Assignment 5

The first assignment I have chosen, is the very simple yet bold vogue assignment.

I honestly feel kind of lazy because of how easy and fast it was for me to complete, however I’m not too big on posting pictures of myself, especially to a class and I think its a short step of me getting out the comfort zone and reacclimating to the normal world. This assignment caught my eye because I think it actually looks pretty cool. I definitely should have used the beautiful sun and warm weather we were having to get some nature in the background. At first my pick was definitely going to be the place of peace assignment, however professor picked it first so I have to be different lol.

The second assignment is a little tougher than it looks.

Second Assigment: 

Yes, for sure its easy to recreate something from perhaps a show like modern family, but step it up a little and add in some props and costumes to match the scene as best as possible and you got yourself something eye-catching! Personally I’ve got my eye on something from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Im thinking from a movie like Last Action Hero or Predator. I think I would learn lighting, placement and camera angles best from recreating a famous scene.  In a class like this I think at least 12-18 projects like this are warranted to build upon editing and storytelling skills. Personally I think these skills are important because when we get into the real world, aside from being computer literate we should have skills that go deeper upon basic knowledge. For example upon starting this class I never knew how to hyperlink, create giphys or add custom urls to images.



3 thoughts on “Assignment 5”

  1. Hi Anil, first off I’m so honored that my assignment inspired you to step outside your comfort zone, I used to struggle with the same thing, so I understand. You did really good, and your picture is awesome! Great job!

  2. Hey Anil, I saw your post and it instantly reminded me of quarantine times when the vogue challenge was happening everywhere. Great post and I also liked the project you picked that you can possibly learn. sounds fun!

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