Assignment 7 domain names

my logo  chockholdpodcast. or ya$$er98 Are just some of the potential domain names that I was thinking about using for my website as my website will primarily be about podcasting and wrestling as far as what’s happening in the industry at the present moment and also looking at how the industry could do better on a week-to-week basis as well as being an overall variety  of other content as well Branding is very important and with this assignment, I’m hoping to be able to expand my knowledge on website development Because I realized that by having a place where friends can go and interact with your content it leaves them feeling more personalized then if you were just on a typical social media website like YouTube or Facebook or Twitter  from a personal standpoint I had lunch my own podcast back in 2016 and  came to find out that it was  more nuanced then I had originally thought in terms of branding and overall just generating enough traction and understanding how video algorithms work Having knowledge of website development is very crucial because it is your online ID that you are showing two people when they put in your name online and having a good face Online can make all the difference and can put you ahead Up a lot of individuals would websites

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