned that people follow brightly designed animated websites which makes it more fun and engaging to use.


Assignment #3 Are Internet Memes ART?

Art consists of painting or sculpture, the representation or operation of human imaginative talent and creativity creates works to be admired mainly for their beauty or emotional strength.

An aspect of a culture or behavioral mechanism that can be considered to be transmitted by non-genetic means from one person to another, especially imitation. A humorous picture, video, piece of text, etc and, distributed easily by Internet users.

What is Meme ART? After  analyzing both definitions of what art and memes are I can cnconcule that anything that consists of images are art, by adding words and significance the image weather ist moving or still it can become a meme. Oftentimes come from funny interactions with something or someone that many have a reaction to.


I believe memes are Art. 

Assignment #2 Gifts

First day feelings were all over the place, being that I should of taken this class first instead of level 300 CT classes. I began to feel overwhelmed.


 I love to learn and explore new content but, I was also very nervous being that this was brand new to me. Im always up for a challenge to see how far can push myself to learn and adjust to new things.




I honestly like this class much better than my other classes, being that its more hands on egging content. Where as in my other classes I have to teach myself, I feel like the student and the teacher.
As the weeks are going by Im feeling more relived because the class is not as bad as I thought it would be its very clear to learn and understand.
I am curious to learn all the basics of CT in order to better myself in further classes that I have to finish taking for my ct minor.

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Today I will explain to you a few things that make me happy on the internet. Theres an extremely resourceful website called Youtube that is used and navigated by millions of people in the world. On this site you’re able to explore more information on topics you would like to know more about from someone who may be more knowledgeable about the topic than you do.

Before Youtube became such a large platform, reading books on the topic you’re interested in was the best way to find information. Now that Youtube is around its so promenade you’re able to see visuals of everything you want to know especially HOW TO DO videos. Often times I’m able to Youtube many homework assignments that I am unclear about. Being that I am a visual learn I get a better understanding when someone is using pictures, graphs and words to explain things. Compared to just reading words just to read them.


I think everyone should explore Youtube for ANYTHING they want or need to know, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will not be able to find the information you need. There are thousands of videos of different people you can look into. When you do find a particular person who’s videos your gravitate to most often you can subscribe to their channel to be updated frequently with their videos.



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