Assignment #7

Overall, I am doing good in CT101 as I am a particularly creative person.  CT101 has given me a way describe my creativity as some of it simply cannot be explained in words. So through this course I am able to display it via the internet.

I learned numerous methods on how to do this that I previously wasn’t aware of, such as how to hyperlink to make the experience easier for the reader. In addition to using websites such as GIPHY and Pixabay to assemble everything. As well as websites such as figma to display the final product.
Grade wise, I’m not 100% sure what my final grade might be , although I have submitted pretty much all of my assignments. However, I am a tad hit-and-miss when it comes to commenting on other classmates’ posts. Altogether I see myself maintaining a B or a B+ grade.

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  1. Thank you so much, so far so good on this but you missed several important tasks that the assignment asks for you to include in this mid-semester post – please review the assignment and add to this as a revision – thank you!

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