CT101 Final Blog Post Anil Mangroo

Goodbye Fellow Classmates! (These are tears of joy not sadness lol)

What grade do I think i have earned in this class?
To be honest, i think i earned an A- in this class, or hopefully around that range.

Why do I think i have earned this grade?
I think i earned that grade because while I completed many assignments towards the end of this course, i still managed to complete all of them. I am really hoping my blog posts are up to par with the course expectations. I do think while some of my blog posts are short in content they are rich in quality, and not dragged along to bore the viewer (I hope lol).

What do I enjoy about the class?
I really enjoyed the communication and laughter we had in this class. BTW enjoy this snippet of this virtual class doing something fun and quirky below.

For this being my last semester at York College, this course was one of two courses being taught asynchronous with a set schedule that I took. It was great waking up and starting my day building my creative skills. This course encouraged me to dig deep and refresh myself into finding who i was and what made me radiant. One of my favorite things about this class was the introduction to animation and how unique every piece can be. Towards the end of this semester I started feeling a bit lazy but i think the fact that i got to wake up and create art was my determination to keep going. Moreover I am pretty sure the professors cheerful morning talk with the class woke everyone up (In a good way! lol).

How will your new skills apply into the world?

I think these skills will be supplementary to me on a business & personal level. On an operational scale I think I am going to use my knowledge developing a second website of my own business franchise where i can direct people too for inquiries and price quotes, and personally I think these skills will help me develop my personal website into something that can best reflect me.

Will you maintain and keep up your website?
I absolutely plan to keep up my website. Prior stating, i plan to post at least 3 blog posts or photographs every day. Any day missed is detrimental to the future of this website; absence in blogging is an easy way to desertion.

My website link URL is https://anilmangroo.com/  

Tour of My Website
While my website is a reflection of my hobbies, so far I am currently using it by posting a culmination of my photography & supporting verbiage such as; still, abstract, light and environment images under the photography & Blog menu drop down.

Some Successes!

So far my success has been my customization of the website, it is close to exactly how i envisioned it, even though it is still unfinished. I am really into the color scheme and how the photography menu has its own drop down section with different types of photographs.

Some Hardships…

I had some difficulty separating blog posts into their menu categories, and the youtube videos showing how to work with the WordPress classic editor are terrible!! Stick with Professors videos! They are the easiest explanation.
My only other hardship so far.. was formatting images and separating them so they are not glued together, however I am still working on this issue lol.

I have to say, this class was really refreshing, while the tears are flowing this is not the end, i will be sure to explore other classes in website development & animation professor may teach in the future. Thank You

Copyright Assignment


“Among our children their is a growing copyright abolitionism”

I chose this quote because this is a quote describing my generation, who  supposedly neglect copyright. Even though it is common for younger individuals to be against it in reposting vines, tik toks & Facebook content without tagging the content creator, I fully support it. I think copyright should be appropriately accepted because its purpose is to acknowledge creators and their work. Their work can serve as inspiration to others, but in the end, it is not there to be taken from them without due credit. 

  1. What is copyright?

Copyright gives owners the right to their intellectual or creative property. They are the only one that can take credit for that work and make changes to their work. 

2.Why is there copyright? 

The purpose of copyright is to protect authors and their work while allowing others to benefit from their work. Normally protecting literally, and artistic work. 

3.How much should users of the web think about copyright as you and others share, re-share, and remix content on the web?

Users should think about it a lot, especially since it is a law. Many schools and jobs have very strict copyright rules to help individuals to follow proper copyright rules. 

4.What is fair use? 

…eh eh em with a legal exception Marge

Fair use allows individuals under certain circumstances to use verbatim of an individual’s work without payment or permission from the copyright holder. Instances like teaching, journalism, criticism, and research. 


My Fellow Classmates Website

Today we’re taking an inside look at one of our classmates websites. I scrolled far enough on the comment section that my clicker landed right on Vinika Harrinarine’s website @ https://vinikaeats.com/

AND i have to say my gosh. WOW!

Everything just pops. I love how she choose the black background with the white lettering, it is very complementary to the outline of the photos she has on her static page. Also the image placement, on how they are very subway styleish are just extraordinary. ON TOP OF THAT her pictures!!! They are so retro New Yorker, they really give off Friends central perk vibes and this makes me so jealous. I choose to go with a teal background on my website and it does not pop as much as yours, honestly great job!

My favorite blog post on her website will have to be the Cantina Rooftop:

the food and location looks very appetizing and pleasant. As a foodie myself i’m always looking for new food and adventures, and i will be sure to check out Cantina Rooftop, as there is not much Mexican dining locations on my list. I have to say Vinikas Website really inspired me to step my websites game up and get posting more creative content!


Internet Happiness 2

Good Afternoon Class!

I know this blog post is not on the syllabus, but i think a second blog post on whats making me happy on the web is something refreshing that i needed and, i felt the need to share it with you guys.

I cant recall if some of you remember, but I am a huge car fanatic, probably ever since i got my first Hotwheels at the age of 4.
Fun fact; i may be old but i still collect rare Hotwheels lol

Anyways my favorite car brand Nissan was on the way to its downfall, when their previous CEO Carlos Ghosn corrupted the company by embezzling money out of the organization directly into his pockets and neglecting the brands poor quality parts and downward spiraling reputation. Since his investigation he has fled to his childhood home; Lebanon. His reign is over!
… and so the Re-birth begins. Nissans new acting CEO- Makato Uchida is rebuilding the brand, ridding poor made quality parts such as the CVT transmission and focusing on better collaboration with their Research and Development teams for strong, longer lasting, better made vehicles. Two of their prototype vehicles on the web that I am currently obsessed with are the 2022 Nissan Frontier & 2022 Nissan Z. Below are two pictures.

2022 Nissan Z

2022 Nissan Frontier

Anyways this is whats currently making me happy on the web. Thanks for reading!


My First Website Blog Post!

Good morning CLASS! I am beyond ecstatic to finally have the day come where I can share my website here with you guys.

The link to my first blog post is https://anilmangroo.com/uncategorized/first-blog-post/

My first post is up and available. It is about the famous and tasteful photographer Rinko Kawauchi. She is a Japanese Photographer who shoots assorted moments in life. I highly suggest you guys take a quick read and check out some of her photographs on google. I hope that they inspire you as much as they have me. Below is a shot i’ve taken in inspiration of her.


PS, below is a recent image of hers that I can’t stop thinking about;



The Future of My Website

How will i be using my website going forward?

Well first things first, i forgot to tell you guys my website name, its AnilMangroo.com. It’s nothing yet but a blank canvas ready to be covered.

So honestly, I initially wanted my website to be about my major, a place where prospective employers could view my contributions to my major. However, given how simple it is to setup to a website, i just may create another website that will showcase my work and credentials.

I think my website will display who i am, my photography, my experiences and  journalism that i’m proud of. Which is why i choose my name to be the domain. After this class has ended, if i could post 3 posts a week of either art or events i think this website would be successful in my eyes, i plan on linking my instagram and facebook accounts to gain attention.

I took a look at Professor Seslows website and it really inspired me, like seriously, professors a legend. Im about to graduate this semester and im considering returning just to learn some communication tech & animation.

The artwork and layout of his static cover is exactly something i want. I have an idea in mind, but its all speculation and could change at any moment.

If i could say one thing, i wish my high school had taught us communication tech or website development in our early years, maybe then i could’ve had my original domain name @anil.com. I know this class & information could benefit a ton of students with a vision however it sucks that it wasn’t given to them at a younger age.

Domain registration & Web hosting set up!

Its a breeeeeeeze,

I’m still trailing behind on past work, but the good thing is Professor Seslow Records class sessions. Setting up my website and getting everything together has honestly been a cakewalk because of it. Im able to go back and replay anything if i had any issues. This is great while many other professors i’ve sadly previously taken do not record class sessions for privacy it puts a strain on other students who need help.
The hardest thing i incurred was 2 things:

Again picking a domain name; i spent an estimated 30 minutes contemplating if i had any other better ideas

And lastly customizing the websites background color, i spent around 15 minutes going through color options.
I know i know, i could always go back and pick a different color but I want my website to be the best thing from the jump.


One thing that i should remind students is by adding meta to widgets its much more simple to login to your website from the front end, just FYI if anyone wanted to do that.

Anywho, this was my experience setting up, nothing crazy! Thanks for reading!

Mid-Semester Reflection

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining?
Well currently it isn’t the middle of the semester anymore, but without a doubt my i still have a response prepared as to how i am doing. I am currently a couple weeks past due on this assignment and recovering from some personal illnesses. I just barely recently finished my graduation exit paper but I feel a ton of weight lifted off my shoulders.

While I still have a few other assignments on my to due list that I have to catch up to I am honestly glad that they mainly pertain to this class. In correlation to my current grade in this class I believe knowing the current works missing my grade isn’t one to be proud of.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

In all honesty the thing I learned the most was the creation of Gifs. The world is currently still struggling to survive from the Pandemic so school is still mainly virtual. I feel the greatest asset i reacquired from this class was communication and laughter. I’ve never made a Gif before. I only watched and enjoyed other people’s work. Throughout this pandemic I’ve been plagued with homework and papers, draining me from happiness and socialization. While i have learned a ton it’s refreshing to actually be given homework based on our feelings, emotions and joys. 

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

There are a couple of skills I’ve developed and flourished within this class including Hyperlinking, GIF creation and image reformatting. While all these skills may seem fairly noobish, I never knew how to do this. I used to think cropping an image was all there really was to reformatting, oh how i was wrong. There is alignment, different resolution through file extensions, linking that image to other media, scaling etc. There is definitely a lot I may be forgetting, but this knowledge only grows, allowing me to build on the little skills I’ve learned. 

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

If i had to assess my performance, i think i’m fairly catching up just not there yet. I think the best is yet to come, so i don’t think assessing my performance just yet would be sufficient. I think I can best unveil my potential and development through the website creation we are currently working on. There I will have work that is more presentable and enjoyable to the viewers. 

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

Previously mentioned i now know how to format Images, create various Gifs, navigate the commons, and customize/ publish web media. 

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I will not be satisfied until I see my blogging creatively evolving. My goal is to project my visions and artwork onto another mind that can enjoy viewing it and be inspired. I do not feel I am even close to that level of blogging yet but I think I can take the next step by evaluating and following dreams that i used to love, some of which died when starting my academic career. To list a few, I recently found a love in overlanding; where I would use my own off road recreational camping vehicle to scale untraveled terrain and share my experience of outdoor cooking, nature, and sights through blogging and media.

Hyperlinked is the link to the video above, it’s a really good over landing video.

Moreover I used to really enjoy painting, and there are some days I have spare time to kill, so why not? Simply finding who I am and what keeps the flame in me going can evolve my blogging.

Aaron Swartz


Who was Aaron Swartz? 
Aaron Swartz was a computer genius and computer entrepreneur from a very young age. His intelligence included software developing, writing and internet activism. From early on he was heavily involved with the development of the internet web for formats like RSS and creative commons. After a few months of Reddit he merged into the company and co programmed Reddit. However Swartz ended up getting attention from the FBI after a New York Times Interview he did. Where he was able to gain access to 27 million pages in tax documents from the online site Pacer. He was arrested by MIT for breaking and entering, for connecting a computer to the MIT network and setting it to download academic journal articles systematically from JSTOR using a guest user account issued to him by MIT. He was charged with two counts of wire fraud and eleven violations. During his prosecution of 2013 he committed suicide 

What was interesting about him?
 I found him very interesting because he was a genius from a young age. He was a key contributor in the internets progression and social justice. At the age of 14 he had grown adults listening to him and learning from him; essentially making him a child prodigy respected by those three times his age. 

Did he deserve his fate? 
Objectively I don’t think so, he tried to be the Robin Hood academia students needed, by spreading knowledge to others free of charge, “Bringing public access to the public domain”. As a college student struggling to write papers from databases charging 60 plus dollars for one source, it is incredibly expensive to write strong academic papers from scholarly sources. While only some high ranking universities offer unrestricted access to multiple databases like JSTOR, students with lack of funds are at a disadvantage.


Picking A Domain Name

Domain Name where are you!!!!!

Okay, so honestly so far I have a couple, while some possible names have already fell through with a couple of google searches.






My goal is to create a website that focuses on aviation on a global factor. To reiterate my major is Aviation Management and I think its time to expand my knowledge learned from courses onto a database that can project important aeronautical topics that others can gain access to. I am a little worried that some of my learned knowledge might conflict with another persons ideology however I’m excited to take this step in my life. I have written some very good papers which I plan to use. My plan is to break them up and choose subtopics from them that won’t bore the readers. My backup plan is to create a website with my name as a domain name. It would speak about all of the acquired knowledge I’ve learned including cooking lessons, motorsports I like, painting tips, some aviation topics and overall life lessons. Im interested to see which way this goes.

Assignment 5

The first assignment I have chosen, is the very simple yet bold vogue assignment.

I honestly feel kind of lazy because of how easy and fast it was for me to complete, however I’m not too big on posting pictures of myself, especially to a class and I think its a short step of me getting out the comfort zone and reacclimating to the normal world. This assignment caught my eye because I think it actually looks pretty cool. I definitely should have used the beautiful sun and warm weather we were having to get some nature in the background. At first my pick was definitely going to be the place of peace assignment, however professor picked it first so I have to be different lol.

The second assignment is a little tougher than it looks.

Second Assigment: 

Yes, for sure its easy to recreate something from perhaps a show like modern family, but step it up a little and add in some props and costumes to match the scene as best as possible and you got yourself something eye-catching! Personally I’ve got my eye on something from an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Im thinking from a movie like Last Action Hero or Predator. I think I would learn lighting, placement and camera angles best from recreating a famous scene.  In a class like this I think at least 12-18 projects like this are warranted to build upon editing and storytelling skills. Personally I think these skills are important because when we get into the real world, aside from being computer literate we should have skills that go deeper upon basic knowledge. For example upon starting this class I never knew how to hyperlink, create giphys or add custom urls to images.



Are Memes Art?/ Feelings for CT101 Assignment

This is exactly how I feel about this class. Lol I hope my computer science Professor doesn’t see this. This class incorporates the communication portion and development of current computer knowledge whereas computer science focuses on the business portion of spreadsheets and portfolio development, which was also very useful however very monotonous.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my academic experience in college, aside from my major there were not many classes that encouraged the expansion of my creativity skills until my final 2 semesters. CT101 and Photography will definitely be those 2 elective courses that explored the fun and entertaining portion of college. A class made FOR its students, especially uplifting during these difficult times.

First things first rest in peace Uncle Phil. This meme is hilariously on point. I currently do not have a reason to get up early everyday and leave home and my current sleep schedule is going whack a mole. No matter how much I sleep I’m always tired, coffee is now my bestfriend, send help pls lol

Assignment #2- Making my own GIF post

How this class makes me feel…

My favorite tv show is One piece so i just had to post a Gif of Luffy doing something idiotic lol , i saw another post with someone reacting using One piece Gifs so its cool to see other fans as well.

Honesty I really love that this class lets us explore our creative side and communicate on a level that we can more relate to. Ive responded to plenty  of boring discussion boards during my academic experience that all began with “I completely agree and liked how you…”  however this feels great for a change.

When i find out there is an assignment due, this is what goes on in my brain… There is no giphy more relatable to tension than Spongebob or Mr.Crabs in panic mode. There was one giphy funny as hell that i wanted to include but i was upset its only a meme.

When i find out our homework assignment is learning to make Giphy’s.


This currently is the stage of life i’m in, all i can think about is damn chicken tenders and fries. I have been given the worst ultimatum of all time… food or fitness. I might have to side with Joey on this one.


Internet Happiness

Whats been making me happy on the Web?

This week on the web is an unusual case for me. Well let me start from the beginning. During the course of this week I played a good deal of xbox one and decided to download two interactive free roam games which i now love!! The first one is Outlast : Image below

and the second one is Blair Witch : Image below


Both games are insane, i must say be expected to jump at a moments notice, you are never given a precursor soundtrack to when things are going to start chasing or attacking you. In short Outlast is a very dark game where you play as a first person, the storyline goes as a guy who enters an abandoned mental asylum in search for paranormal activity with nothing but a night vision camera that has a glitchy battery. The journalist breaks into this asylum and eventually sees the real dead; demons, ghosts of tortured patients and real life monsters. The scariest thing is you cannot fight back so be prepared to run and find corners of safety.

Moreover Blair Witch is very similar, you play as a first person, a man who enters haunted woods with his dog in search for a missing boy during the night. The main character has PTSD, so at many times he sees things that are not there while encountering real dangerous entities, he has to distinguish what is real and what is in his imagination. This game feeds off of stress so don’t play if it if you are weak hearted.

These thrill seeking games eventually lead me to my abundance of internet searches- Real life horror attractions! And for sure the internet does not disappoint. I learned about haunted forest sites and houses right here in New York.