Assignment #7- Mid Semester Reflection

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How am I doing in CT101?

Although I am behind on a few blog posts, I’m starting to get a hang of using the resources provided in this class.

With the blog posts I’ve created thus far, I included several GIFs, hyperlinks and memes which relate to what I’m writing about.

I feel like I am doing fairly well in the course. The workload isn’t as daunting as it is in my other FOUR classes. I definitely love getting creative and expressing myself freely in Ct 101.

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The internet can be a great tool to express yourself and tell stories. The Internet is not only a research tool, it is an also a way to have a presence in the world (wide web). Blogging gives you the ability to write out stories for others to read.

The new skill that I developed is creating GIFs. I had a fun time with that particular assignment because it allowed me to explore my creativity. See Assignment 2.

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I believe I am maintaining an B in this course. As I’ve mentioned, I have a few assignments I haven’t completed. I may not be able to attend class in person every week but I do keep up with the recordings to see the noteworthy info I’m missing.



Leave it to The Simpsons memes & GIFs to help out in any situation!

I feel that I’m  improving at blogging by implementing more GIFS and hyperlinks to each blog. I can see the engagement increasing.

One thing I definitely could work on is commenting on other blog posts and even replying to comments under my own blog posts.


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