Assignment #6 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

For this assignment I used, and
Incase the link doesn’t work

This is what I was inspired to create, I just kinda let my mind roam with some of my interests and things I like. Such as spider-man fighting in a desert against sandman and then Goku being all the way back there. I don’t really like whales but I like the idea of sky whales I think it’s pretty cool but I do like whale sharks that’s why I added it there.
Incase the link doesn’t work again.
This is what I came up with. For the TV one I thought it would look interesting with the error and the bouncing dvd’s. For the second slide I had no idea what to do so I just decided to create a winter type slide. My favorite season is winter and it was around the time of halloween so I added the nightmare before christmas.
For the AI part I am not against the use of AI. I find it very helpful in education I know some people just copy and paste whatever they get from it and then teachers get angry and start going off on it but when you use it properly It can actually help educate you especially if you’re stuck and just use it as a model/guideline. I am not against AI art either I think it’s really unique and an AI tool I know is,
You guys should try it whatever you draw it creates into a landscape and it’s pretty cool check it out.

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