Assignment #6 Mid-Term Assessment

I’m very critical of myself, so gauging how I’m doing in class is going to be difficult without being too hard on myself. I think so far I’m doing good, I think my knowledge of the internet has helped me learn and use a lot of the sites we need to use in class. I think a skill I developed is using memes, gifs, stickers, etc. For years, I have been very conservative with the usage of memes and gifs on a lot of my documents. I think I did this for the sake of professionalism, adhering to social norms, and my knowledge of internet subcultures.

I think memes can age a project really quickly due to the concept of meme expiration. Memes have a peaking period during their lifespan before dipping off in popularity and entering into obscurity. Thats why it’s difficult to watch internet-centered horror movies or dramas, it seems like it’s trying to appeal to young people or internet users while not understanding the assets they’re using or not having the knowledge of how to use those assets. So I didn’t want to seem like I was overcompensating with the usage of digital assets like memes, gifs, stickers, or emojis. Like most things, a tactical usage of memes can enhance a project and even tell a story.


I can rate myself based on the syllabus requirements. I can ask myself if I’m following the requirements to the best of my ability. I can also ask if I’m exceeding those requirements to the best of my ability and ask myself what I offer to the class. I can also ask myself if I learned anything. One of the things I learned that I thought was pretty cool was that GIFs are quite ancient and older than even the internet itself. It was really something I found interesting and puts everything into perspective. If I were to give myself a grade, it would be an A minus. I am very critical of my work and sometimes I wonder if I’m doing good or not, often it’s hard to tell because I know that I can disengage with reality and often lose self-awareness so it really helps to have other people look at my work and comment.

I think my work can get more creative after this. I think it’s a matter of being more liberal with my technology, rather than being minimalistic and utilitarian. I think creativity and control are both aspects of an artist that need to be balanced and sometimes my creativity can be damped by my need to control the narrative that my work conveys. So hopefully in the future, my website can be a lot more lively and I can build on an aesthetic.

2 thoughts on “Assignment #6 Mid-Term Assessment”

  1. Thank You!
    Well said, indeed!
    However, we need to see some images, some GIFs, a MeMe or 2, and a video!
    Let’s not emphasize those things for this particular post, but we surely need to always embed media for context and visual storytelling inspiration!
    Take you time, have fun with it and let me know once it is updated, no rush.
    Good Energy!

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