Assignment #6


I believe that I am doing pretty decent in this class, learning how to make gifs is a fun experience.

It’s hard to tell how many points I’ve earned, there are some assignments that doesn’t seem to have much effort put in by me.

What I’ve learned most is creating my own personal gifs because that is something new to me.

The new skill I’ve developed is creating my own personal website and adding blogs into it.

My performance is mainly throughout getting help by peers.

I now know how to create my own website, which I did not know earlier.

My weekly blogs seem to be stuck in a loop but will be fixed later on.

Over It Reaction GIF

3 thoughts on “Assignment #6”

  1. I think semester has been really tough on all of us. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’ve been struggling too, we just have to continue to support one another and push ourselves across the finish line. We got this. We made it too far to give up now.

      1. But please add more content and context to your posts, hyperlinks are always needed, every post.
        All blogging should be expanding through out the semester, please look at the assignment blog post criteria formatting that I use and how they are formatted – as they are visual examples of what we are looking to follow.
        Im here to help.

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