Assignment # 11 – Final Post Assessment & Reflection

Well, my fellow classmates it has been quite a journey with all of you this semester, wouldn’t you say?


What I have learned are how to embed a video url onto a blog post and using hyperlinks to direct my classmates, professor and others to my source of information such as a link to a gif or YouTube video. I have also learned how to make my own memes on and as well as how to create my own domain and making my own website with the domain name. 

The blog posts I had done are assignment #1, assignment #2, assignment #4, and assignment #5, assignment #6, assignment #7, assignment #8 and assignment #11 which is this final post. Now that it’s the end of the semester, I feel like I would earn a B or a B+ because I haven’t been able to make up/finish my drafts for the other blog posts/assignments which I thought I would have been able to do if the other classes I was taking this semester wasn’t so hard and all over the place.

Im sorry

I have truly enjoyed our class and what I enjoyed specifically about our class is that we were able to use gifs and even embed videos into our blog posts which makes it a use your imagination, creative skills  and freehand/freeuse rather than a one specific way type of class which I extremely love.


Since I learned how to build a website, I don’t think I will be able to maintain and keep up my new website because I feel like it is too time consuming and frustrating to come up with something to post at least once a week as well as it feels like a huge responsibility.

too much time

So, my new website called and I will give you guys a tour of it. First is the about page where I introduce myself and the direction/purpose of my new website.

About page

Next, its the movie gallery page and here I talk about the amazing movies I have watched that are also my favorite movies because of the cinematography or film score.

movie gallery

Then, I made a video game gallery page where I discuss what the story or plot of the game. I also labelled the games under the console/system they fall under which makes it easier to tell on what console you can play the game.

Video Game Gallery

I have also created a music category where I talk about the genres that I listen to the most and give some explanation of why I love or listen to it so much and I also put all the music related blog posts into this category.


I have made one more category called Tv shows/series for which I put any type of tv show that I have watched and feel like people would like to watch as well.

Tv series

The last one is the contact page which I offer my contact information such as my email and phone number to answer any sorts of questions or concerns about anything related to what I had posted on my new website.


My thoughts on my website building successes are I feel is going great because of the decision of making my background the cover/poster of the movie “1917”. The background I had put makes my new website that much more professional and interesting to view and visit more often. I feel so proud that I made this decision and especially the content/information that I put into categories and pages that I strongly feel that people my age would like to read/view since its entertainment like movies, video games and binge watching series.


But that doesn’t come with some frustrations. I was getting sooo frustrated over what sort of content I should put on my website in order to make it somewhat interesting as well as what gifs I should use that aligned with what I’m saying.


Overall, I’d say that the experience of building and having a website was exciting and crazy at times, but it was worth it because I like to see the result of my new website or anything new to me no matter if I had frustrations or not and also I like anything that is digital or include entertainment information that I can work on or use.

Thank you so much Professor Seslow for everything you have taught me in this amazing and cool class.

Assignment #8 – Registering my Domain Name

YES!!! I finally registered my own domain!


I have to say that the whole process of registering my own domain name and setting up a web hosting account was fun and interesting.

so much fun

But at first, I had expected the whole process to be in some way really difficult and complicated.

so difficult

Then, luckily for me at least, it was actually not hard at all. It was all thanks to Professor Seslow that we were able to go through the process all together.

not that hard

I am looking forward to this upcoming and ongoing journey with you all on working on our own websites and for you guys to see the type of amazing and interesting content I put up on my website.


Assignment #7 – My Domain Name will Dominate!!!

My five suggestions/considerations for my first domain name will be either Loulou, Belucidforever, Hardstylemotivator, Mydogsruletheworld, or Piscesarethebestpeople.

I came up with Loulou because my cousin and my friends from high school used to call me by that nickname and I really got used to it. It was a good nickname in my opinion and felt fitting for my real name. For my second considered domain name, I came up with Belucidforever because I have had crazy lucid dreams ever since I found out what a lucid dream is and I really love controlling my dreams and feeling like I was in an alternate universe that felt so real.


I have considered Hardstylemotivator as my domain name because for me Hardstyle is what keeps me pushing harder and motivating me in all aspects of my life since I discovered and listened to the music genre in 2013.  Mydogsruletheworld is my fourth consideration because I have so much love for my dogs that I let them take/rule over the world or at least my house. My last consideration is Piscesarethebestpeople and I think it is a good example for my website because I will include the pros and benefits of being in the company or having a relationship with a pisces.


My new website will be about my love for music, movies, Tv shows and the reasons why I love them.

My thoughts about this next chapter in my life as a website owner is that I wonder what exactly will I put on my website and blogs in order to convey my message of whatever the theme or topic is going to be about. For example, if my website will be about my love for music, movies and television shows, what gifs, memes and information/context to accurately depict the reasons why I love them.

My excitements about starting my next chapter in my life as a website owner is actually pretty exciting, crazy but in a good way, and I feel like it’s going to be really interesting for me and for all my viewers/classmates that will visit my website.

but in a good way

One of my favorite websites is Instagram because I get to watch and view high quality videos, reels, and professional photos that follow a certain trend that is aesthetically pleasing to me.  Also I’m really into cinematic type of videos that instagram shows constantly and extremely well and makes me come back for more compelling content like those.


My other favorite website is YouTube because I am able to watch at least an hour of live sets of famous DJs playing in a festival that I won’t be able to watch them anywhere else which is a big opportunity for me.


Assignment #6 – My Mid-Assessment Post

In CT101, I feel like I am doing pretty good overall because I have used most of the tools of CT101.Commons website efficiently and effectively. What I have learned and retained the most are how to embed a video url onto a blog post and using hyperlinks to direct my classmates, professor and others to my source of information such as a link to a gif or a YouTube video.

The new skills I have developed, cultivated and displayed regularly in my            my performance through self-reflection in this class by looking back and reviewing my previous blog posts to see if I need any improvements. So far, the blog posts I have done and completed are assignment #1, assignment #2, assignment #4, and assignment #5.

Keanu Reeves

The things I know now that I didn’t know before taking this class were how to make your own memes and embedding gifs on my blog posts and now I can do that on any other platform that allows embedding gifs and posting my own memes. I believe that the grade I am maintaining is at least a B or a B+.


I feel that my weekly blogging work is not expanding creatively. I am stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time. I can change that, instead of embedding five gifs or memes in every blog post, have some blog posts with five and some with seven gifs or memes, like a pattern.


The assignment that I am missing is assignment #3. I am commenting regularly on my classmates posts. But I have not responded back to comments given to me by the professor and my classmates. I am also participating during the class time. I will make improvements by being attentive on CT101.commons and checking my notifications more often for comments from my classmates and my professor.

be more aware

Assignment #5 – Is This Reality?

For me, being alive means that working hard and earning money so that you can save and spend it on things that will help you and your family on the long run. Another reason of being alive is my love for the movies and cinematography by going to the movie theaters. No, I have not ever defined it beyond someone else’s interpretation.

Being Present

The creative potential of this assignment is to explore deep in our minds so that we can expand our imagination a little bit more and have more imaginative options on what we want to create.


I would like to express that I am very curious and excited to work on this interesting website that I never heard of. As for the awareness, I will post my experience in a blog post (which is this blog post) and on my social media.

curiosity cat

What I am passionate about is watching movies of my favorite type of genres which are horror, dystopian/futuristic type of movies like Inception, Tenet, and Interstellar.


I always wanted to express and share with the world that my love for the movies and cinematography is what brought me to the art side and being interested in creating anything digital.


I feel like what holds me back is that I don’t know how exactly to express that and before taking this class or this assignment, I didn’t know there was a website and an open space platform like to express myself.


My experience with the was really fun to explore and play around with. I am compelled to create something related to horror topics and movies.


What I created on my was a depiction of a horror and an illusion/dreamlike type of movie with clues or tips of a fake reality which can be really scary and that death is the only way out of the hologram.



Assignment #4 – Free styling Projects

Assignment #6 Tik-Tok of your pet

For the first assignment that I would like to work from the DS106 assignment bank is “TikTok of Your Pet” which is a video assignment.

For step #1 – Open the TikTok app and in the top right hand corner, type up popular dog sounds or trends.

TikTok Search bar


Popular dog sounds

For step #2 – Then I would select a TikTok video that has a popular dog sound for me to use. I would go to the bottom of the screen and select the sound that the TikTok user is using in his video.


For step #3 – After that, I would go where it says “use this sound” and tap it and start recording my dog.

Use this Sound


For step #4 – After I finish recording my TikTok, I would go and hit next at the bottom of the screen.

My Dog

For step #5 – I would add some hashtags that are trending so it can get some traction but also to describe the video in few words. Finally, I will hit “post”.

Polpular Trend

Here is my dog in their first TikTok with the popular/silly sound. I really like that my dog is cute and hilarious with this popular/silly effect on TikTok. My dog’s reaction is like “what are you doing bothering me with this sound, I’m trying to sleep over here?”

game of thrones

I had chosen this first assignment because I really love dogs in general and I wanted to show my way of loving my dogs, by them being featured in a funny TikTok video. Also I like using TikTok and viewing other peoples funny or interesting videos, so much that they give me ideas that I know would turn out good for me when posting it.

DS 106 photoshop

For the second project, I don’t have the skills to do the assignment, but I would like to learn how to average layers in photoshop. I would love to learn how to do this because I’m interested in taking pictures either of myself or my family.

I can learn how to do this by finding a YouTube video. Actually here is one that I found.

I feel that the amount of these kinds of projects that I should be doing in this semester, so that I might learn and build both emergent storytelling skills and use new tools to create them are a few times or in other words……

I think these skills are important because you can add to the picture and make it interesting. You can make it interesting by adding filters or special effects and even making it beautiful instead of having a regular photo or a couple of photos with nothing added to it, to make it compelling, like telling a story.



Assignment #2 – My Overall Feelings/Thoughts about CT101

On the first day of class I was thinking it has its pros and cons. I don’t like how it’s a really early class, that I have to get up at 8 in the morning to get here at around 9 for a 10 am class, so I don’t have to be late. I am really a punctual person when it comes to making sure I am not late to any class as well as homework wise.

But at the same time, I was like trying to be positive and look at the bright side which was this class has to do with digital storytelling and that means it is going to be a very interesting class and has to do a lot with internet tools and skills which I think its cool and fun. Also this is only a two hour class, so one hour lecture and the second hour working/experimenting on  commons or assignment exercises.

So, when class ended on my first day, I was like “Wow! Time went by fast” but not in a way that’s like “I can’t wait to get home and sleep”. I’m actually content that this class is two hours because I believe you can have an hour or two and still learn a lot in a small amount of time instead of 3 or 4 hours of lectures where you just want to be on your phone or sleep because the class is boring and has a lot of information.

Once I heard from my professor about the course and its creative content, I actually liked the information I was receiving. It made me feel intrigued and invested in the class to do my best as I can be since this course speaks to my career interest and that any class that teaches anything with digital makes me excited and keep wanting to learn more.

Compared to my other classes, CT101 is the most interesting, creative, fun, imaginative and a lot less stressful class. CT101 gives me many options, and tries/trial and error that doesn’t make me feel like I am doing a terrible job on the work and that I’m failing the class. This class gives me plenty of chances to improve on my blog posts and get feedback from my classmates and professor that would not sound so harsh but genuine and helpful advice/tips unlike so many of my classes that I have taken so far.

The creative potentials of this class is that I get to create/use gifs from a gif maker source such as, insert hyperlinks, make my own gif from a YouTube clip/video using either Giphy or I will say that the potentials are endless because I am only on the fourth week and there is still much to learn in the next three months and I really can not wait!!!

I feel that learning new skills that use internet tools is really captivating and exciting. Sometimes it can be scary to try out new tools that I’ve never even heard of or even know how to use, but at the same time I am willing to face the challenge.

Now, let us look at some history of the Gif (jif or ghif). Wikipedia states that Gif stands for graphics interchange format and was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite and released on June 15 1987. Did you know that Whilhite stated that he intended for the pronunciation to purposely echo the American peanut butter brand Jif, and CompuServe employees would often joke “choosy developers choose GIF”, a spoof of Jif’s television commercials? I definitely didn’t know.

In my opinion, I prefer to go with the pronunciation of Gif as Jif with a soft g. I was always used to saying it that way all my life and I feel like it would be kind of strange to change the way I say Gif because once I know how to say a word, which I think and feel is the right/proper way of pronouncing it, I will always stick by my word.

I really loved the features of Giphy more than Imgur, but I don’t know why I couldn’t post the gif as you can see down below on here that I made on Giphy. So I made the same gif on Imgur with better and quicker results and not having any trouble with posting it on here. Now I’ll say that “I don’t want to hear anymore about the arguments of the right way or wrong way of pronouncing Gif”.

Assignment #1 – Hardstyle, B-front, The Mandalorian & D23

What makes me happy on the internet are Hardstyle, B-front, The Mandalorian and D23

Hardstyle? What is Hardstyle you say? Well….. it’s the most energetic and pumping music ever and that is why this music makes me so happy.

Here is a gif of a famous Hardstyle DJ named Rejecta dancing to it, which is how most people of the Hardstyle community dances to it:

I have been listening to Hardstyle since 2013 and there is not a day that goes by without me listening to at least one Hardstyle song. Even though people now a days will like this specific genre of music and some probably make fun of how it sounds, which I don’t blame them because in a way it does sound like what they saying which are bird sounds and someone knocking/banging on the wall or door really hard.

Another thing that makes me happy from the internet is recently one of my favorite DJs named B-Front released a music video for his new song called “We Will Never Break” for the WiSH Outdoor festival anthem and I really love how both the music video and song are well-produced. The way that the music video is filmed from different perspectives/angles is very creative. Also I like that the beat drop syncs with the switching of the camera angles, it even makes me want to dance like nobody’s watching.

His Instagram page is filled with recaps and highlights of his accomplishments over the years as well as amazing music releases. Every time I get a notification from B-Front’s Instagram, I get excited and anxious to see what’s next for his career or what crazy news/surprise he has to show/tell us.

Me when I get a Instagram notification from B-Front

Also, It’s really nice to always be updated from him with upcoming releases and collaborations with other DJs. This music video shown below will make you get up from your seat and start dancing away, so GO and Click that YouTube video and I promise you won’t regret watching and listening to a masterpiece from the melodic master himself, B-Front, as I like to call him.

If any of you guys are Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fanatics, then you know that D23 was this weekend. The reason why I love D23 is because of the trailers that they announce and show at the panels for any upcoming series streaming to Disney+. Who wouldn’t like the shows related to Star Wars, especially if it has lightsaber battles between Sith and Jedi and the dark side of the force which I love so much. I even went to D23 one time with my dad and sister and it was (extremely hot) for three days, but it was a very nice experience, overall. So, my all-time favorite show is “The Mandalorian” and the season 3 teaser trailer had came out yesterday and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Not to spoil you on anything, but the teaser trailer includes two people reuniting, Bo-Katan and the planet Mandalore. I’m not saying anything more and leaving it up to you to interpret and guess what else is to come from this before you watch the teaser trailer.

But, Here I will leave you the YouTube link to watch the season 3 teaser trailer for The Mandalorian or you could click the video (below):

Let me know what you think of this after you have watched it. Thank you for letting me give you an insight of what makes me happy on the internet.