Assignment #7 – Innate Domain

Guy smiling and using technique
I couldn’t resist.

It’s time to claim a domain in the infinite void of the internet.

I decided to look at the company we will be using to carve out our little space on the internet. I found that a variety of colleges and universities use them, including NYU and Baruch! Those colleges’ logos were even proudly displayed on their site, but York was nowhere to be found. I admit to feeling a bit miffed at that.

Man leaning back disappointed.

But let’s move on.

Domain names. I admit this has been rather difficult. Two names have stood out to me, so I have difficulty finding others.

Let’s begin with number 1.


Man with manic look saying 'that's me.'
It sure is!

I chose this one for professional reasons. First, it would be my site to display all of my published pieces in one place. Some of my professors have sites in this capacity. It would be easy to put on a resume to direct potential recruiters.


This would be a website dedicated to the social aspect of my life online. It is my online ID that I use for all of my social media and video game profiles. All the content I create for fun would go here. From my thoughts on the latest in the entertainment world to the fantastic memes and gifs, I would make.

Two guys sitting on a couch playing video games.

As you can guess from the name, this would be a photoblog of all the different types of food I cook. It’s one of my hobbies that I really got to develop throughout the pandemic. Also, I recently acquired an anime cookbook that I can’t wait to dive into. So, that could be the start of something with this site.

Different Meals
Some of the dishes I’ve made.

This would be a vlogging website.

Man putting his hands up motioning to stop.
Let me finish the pitch, please.

Vlogs are old school these days. It would take some good creativity and intuition (eh? eh?) to know when to whip out your phone and start recording. But I think this would have the potential to serve as a sort of time capsule for the me in the future to look back on with a fond smile.


This one is a blatant copycat of one of my favorite websites; Humans of New York. This website flows, but I mostly love the content.

Photos of people with interviews
You can get lost for hours among the stories.

What’s a New Yorker would explore a similar concept. Instead of stills, though, there would be short weekly videos of interviewees talking about their lives. While Brandon Stanton (the wizard behind the HoNY) has interviewed thousands of people in New York, the state’s population as of 2022 is over 19 million! That’s a lot of stories just waiting to be told!

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