Assignment #7


Hmm Spongebob GIF - Hmm Spongebob Meme - Discover & Share GIFs 

I think they are good because they relate to me however I might come up with something else in the future  

Notsure GIFs | Tenor

My website will have things that I find interesting. I have an idea of how I want the website to look but im not sure yet because things may change.My favorite website are youtube and Hulu, I can’t really think of other websites I use more than that. I don’t really use the web for much

YouTube Isn't the Music Villain Anymore - The New York Times

Hulu: Stream TV Series & Films - Apps on Google Play

3 thoughts on “Assignment #7”

  1. Thank you for publishing your work on this assignment.
    I see that this a work in progress and will be updated with more content soon.
    Please remember, it is not necessary to publish the assignment questions in your posts, but rather, put them into your own words so that you answers flow like a narrative and description.
    If you do chose to leave those questions, then they should be visually different than your answers, perhaps putting them in a different text color would help more.
    I think that it would help to revisit some of the tutorials during weeks 2,3,4&6 for examples of how to format your posts with more media like video embeds and imagery.
    Keep me posted, thank you! Forward we go!

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