Assignment 8: Choosing a Domain Name

Creating a domain name, from my understanding, is easy and hard at the same time. The easy part is to submit your domain name and build your website but brainstorming and coming up with a few domains can be the hard and tricky part. As for the domain that I would like to come with, I want to make it associated with my bubble tea shop. These are few of the name that I was able to brainstorm:


  • feedmeboba
  • everybobaever
  • thebestboba
  • bobaworld
  • toomuchboba


Brainstorming domain names can be a struggle if you are trying to look for perfection. But these are a few of the names that I was able to come up with and have not yet decided the domain that I would pick to create my website on.

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  1. OK, so far so good, but you know that this post needs more content, always include at least one GIF, a meme, 2-3 hyperlinks and a video – we need to give context and help expand the written passages, lets add more to it please 🙂

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