Assignment #7 – Mid Semester Recap

When I first began this class within the first two weeks I was convinced it would be a piece of cake. As the semester went by I realized slowly that I am falling behind. I learned that there are so many platforms out there to create art digitally. One thing I would say is that I retained is using gifs, hyperlinks, and photos make blogs better.

I included this gif of Spongebob because this is how I felt during spring break, overwhelmed with my other three classes which made me fall behind in Digital Storytelling. 

One new skill I have developed is learning how to incorporate various forms of media in my weekly posts. The blog posts I have published so far I always makes sure to include at least form of media.  Before taking this class I did not know I would be creating a website as our final project.
I believe I am maintaining at least a B – in this class, although I am missing about 5 three assignments. My method of completing blog posts would be reading the directions of the assignment, look at examples from my classmates, and then start my own post.  The assignments I completed so far I do not think I have reached my full potential of creativity as yet. I do plan to test out a few of the platforms available to me. 
List Of Missing Assignments
  • Assignment #5 : DS106 
  • Assignment #6: Digital Art Immediacy 
  • Assignment #9: Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up and WordPress Installation
  • Assignment #10: The WordPress Customizing Series Part 1
  • Assignment #11: Exploring the WordPress Potentials Part 




Yes, I have been commenting on my classmates posts since I began CT 101! I have not replied to comments given to me by Professor Ryan, however I have been taking his suggestions into consideration by resubmitting my posts. I do try to attend every class , ask questions on blog posts I’m unclear about, participate here and there. Out of the entire semester I have only been absent two times which I am proud of since my class is small. 

Based on my reflection, I’d have to complete my missing assignments before the final grades go in which I know I will be able too. I still have leave a few more comments on my classmates posts which is more than doable. I will make my improvements by reviewing the comments left by Professor Ryan and peers. 


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