Week #13 – Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun

Week #13 – Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun

**Assignment #12 details are below!

Video recording / tutorial from class on Tuesday 5/3/22


Passcode: 2F3r%vEF

Video recording / tutorial from class on Thursday 5/5/22

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/X1DTIg7u5Yk84U1MWfePeNg5uraInSHCLFcElqNrBpb8Uf7EeC-OW3qEDsci7vec.3hscr1CCb-ypWmZHPasscode: *c4q8t=E


Snoopy loves websites, and apparently… tweets.. & toks .. This week in CT101 we will share and explore each others websites, learn about creating and adding social media content into our blog posts, website pages and more! (This might be your own social media content / work or content / work taken from your favorite feeds / brands / people) to help expand your narratives. We will also chat about “custom links” and how to add them to your websites navigation menu structure. Of course I will record this process during Zoom and post the video tutorials here below afterwards.

Here we are 3.5 weeks into being the proud owners of a personal new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion! It is exciting, and discovering new ways to create and share content are a big part of this process.

**Assignment #12  Details  – (2 parts)

First Part: Its time to share your website’s URL, please add it to the comments section below in this blog post (My URL is already there as an example, your URL should look similar with your own domain name)

Simply leave a comment below sharing your website’s address and press the “Post Comment” button!

Be sure to include the –  http://  part.

Here is an example–>  http://your-website-url.com 

This is my example of my website URL – https://ryanseslow.com

Second Part: Explore some of the website’s of your fellow classmates! Leave them a comment, or two about their progress directly on their website! Then, write a blog post here on CT101 OR on your own new website sharing your thoughts and feedback about discovering your classmate’s websites. Be sure to include their URL in your post (and hyperlink it!) What do you like about the websites that you discovered? Did you find a favorite blog post, or project? Share it! Give some feedback!

And, Why are we doing this?

Well, to share our development, show support for each other and our collective process of course! Maybe your classmates and peers missed your last few posts and are in need of some feedback, inspiration and contrast. Let’s dig in!

Have Fun!


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