Assignment 5: Self Validation is not a Prerequisite for SELF APPRECIATION

What are you inspired to do? 

I am inspired to succeed in whatever I choose to do after college. I am not completely sure what I want to do, but I want to establish myself and become more financially independent. I work a lot and I push myself a lot to stay on track butI know that if I stay disciplined I will be secure. 

What are you inspired to make or create?

I am inspired to build my own house. One of my long-term goals is to invest in multiple homes as soon as I can so they can be a form of income for myself as I grow older. I have a really creative imagination and when it comes to decorating, I’ll always have a plan or idea of what I want and how I want it. 

What are you compelled to create? 

While working with I was listening to this song and it inspired me to design my page around the lyrics, “External validation is not a prerequisite for self appreciation.” It is something that always resonated with me ever since I first listened to this song, and I even have it tattooed on me. I wanted to spread this message to anyone that might need it. 

What did you create? 

I created a page that was minimal with the intention of the viewer to focus on the main point. Social media, magazines, music, etc., continue to fill our eyes with misconceptions on how we think and feel. We become judgmental not only of ourselves but of others but, I wanted to create a page that reminds us to love our skin for what it is, not for what we think will please the eyes of someone else.

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  1. Great work on this!
    Super cool mmm page! Wow, Love it!
    Thanks so much!
    One suggestion – it would be helpful to see a little contrast between the questions and your answers in the post 🙂

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