Middy Times Assignment #6

Based on my purely 100 percent unbiased opinion I am doing great in ct101 and have retained a decent bit of post creation to try and keep my posts more natural and smoothed out in addition to increasing my general technical knowledge.

As far as my own performance I think I’m a good poster even tho I’m not the most punctual and see myself in the grade B range because I do try my best on my posts even tho they are late and I am antisocial so I don’t get too many comments are comment much myself.

Thanks to this class I do now know just how much money is in the cybernetic world.

I definitely do think my posts have gradually become more entertaining as I have tried to be more like myself in them where I joke often.

I don’t believe there are any assignments I am missing other than #4 as I didnt see enough in my posts archive and I do not really comment often im just not a super social person but i rarely do get comments so it works out. This also coincides to class as I like to just sit by myself not saying much because Im more of an observer first.

If you wish to observe my previous posts I will supply the links below.

Assignment#1 internet happiness

my ct101 exp

me omw to make a ct101 post

A page of myself Assignment #5


1 thought on “Middy Times Assignment #6”

  1. Thank You!
    Ok, so far so good!
    I believe that you can add a few more pieces of content to help give a more visual storytelling flow – let’s embed a video, add a few more hyperlinks for context, a GIF or 3 and certainly a MeMe or 3!
    Take you time and leave a comment here when you have made the updates, let me know if I can help further too!

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