Are Memes Art?

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Are memes art??? According to The Harvard Crimson

“Which is why, I would postulate, they’re art. It’s still difficult for many to think of such Internet-based phenomena as “art,” but, I ask — why not? They require quick thinking, wit, and creativity. They capture our anxieties, desires, sense of humor, and cultural moment.”

And according to

“If you take the definition of art, you can see that memes do fall into its definition.”

Also the video, “Are LOLCats and Internet Memes Art?” Shows both sides of this argument.

I truly believe memes are a form of art based on their expression. People can use them to display their emotions and creativity. Also memes have a big impact and influence. They can be created from just so many factors, such as cringe memes, happy memes, political memes, tiktok memes, instagram reel memes, youtube shorts, and the list goes on and on.

Trump's RICO Mugshot Has Sparked Memes, Tweets, TikToks Sketches

Ghost Death Stare Meme Template

I believe memes can definitely be used for story telling because of their ability to showcase different emotions. Also with cause and effect or prediction and outcome. Not gonna spoil anyone but if you know you know (meme below).

Image preview

Image preview

Image preview


Trollface meme

Image preview

Donald Trump Mugshot meme

I also looked at the links on the bottom and I was surprised that spongebob was ranked #2 in Thrillist top 100 memes of all time.



Stop Motion Cooking GIF by Anne Horel

Looking France GIF by Paris Saint-Germain

I was really surprised on how nice the professor was compared to others. It showed me that he rejects the “normal” way of learning that we normally have and allows us to use our creativity and our own minds. I also liked how understanding he is if you’re late and that he posts the recording of each class.

The Simpsons gif. Homer Simpson throws his fists into the air jubilantly, saying, "Whoo-hoo!"

I liked hearing about the course because the professor explained everything in a very interesting and easy to understand way.

Nba Playoffs Sport GIF by ESPN

This is my favorite class. My other classes are alright but I don’t feel the excitement that I do for this one. I actually look forward to CT101.

infinite GIF

There are no limits on creative potentials for this class. I want to learn as much as I can.

Video gif. A golden retriever looks up at us with a goofy smile under his black nose.

I look forward to learning new skills and how to properly utilize internet tools better.

Assignment #1 Internet Happy

Hey everyone my name is Kyle and what really makes me happy on the internet is cooking videos. Also survival videos, or funny fails. I enjoy all of those but I’d have to say I love the cooking videos the most cause I like to eat. My favorite food would probably have to be chicken alfredo because I loved that since I was little and still do.

There is nothing like watching a youtube video with a warm meal already on your table.

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