Assignment #7: Domain Name Ideas

For this week’s assignment, we’re supposed to come up with domain names for our website. This part isn’t as challenging b/c I have brainstormed a few ideas prior to enrolling in this class

Some names in my back pocket were:
I know what you’re thinking, pretty much every name has “NoonMoon” in it. Yeah, real original…
The reason for the use of slightly altered names is because I already have an instagram and YouTube channel with the name of “noon_moon_draws.” I want to keep the same name relative to those medias so sustain familiarity with my brands.
As you can tell, my focus of my website will be centered around art. I have a few ideas on where I want to take. I’ve considered artistic themes such as “History of Animation ” or just art. But now I think I want to make this website a type of portfolio for my credentials.
I’m happy to start my own website, but my only fear would be a security breach occurring. In the internet age, there’s been a rampant problem of websites and other outlets’ personal info getting stolen by criminals. I only have a fear that I may fall victim to this ongoing problem.
Hopefully the security on WordPress is good to prevent hackers from stealing personal information.
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