Assignment #7 – My Domain Name will Dominate!!!

My five suggestions/considerations for my first domain name will be either Loulou, Belucidforever, Hardstylemotivator, Mydogsruletheworld, or Piscesarethebestpeople.

I came up with Loulou because my cousin and my friends from high school used to call me by that nickname and I really got used to it. It was a good nickname in my opinion and felt fitting for my real name. For my second considered domain name, I came up with Belucidforever because I have had crazy lucid dreams ever since I found out what a lucid dream is and I really love controlling my dreams and feeling like I was in an alternate universe that felt so real.


I have considered Hardstylemotivator as my domain name because for me Hardstyle is what keeps me pushing harder and motivating me in all aspects of my life since I discovered and listened to the music genre in 2013.  Mydogsruletheworld is my fourth consideration because I have so much love for my dogs that I let them take/rule over the world or at least my house. My last consideration is Piscesarethebestpeople and I think it is a good example for my website because I will include the pros and benefits of being in the company or having a relationship with a pisces.


My new website will be about my love for music, movies, Tv shows and the reasons why I love them.

My thoughts about this next chapter in my life as a website owner is that I wonder what exactly will I put on my website and blogs in order to convey my message of whatever the theme or topic is going to be about. For example, if my website will be about my love for music, movies and television shows, what gifs, memes and information/context to accurately depict the reasons why I love them.

My excitements about starting my next chapter in my life as a website owner is actually pretty exciting, crazy but in a good way, and I feel like it’s going to be really interesting for me and for all my viewers/classmates that will visit my website.

but in a good way

One of my favorite websites is Instagram because I get to watch and view high quality videos, reels, and professional photos that follow a certain trend that is aesthetically pleasing to me.  Also I’m really into cinematic type of videos that instagram shows constantly and extremely well and makes me come back for more compelling content like those.


My other favorite website is YouTube because I am able to watch at least an hour of live sets of famous DJs playing in a festival that I won’t be able to watch them anywhere else which is a big opportunity for me.